Sunday, October 08, 2006

Art w6obb, and Airyn Bell Expecting

Last night on Coast to Coast AM, the very first thing Art Bell did was to announce the pregnancy of Airyn. He filled us in on all the gory details, more than most of us wanted to know:

-She’d gotten pregnant on September 13, 2006 during their three day trip to Hong Kong.
-That they were “hoping” she was pregnant, but the first home test (the totally out of touch with the ‘real’ world man seemed to think this modern test was only available in the Philippines) came back negative.
-But a week later, (last week) since ‘nothing had happened’, as he was broadcasting Coast to Coast AM, Airyn went to the drugstore and purchased another test, came home and ‘took’ it. (The idiot even told us HOW, by putting a little urine on the test strip. He must be the ONLY male who calls himself American who does not know this. And he must think WE are really stupid.)
-As soon as the broadcast of Coast to Coast AM was over, she showed him the test results (“two lines” had appeared) and they ‘jumped up and down’ with happiness.
-That if it was a girl, (and he wants a girl) they will name her ‘Asia’ because she was truly made in China.

If you haven’t already heard this ‘announcement’ I’m sure you will find an audio clip available through various HAMS and Ham Sites (Like HamFanz Yahoo Group).

The most immediately interesting thing about this news is that it proves artie a liar once again. Around the time of his marriage, he informed his ‘former’ friends that he had taken Airyn to a doctor and ‘got her on the pill’.

Some of the conversations going on in the email groups (posted mostly by women), were openly derisive, along the lines of:

-It is a wonder he didn't tell us what hotel they were in, and the hour... Smug old...
-I don't think he ever put much into being a father the first time.
-In a few years, Airyn could have two or three in diapers, including the father.

I did catch some of the HAMS on 3.765 shortly after Artie’s announcement, and the comments were short, and on the negative side. Similar in content to ‘there’s no fool like an old fool’, but it’s his life.

During the wee hours of the morning, the Real Folks of 3.840 (who had to move to 3.846 due to contesters), had some discussion of artie’s announcement, and a LOT of laughs. But the discussions encompassed many non-artie topics. There was a phone patch, compliments of Jim Watkins ki6gu. I called in, (more $$$ out of my pocket!) and I don’t remember for sure, but I think I pointed out that I made the ‘call’ on this ‘baby’ months ago...which I did, to many.

Now if all this isn’t enough to make you puke, or laugh, or both, do ‘stay tuned’ dear readers, and check back often, as the HamFanz Grudge Report has sooo much more to report regarding this latest Art Bell folly!


Bill said...

Dang, Evvy, I've got to admit that you've called them right when it comes to Art, his marriage and his moving to the Philippines. And it was great hearing you on Jim's phone patch last night. I am not going to comment further on Art's impending fatherhood because I'm afraid my remarks would be viewed as gratuitously unkind. But, as the saying concerning Artie goes, "Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!". 73 to all from Billy the Bill Collector, W6WBJ

Freddie said...

Talk about wanting to puke!
Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. Funny how he never had a child with Ramona. She was his soul mate. Oh, I forgot, when you are Art Bell, you can have one soul mate after another, even before your current one starts to turn cold. I saw an anomalous glow in the sky tonight. Now I know it was the light from Ramona spinning in her grave.

Freddie said...


Please post your gratuitously unkind remarks here. Sometimes I feel I am the only one with such disdain for Bell.

Freddie said...

On an unrelated note, Art's show was about North Korea testing an atomic weapon. A couple of months ago when they said they would test a missle, Bush said there would be "grave consequences" if they did. Not only did they launch one missle, they launched seven. What did Bush do? Absolutely nothing. Does anyone wonder why they went ahead and did an atomic test? Bush would have been better off to have said nothing than to open his mouth and have his bluff called.

evvy said...

Billy w6wbj wrote:

>>>And it was great hearing you on Jim's phone patch last night.

Yes, it WAS great! And fun! However, I AM AVAILABLE most evenings on MSMessenger, and via telephone!

evvy said...

freddie wrote:

>>>Please post your gratuitously unkind remarks here. Sometimes I feel I am the only one with such disdain for Bell.

I know the feeling! It so often seems like you and I, Fred!

However, let me reassure you, hits are high. The HamFanz Grudge Report is READ...

Bill said...

Oh, I think quite a few people have disdain for Mr. Bell, but they don't express it because it's almost like you drag yourself down to his level if you worry about it too much.


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