Monday, October 09, 2006


Last Saturday night, on the Coast to Coast AM show, when Art Bell announced Airyn’s pregnancy, another of his statements caught my attention.

Art Bell said, (referring to his current wife Airyn Bell) and I quote “and she actually had a little bit of a problem. I rushed her over to the (unintelligible) Medical Center. They did an ultrasound. And she’s been taking it easy since then.”

Now, you can check an audio clip of this yourself. But that is what he said, word for word, on broadcast radio on October 7, 2006.

So apparently Art Bell IS capable of recognizing an emergency. He is 61 and has those years of adult experience. He was once a trained Medic in the Air Force. He worked as a 911 dispatcher at one time.

So the question is: Why didn’t Art Bell rush RAMONA to an Emergency Room when she was dying?? Just hours before Ramona’s death, they’d driven through Las Vegas; he could have sought help for her from any number of hospitals there. Or at least found an RV camp close to Vegas, knowing she was ill, rather than driving on to an isolated camp in a small community.

Art Bell taking his new wife, who was experiencing a non-life threatening emergency, to a hospital, and ignoring his first wife, Ramona, who was having a life threatening emergency, and indeed died, smacks to me of choice, perhaps even conscious choice.

Art Bell wants young, child like, Philippine’s born, and probably servile, Airyn to live (and retain her pregnancy).

He obviously didn’t want Ramona to continue to live, or he would have ‘rushed her’ to a hospital (as he did Airyn). Had he wanted Ramona to live, he would have sought immediate medical attention for her. He wouldn’t have had an asthmatic out roving around dusty desert roads in an RV while she was having symptoms of her disease in the first place.

I would hope to see criminal charges filed by the state of Nevada brought against Art Bell, the moment he steps foot back in this country, (and he will), at least negligent homicide. (Do we have ‘extradition’ agreements with the Philippines?) At the very least, I would like to see Ramona’s remaining family file civil suit for wrongful death, and I would think they could do that no matter in what country he was hiding.

I admit, I've held these views since the day Ramona died, have shared them privately only with a few others. I have been waiting for Art Bell to 'make a mistake, a slip' before I said anything publically; I think last week end, he did just that...


WB6BNQ said...


You should not be giving away any of Arties dirty little secrets. Now the whole world will know why he rushed off to the Philippines. As a matter of fact, he ZOOMED off so fast that I am surprised he did not rent his own jet airplane just to get there quicker.

Perhaps you should provide your observations and recordings to the Nevada authorities. It certainly does raise suspicion and coincides with a lot of other people's thoughts and feelings.

One wonders why Artie would be concerned with extradition issues that he voiced in various circles. As Artie is so fond of saying : "The truth is out there."


Freddie said...

I agree with you Evvy. I thought I was the only one that felt this way. Wehn Art gets tired of his new bride, she may be destined for the same fate as Ramona.

I wish Ramona's family would sue Art for all his money before he blows it in the Phillipines.

Even if the truth comes out, Art's brain dead brown noser fans will still praise him.

By the way, I don't think Art was just consciously made a choice regarding Ramona, I think he planned it.

Sandie kg6mos said...

I think Evvy and Bill are correct about Art doing away with Ramona. I thought,I heard Art say on his return program after Ramona's death that he (Art) did not know Asthma could kill. I do not work in the Medical feild as Art did but do know Asthma can kill. Did anyone else hear Art say that?
Please correct me if, I am wrong.

I was once such a great fan of Art. I am sorry he turned out to be a slime ball and phony.

Ramona sure made her man look good to all of us.

In Remembrance of Ramona..............

Sandie... kg6mos

evvy said...

Freddie said:
>>>By the way, I don't think Art was just consciously made a choice regarding Ramona, I think he planned it.

I agree...
Sure would like to know what kind of financial (life insurance, etc) booty fell to artie when Ramona died.

beckett said...

what the hell is wrong with this "evvy garrett" character? what evidence does he/she have that art bell ignored his dying wife ramona and refused to get her medical help? what evidence does "evvy garrett" have that art bell is a lying criminal? "evvy garrett" is obviously sooooo angry and hateful. that is too bad for him/her, and too bad for us to have to read his/her filthy lies about art bell.

beckett said...

what is wrong with you people? accusing art bell of murdering his wife ramona? you're all such maniacally idiotic conspiracy theorists. GET A LIFE, YOU PEOPLE! WAKE UP TO REALITY!


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