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The Lush & The Stalker – Follow Up

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Since THE LUSH & THE STALKER was posted, I’ve heard from Gregory Sousa w6ezv, both by email and by phone.

He wants the article changed – completely. Gregory says, “Since calling me a ‘stalker’ is in effect accusing me of criminal conduct, I'd appreciate a modification of the terminology used on your site.” He suggests I “take a look at 646.9 Cal PC.”

I did, and you can also at: (scroll half way down the page).

It is my OPINION that Gregory Sousa’s actions towards Steve Wingate k6txh, was stalking behavior. This is verified by and The American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Ed. By these definitions, Gregory was stalking Steve Wingate. This research validated my own opinion, which I am not only entitled to, but have the freedom to express.

Back to Gregory Sousa’s direct communications with me:
1) Can’t he read? The HamFanz Grudge Report states concisely at the top of this blog, that I do not enter into private communications about the articles posted here. (Anyone has the recourse to disagree by posting a comment.)
2) Can’t he read? The ‘legal’ boilerplate, or the disclaimer, at the end of the blog page plainly states my claim to my opinions.
3) Nothing I say in The HamFanz Grudge Report will change the facts of his behavior.

Mr. Sousa, in his phone call to me, indicated that if I didn’t change The HamFanz Grudge report, that legal (and possible other) repercussions would follow. It was at this point that I said I would not discuss this with him (for the umpteenth time), said good bye, and with him still talking, hung up the phone. (I know, it was rude, but he had interrupted my nap!)

Since Gregory Sousa (among others), likes citations, I’d like to point to a few that might clarify this ‘freedom of internet speech’ issue…

1) The FCC (yep, the very same agency that Hams love/hate so much!) in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act upholds MY right to my Opinion.
2) Even Art Bell w6obb, has had no success in this area as ALL the CadenHead Workbench articles and comments are still available.
3) Again, from Wikipedia In October 2006, Cadenhead was threatened with a lawsuit from radio talk show host Art Bell, claiming that various comments on his blog were libelous. Cadenhead offered to remove the offending posts but Bell insisted that the entire stories be removed. Cadenhead will use Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act as his defense, stating that there was no requirement for him to censor or moderate comments. No formal lawsuit has yet been filed. [10]

I understand of making choices and decisions for which one is later sorry for (BTDT!). I’d suggest that Gregory Sousa examine his actions, and his conscience, contact Steve Wingate and sincerely apologize, promising to not conduct himself in that manner again.

I’d also suggest that Gregory Sousa get some counseling regarding his obvious to all but himself, obsession with Steve Wingate.


Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

Evvy, you don't need to change anything on your site to meet EZV's demands. You're a journalist, whether he likes the site content or not. Going forward, talk with the phone company about blocking inbound calls from this jerk, who is a walking insult to the memory of the real W6EZV.

Keep up the good work.


Billy said...

Welcome to the club, Evvy! Just ignore that idiot Greg. He's SO stupid that he even calls ME up and makes threatening statements, all of which I have recorded! If anybody would like to hear one of the stupid, threatening statements that he has placed to me, let me know and I'll email it to you. You won't believe how stupid the guy is to make such obviously illegal phone calls! I think he does this when he gets drunk and his judgment becomes even more impaired than usual. Did you see that beer belly he has?

If Greg doesn't return to Eureka for Steve's next hearing, he's nothing but a wimp. You'd better ask Loretta if you can borrow her car again, Greg!

Anonymous said...


Spot on as usual, you rock dude! Make the recording of Greg availble as a downloadable link so we can sit back and laugh at that stupid jerk Greg.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend that both parties read the contents of this URL. 73 Jim N7JS

Anonymous said...

Nobody's defammy any fags or picking on blogged ppl, it's cool dude, chill out!

Now where's that mysterious recording?

Steve Judd goes HA!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that he's got our attention, Mr. Sousa needs to step up and explain his actions.

Here's are a few hints, Greg:

1) The reason I like get in my wife's car and drive for about ten hours to Eureka is ....

2) The reason I like to set up photographic equipment in front of people's houses is ...

3) The reason I think these and other tactics are effective is ....

Give it your best, Greg.

Anonymous said...

Billy, don't forget to post the link to your 'alleged' recording of Greg. That really did happen right?

Billy said...

I never said I would upload the recordings to my FTP site, Greg, so don't go setting up another straw man. I am only willing to email them to people I trust.

So don't take my word for it. I have already sent copies of the recordings to 'BNQ and Stevie. Ask them if the recordings exist or not.

God, Greg, you are SUCH A LOSER!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Billy but I'm not Greg, not even a ham for that matter, just a SWL who apparently is correct in assuming you made up the story of the alleged phone call.

Are you so paranoid psychotic in your thinking that anybody who posts here is Greg? Take you meds Billy, take your meds and go lie down, old men need rest, especially one's with balding heads and a leaking anus. (your admission, not mine)

Anonymous said...

"paranoid psychotic in your thinking"

foul mouth + lousy grammar = YOU

+10 points towards your Sousa-gram


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