Thursday, January 31, 2008

A ‘new’ cyber toy for Hams

Hamsphere, a ‘simulated’ ionosphere is now available to Licensed Operators and serious ‘others’ (Not me; I am not THAT serious!)

Hamsphere is the newest ‘brainchild of Kelly Lindman, the original mind behind dxturners (formerly Java Tuners).

Go sign on, and let us all know how it works out! You can find it at:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Lush & The Stalker – Follow Up

Latest Poll Results from The Secret Page!
The biggest SOB is:
k6txh Steve(12)
w6ezv Greg(24)

36 total votes since 01/20/08

Since THE LUSH & THE STALKER was posted, I’ve heard from Gregory Sousa w6ezv, both by email and by phone.

He wants the article changed – completely. Gregory says, “Since calling me a ‘stalker’ is in effect accusing me of criminal conduct, I'd appreciate a modification of the terminology used on your site.” He suggests I “take a look at 646.9 Cal PC.”

I did, and you can also at: (scroll half way down the page).

It is my OPINION that Gregory Sousa’s actions towards Steve Wingate k6txh, was stalking behavior. This is verified by and The American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Ed. By these definitions, Gregory was stalking Steve Wingate. This research validated my own opinion, which I am not only entitled to, but have the freedom to express.

Back to Gregory Sousa’s direct communications with me:
1) Can’t he read? The HamFanz Grudge Report states concisely at the top of this blog, that I do not enter into private communications about the articles posted here. (Anyone has the recourse to disagree by posting a comment.)
2) Can’t he read? The ‘legal’ boilerplate, or the disclaimer, at the end of the blog page plainly states my claim to my opinions.
3) Nothing I say in The HamFanz Grudge Report will change the facts of his behavior.

Mr. Sousa, in his phone call to me, indicated that if I didn’t change The HamFanz Grudge report, that legal (and possible other) repercussions would follow. It was at this point that I said I would not discuss this with him (for the umpteenth time), said good bye, and with him still talking, hung up the phone. (I know, it was rude, but he had interrupted my nap!)

Since Gregory Sousa (among others), likes citations, I’d like to point to a few that might clarify this ‘freedom of internet speech’ issue…

1) The FCC (yep, the very same agency that Hams love/hate so much!) in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act upholds MY right to my Opinion.
2) Even Art Bell w6obb, has had no success in this area as ALL the CadenHead Workbench articles and comments are still available.
3) Again, from Wikipedia In October 2006, Cadenhead was threatened with a lawsuit from radio talk show host Art Bell, claiming that various comments on his blog were libelous. Cadenhead offered to remove the offending posts but Bell insisted that the entire stories be removed. Cadenhead will use Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act as his defense, stating that there was no requirement for him to censor or moderate comments. No formal lawsuit has yet been filed. [10]

I understand of making choices and decisions for which one is later sorry for (BTDT!). I’d suggest that Gregory Sousa examine his actions, and his conscience, contact Steve Wingate and sincerely apologize, promising to not conduct himself in that manner again.

I’d also suggest that Gregory Sousa get some counseling regarding his obvious to all but himself, obsession with Steve Wingate.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Lush k6txh, and the Stalker w6ezv

Steve Wingate k6txh, had his first day in court for whatever charges have been filed against him and no one seems to know for sure just what those charges encompass.

The day would have gone unnoticed, except for some Hams, who on air and off, tried to promote all kinds of rumors (some of them vicious). You know who you are!

Now I must admit, I do not think much of SteveO’s behavior when he is under the influence of whatever, which is most of the time. But to the best of my knowledge, Steve has never physically interfered in any Ham’s off air life. He seems to limit his abuse of others to those who share the bands with him. (The tiff with his neighbors? Who knows, we will probably never get the real story.)

Ahhh, but Gregory Sousa w6ezv, IS interfering in the off air life of Steve Wingate. By actually, physically showing up at the court house for Steve’s preliminary hearing, then following Steve to his house, then setting up video equipment, he IS stalking. This is way over the line.

We know for a fact that some Hams ‘bait’ Steve on air. An excellent example can be found in the recordings from 1.17/18.08, where Stan wg6k, deftly manipulates a gullible Steve on 3.740.

I will be posting all those recordings (including one recorded by ‘Sawyer) on the HamFanz Secret Page shortly. (By the way, the Secret Page is open to all through 1.31.08!)

Although I can’t in any way ‘approve’ Steve Wingate’s on air behavior, and I hope against hope that he will seek help for his substance abuse problems, Gregory Sousa’s stalking behavior is far beyond the pale.

Steve should follow through and get a restraining order against Gregory (and those neighbors!). And go to a meeting a day for the next 30 days!

Gregory should stop letting himself be led around (by the beard?) by those followers of the Cult of the Loop, as he will never gain the status he is seeking. They are just playing him for the fool, to be used and tossed aside. (Surely you don’t think Gregory financed that trip himself do you???)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bill Crowell w6wbj, World’s Biggest Jammer?

I think not! Not only has he not been heard from much lately (since his truce with artie w6obb), but the 'Filipino Monkey' has him beat, hands down!

Check out:,,2240533,00.html

In comparison to the above, the antics of w6wbj, k6txh, and w6ezv are paltry indeed! Wonder if anyone will ever catch this guy? Apparently he has been at it for decades...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Artie’s w6obb Grief

Today marks the second year since Ramona Bell passed.

Just yesterday I had a discussion with someone about the ‘degree’ of negligence artie might have been responsible for in the death of Ramona Bell.

Two years and the ‘doubts’ are still out there. It was even mentioned that no one had seen a copy of Ramona’s autopsy. (You know, there is no ‘statute of limitation on ‘murder’; I wonder if the same is also true of ‘negligent homicide’?)

Wonder if artie took Airyn & Asia to the gravesite today…


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