Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Richard Hoagland Does It!

And he charges 3.95 per month for entry into his ‘Enterprise Mission’ Discussion. Check it out at: Enterprise Mission

The HamFanz Grudge Report certainly has far more interesting things to say about REAL PEOPLE, folks that you actually know, than all that fanciful Hoagland BS about ‘faces’ on Mars and Cover-ups at NASA (which is not to say it’s NOT true; I just naturally question these kinds of things.)

The HamFanz Grudge Report is not even setting a minimum fee; you may pay what you can afford! Although I think Hoagland’s 3.95 per month is probably reasonable, considering what he is ‘reporting’.

Richard Hoagland is not the only one. All around the ‘net, folks are starting to charge for their various products and ‘services’. Sometimes direct sales pays for what you’re used to getting for ‘free’. But for most sites, advertising no longer carries the day.

I certainly ‘pay’ for things that even 5 years ago were free: AVG anti-virus, web-site hosting, and comprehensive stats being some of them.

So, get real, and get over it. Get used to it, and ante up! And if you really can NOT afford even one buck a month to read The HamFanz Grudge Report, please email HamFanz@cox.net and we’ll see what we can do...

Personally, I’ve given this ‘fee for service’ a great deal of thought over the past year or two. I’ve even consulted with others about it. I finally came to the conclusion that I’d rather ‘report’ and write for 3 people who felt it was worth paying for, than 300 that didn’t.

The HamFanz Grudge Report will continue, as long as there are 3 people out there who subscribe!

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