Saturday, January 05, 2008

Artie’s w6obb Grief

Today marks the second year since Ramona Bell passed.

Just yesterday I had a discussion with someone about the ‘degree’ of negligence artie might have been responsible for in the death of Ramona Bell.

Two years and the ‘doubts’ are still out there. It was even mentioned that no one had seen a copy of Ramona’s autopsy. (You know, there is no ‘statute of limitation on ‘murder’; I wonder if the same is also true of ‘negligent homicide’?)

Wonder if artie took Airyn & Asia to the gravesite today…


Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely sure it's appropriate to be saying things like this. If other people feel differently, that's fine.

That Ramona died is a tragedy to be sure. I'm not sure that looking to assign blame is anything except someone trying to throw their own ego into sharp relief.

r. f. burns said...

Art Bell is history. Not only is he irrelevant to the group / groups anymore, he is boring to listen to with the tired "hows my audio?" over and over again. I think we should let Ramona rest in peace and forget about Art Bell.

Anonymous said...

Romona......Beautiful Lady you are missed very much...and not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Romona? Don't know her, was she like a housekeeper or something?

Anonymous said...

It is ashame emotional speculations like this over ride Critical Thinking. Art was cheated by Ramonas death early in her life. Any of you had younger relatives die? If so post it here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and was artie 'cheated' when he turned his back and walked away from his first TWO families (two children from the first, one from the second).

No wonder Ramona wanted no children!

Sooner or later, artie will do the same to this, his THIRD family...unless he dies first or money hungry and smart Airyn Bell, manipulates the doddering old fool out of every cent he has first!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous "was Romona a housekeeper or something?"

Ramona had more intelligence than you will ever have. You have shown how smart you are by you comment. Incase you don't know Ramona was the person who had control over Arts carear,finances,ran 2 radio stations,took care of a house and more very successfuly.

Anonymous said...

Humm? It seems We have forgot the youth that are the Future. How will they transcribe? Adults become parents for them, Yes! Guide them well. This Forum? No. Not for Children. Hope Art keeps such nonsense away from his child.
Grow Up!

Anonymous said...

two radio stations ?

Anonymous said...

Ramona = deceased wife of Art Bell

Romona = Professional housekeeper who worked for Art and "Ramona" Bell

Tacos = delcious meal made with corn meal, ground hamburger, tomatoes, lettuce and hot sauce.

Anonymous said...

To the last anonymous post #10. Is stupid your first or last name?


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