Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Lush k6txh, and the Stalker w6ezv

Steve Wingate k6txh, had his first day in court for whatever charges have been filed against him and no one seems to know for sure just what those charges encompass.

The day would have gone unnoticed, except for some Hams, who on air and off, tried to promote all kinds of rumors (some of them vicious). You know who you are!

Now I must admit, I do not think much of SteveO’s behavior when he is under the influence of whatever, which is most of the time. But to the best of my knowledge, Steve has never physically interfered in any Ham’s off air life. He seems to limit his abuse of others to those who share the bands with him. (The tiff with his neighbors? Who knows, we will probably never get the real story.)

Ahhh, but Gregory Sousa w6ezv, IS interfering in the off air life of Steve Wingate. By actually, physically showing up at the court house for Steve’s preliminary hearing, then following Steve to his house, then setting up video equipment, he IS stalking. This is way over the line.

We know for a fact that some Hams ‘bait’ Steve on air. An excellent example can be found in the recordings from 1.17/18.08, where Stan wg6k, deftly manipulates a gullible Steve on 3.740.

I will be posting all those recordings (including one recorded by ‘Sawyer) on the HamFanz Secret Page shortly. (By the way, the Secret Page is open to all through 1.31.08!)

Although I can’t in any way ‘approve’ Steve Wingate’s on air behavior, and I hope against hope that he will seek help for his substance abuse problems, Gregory Sousa’s stalking behavior is far beyond the pale.

Steve should follow through and get a restraining order against Gregory (and those neighbors!). And go to a meeting a day for the next 30 days!

Gregory should stop letting himself be led around (by the beard?) by those followers of the Cult of the Loop, as he will never gain the status he is seeking. They are just playing him for the fool, to be used and tossed aside. (Surely you don’t think Gregory financed that trip himself do you???)


Anonymous said...

Greg is just the forward scout of a larger, silent group in the background. Years of drunken stupidity and the FCC's refusal to do their job to pull Steve's license has created a lynch mob mentality of otherwise law-abiding citizens into jack-booted thugs hell-bent on carrying out their own form of 'radio justice'

Anonymous said...

Ham radio has had vigilantes for a long time. However, few are as stupid as W6EZV. With his butt-ugly mug now plastered all over the internet, he's hardly a threat to anyone. Just another chump that got caught when the lights went on.

Anonymous said...

EZV is just the distraction, he's harmless. Smart money says it's gonna be someone hidden in the shadows, out of view and quiet, a total surprise to all. Did someone say movie deal?

Knock Knock said...

Thump! I heard it again. Something or someone outside. Who could it be? Greg? Jim? Hobo Bill? Doors locked, windows shut and all lights on. I'm nervous but not afraid, I'm a pilot!

Billy said...

As my dear old Dad used to say, I think some people are going to get their tits in a wringer.

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

The recent meeting between Greg Sousa and the Hiscox family marks a new era in detente.

It's a summit, a meeting of the minds, and an interstellar convergence.

However, all of this begs the question:

What person, in their right mind, would actually let Greg Sousa in the front door?

Anonymous said...

As my dear old dad used to say,

"Fools name like fools face, always seen in a public place"

Right Billy boy?

Anonymous said...

anonymous you are an imbecile and so is your dear old dad

Anonymous said...

Well well, Greg is at it again. He is very good at stalking. Greg is a gambler I guess. Think about this Greg. Where is the trip point of the folks you harrass? I mean at what point will someone go postal? You really don't know where that trip point is. It may be just harrassing someone on the air. Or it may be after 10, 50, or 1000 times. Aren't you taking a big gamble? You might say that it's illegal for someone to do you harm. Yes it sure is. But what good will that do you when you are damaged or gone even though whoever did it is in the pen? Think about it Greg. There is a point where all of us will finally trip but where is that point? I will not add my name for fear of being harrassed by Greg.

Anonymous said...

Billy, then you'd better get some tit salve, because yours will be in a wringer soon. You're no better that Art, Sid, Steve, Herb, Jack, Karol, or Dick. The fact that you have money and (I assume) a Juris Doctorate does not excuse the fact that you're a narcissistic, self-centered, self-righteous sociopath (and jammer), pretending to be a defender of free speech. I can be any of those, so I don't pretend to be any better than you. I would just like to point out that a ham radio license is a PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT, and only protected free speech is allowable on the airwaves. Although I do agree that certain parts of 97 should be rewritten, such as W1AW boradcasts, or the section pertaining to repeater usage, that is where what you and I may agree to stops. You are vile, annoying, and pompous. The FCC cannot rule against those traits. I hope they do rule against the actual violations you have committed. As an alternative, Billy, there is FRN or CB. I eagerly await your NAL.


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