Friday, October 06, 2006

Melba Mac w7lw may no Longer be Melba Mac

Heard last night, on an unknown frequency as I was listening through smeter, and frequently changing receivers.

Melba Mac and wife are moving back to Boise, ID. They are going to rent, not buy.

Now, I just heard the last few minutes of his transmission, and he was not loud, and sounded ‘tinny’, unlike his former transmissions on 3.840 and 3.765. In fact, I did not even recognize his voice, but did ‘tune in’ to his ‘content’. So I’m probably missing info.

Seems like there are some health issues now, and they want to live ‘closer in’ to civilization. (My assumption from what I did hear.) I do not know if this move is just for the coming winter, or a permanent move. I do not know if he’s going to sell his Melba digs. So if anyone has further info on this item, please post...

It was absolutely great hearing him again (no matter how poor the audio)! And getting caught up on his life, his wife, his grandsons (he has them for the next 4 days), and his dogs!

Melba Mac w7lw, was always one of my favorite HAMS, since the first day (night?) of his arrival on 3.840. And he still is. He is an interesting person, has and does lead an interesting life. (Perhaps one I even envy: family, basic good health, financial stability, one long-term spouse, morality that he’s not afraid of discussing and living.)

My complaint about Melba Mac? Perhaps he’s too rigid. He tends to judge others too harshly, eliminating them from his life (radio that is), painting all with the same brush. He doesn’t seem to tolerate differences, ie play well with ALL the other kids, and obviously, takes his toys and goes to play elsewhere. Even his web site is gone, gone, gone. When he could be part of the ‘solution’, be a stabilizing factor, on ANY frequency. Not only our loss, but his (some of these nuts could help expand Mac’s personal ‘growth’.) And my guess is Melba Mac would be welcome on any frequency...

I am curious though, if Melba Mac now regrets his decisions to follow artie’s w6obb insistent suggestions to move ‘into the wilderness’. He spent all that time, energy and money on property, a pre-fab, digging wells, putting in drives, and trying to put up a loop. For what? And why – to emulate arties life style? Jeeze, if he’d have just waited, perhaps he could have purchased the Pahrump Compound at a bottom-line price...

(Hey Mac! We’re all still here! We like ya! And we didn’t go running off to Manila to remarry! Well, most of us didn’t!).

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