Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Steve Wingate’s k6txh, Rants

By now I’ve heard hundreds of them, one too many in fact. Usually when it becomes apparent that he is again drunk (and yes, he is a drunk), I try to find another frequency to listen to, or just go to bed.

Sometimes, there IS no other ‘game’ on frequency, and I’m not sleepy. So I listen, as do any other HAMS on the band, till one by one, they give up and leave; or till Steve finally runs out of steam (or passes out), whichever comes first.

As most know, I believe in free speech, and freedom of expression. But Steve Wingate’s sexist, profane diatribe when he’s under the influence (which is most of the time) is neither. He continues even in the face of his peers asking him to ‘lighten up’, or trying to remind him that vulgarities (and that in no way describes what Steve says, especially about women) are not appreciated.

This is a ‘sick’ man; a 40 something, single male who is in deep denial about his ‘substance abuse’; a drunk in other words. And not even a common drunk, but a mean drunk, who needs to hurt others (with words anyway) with far flung, reaching brush.

He also seems to have a deep and abiding contempt for everyone (including himself) and everything. Even when ‘sober’, he does not play well with the other children...

I’m no teetotaler. I have nothing against Steve, or anyone else recreating with their drug of choice. But I do object to folks that inflict their illness on others (the keyword here is ‘others’) by spewing forth insults, sexist statements, profanity, delusions, typical drunk repetitions, loudness, rudeness, and demanding the total attention of those present.

Now I’ve certainly heard Steve on air when sober (which is all too seldom), and at those times he can hold up his side of the conversation, contribute, and even be witty. But always he remains in denial.

I think it is a tribute to those HAMS that stay on frequency, try to steer any current ‘Steve’ situation into an ‘un-explosion’. I think it’s a wonder that any of them still acknowledge, talk to Steve at all. Perhaps this goes to show how committed (pun not intended) some HAMS are to their hobby.

It’s obvious to all by now, that the FCC and Riley Hollingsworth are impotent; they have all the reality of Santa, or the Easter Bunny.


Freddie said...

I have to say that the main thing that drew me to 3840 was Steve's rants. Call me weird but I find it to be great entertainment, especially when he rags on Art Bell. I can't say I have heard his remarks about women so I may have a different opinion once I have.
I haven't heard any activity on 3840 for quite some time. Has the group been gone or is propogation just bad?

Billy said...

I listened to a recording of Steve's October 25, 2006 rant, since I was not on the air at the time, but offhand I can't remember hearing anything sexist in the recording. What did you find sexist, Evvy?

evvy said...

freddie wrote:
>>>I haven't heard any activity on 3840 for quite some time. Has the group been gone or is propogation just bad?

Steve can often be found these days on 3.815, which is where this last druken rant was recorded.

evvy said...

billy wrote:
>>>What did you find sexist

Women as objects...

Billy said...

No, I listened to the recording again, and Steve said nothing objectifying women. I'm afraid that you have an "oppressed women" fixation, Evvy.


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