Thursday, September 29, 2005

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

As I just spot checked the last GRUDGE Report I posted for errors, I noticed that hits have PASSED 10,000! In fact the count was 10117!

I mention this because these are REAL numbers, 10,117 folks have READ (and perhaps responded to) articles in The 3840GRUDGE Report!

REAL as meaning factual hits; NOT padded, as some other sites with suddenly high hit counters and/or unbelievable numbers (some of which would have probably had to get 10,000 hits per day, EVERY day, since they opened to get numbers like that!).

As always, The 3840GRUDGE Report, tells it like it is...

JimandLeahs up and running!!!

And it's a blast!

I just spent an hour wandering around it looking and trying out stuff. The 'opener' is slick, professional, and a 'hoot'.

The tuner is back, and thankfully, it's going to be passworded eventually (I already applied for mine, Jim!).

And the java chatroom is there, and though I didn't have anyone to 'chat' with, it seemed to work seamlessly.

SSTV (whatever that is) is back.

New, is a weather module that is interesting. But I didn't see any (doesn't mean it isn't there folks, just means I didn't notice it) atmospheric conditions, or space weather stuff (sunspots). I do like my weather stuff!

New, is HamStreams, where you can listen in to various streams from Hams that wish to sign up. So far there seem to be two 'slots' being used, and several waiting for takers. (I think I'm gonna love this feature!). I actually listened to one for a few minutes, don't know what I was listening to, but was great that I could DO IT...

Missing was a 3840HamFans banner. But that's because our new logos & banners haven't been unveiled yet (soon to come!).

Terrific job Jim!!!!
Please note new tuner addie:

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jim&Leah's Online Tuner(s) Status

Jim n7js posted this to the 3840HamFans Blog in a 'comment' section. I wanted to make sure everyone saw it, so am reposting it (ad hoc) with it's own title, and sending out notice, as usual... evvy

I'm posting this here, because whether others admit it or not, this place is probably read more than any other info site by all sides.My new site will be password controlled. You just need to request one. The site will all be in active/x so it will have the updated capabilities, (i.e. signal graphing, users online viewing, chat, etc) There will also be the auto SSTV uploader. In addition there will be real time uploaded weather data and an Echolink Repeater back online. That's for starters for now. Please use Art's receiver for 3.840 as is being done. It's a real waste of resources to use mine for one freq. Someone told me, it's not a waste because it's late at night and no-one would use it for anything else at that time. Actually, I used to have a broad spectrum of European users etc. who used it at those hours but became frustrated with the constant pull back to 3.840 all the time. HOWEVER, I have furthermore created a page called just in case you can't get into Art's etc. (or he pulls it down or whatever). Hamstreams will be a consolodation page for anyone interested in streaming 3.840. All the streams don't have to be exclusive of that, but it would be nice if some were for backup. You will need a static IP (one that does not change to do this) and high speed internet. If you have Comcast, you are good to go for sure. Other's may also have a static IP.If you are interested in your own spot - let me know, so I know how many to roll out at first. ( I need your AUDIO streaming URL (i.e 24.59.476.459:8080). Also a URL to a picture of your setup (i.e. Jim N7JS

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Proof is in the Pudding (Results)

Apparently, night before last, 9.8.05, there was a long, deep, animated, and sometimes heated discussion on 3.840 regarding the recent disaster of hurricane Katrina. It would seem that all the ‘regulars’ had an opinion (of course, don’t we all!).

The only problem with this was that there were NO ARCHIVED RECORDINGS of this, no doubt, collectable event. Even artie w60bb does not have any recordings! He said that: in order for the recordings that are made (by s-meter) and replayed the next day to be saved, artie himself has to notify s-meter BEFORE 8pm. That is BEFORE anyone knows if there’s going to be a ‘need’ for such a record to be archived! (Guess the highly touted s-meter does have its flaws.)

And, let's face it, even if artie HAD recordings, he'd only share them with 'the loop cult' and then only after he'd edited them!

Last night, there was much on air moaning and groaning by various HAMS who’d missed the most recent fun and games. They wanted to listen to recordings of the conversation. It was pointed out (as if we all didn’t already know this) by artie, that anyone could have listened to the replays during the day today had they wanted.

But this again assumes, that a person WOULD KNOW that they wanted to hear something, and would be home and not sleeping, working, or whatever ‘ing’ they might be involved in at the exact time of the replay. They’d also have to be AT their computer, and manage to get back on the tuner (missing how much of the replay?) every hour as they were bounced off.

I know I’d sure like to hear that conversation! Last night on air it was reported that: Jim Watson ki6gu, insulted Trish. That Trish k4ze, went away ‘mad’ (Trish, was it worth all you’ve gone through?). That Moody wq6i, thought the whole event ‘magnified’ (My word, not his – but since I don’t have a recording, I have to go on memory, which is admittedly poor.). This is ALL second and third hand info, as I didn’t hear it myself and again, have no recordings.

Since I am obviously not a HAM, therefore not a member of the 'cult of the loop', I do not have access to the few hour-long segments, that some HAMS did record. If you have one of these segments, please email to me at !

Lastly, this is all totally nuts!!!
-Stop that 1 hr kick off on the Pahrump Tuner, at least till some other ‘streaming’ tuners are online.
-Why can’t artie put up a second, non s-meter, ‘streaming’ tuner?
-Why can’t s-meter ASSIGN 10 slots just for designated streamers, that wouldn’t be ‘kicked’???
-Offer to help Jim n7js, with his HamStreams project (Jim, can I be of help?)
-If you are in a position to stream, get it up and going!
-If 3840HamFans can help in any way with these projects, please let me know.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The God Experiment

From the above ‘statement’ on today, it would seem artie w6obb’s grand experiment didn’t quite work out as he’d planned.

Instead of the masses worshiping at artie’s feet in thankful gratitude for the great and wonderful thing he’d provided for them, The Pahrump Receiver, only the loyal loop worshipers responded appropriately.

Worse yet, somewhere along the way, artie lost control of the Pahrump Receiver; folks were not following HIS directions on how, and when to use HIS Receiver! Once he realized this, he took several impotent steps towards ‘correction’ of these problems.

-The first thing he did was to institute a one hour listening limit, instead of leaving it on a ‘first come, first serve basis.

-Then he proceeded to ‘edit’ what was replayed the next day.

-Lastly, he would leave the tuner on 3.840 while he and some of his cronies went to another frequency.

-Now he’s threatening to close down the Pahrump Receiver if those nasty little ‘jammers’ don’t stop playing with HIS toy. The old, I’m gonna take my toys and go home, game little children play.

Good riddance I say.

Perhaps Jim Southwick n7js will put a tuner back on his page. Even with all the ‘jerks’ that we had to deal with there (and there were a lot of ‘em, being the tuner was not ‘passworded’), it was still far better, fairer, than what artie’s done.

Or maybe Kent Nyberg wm70 will get another tuner up and running soon. You don’t have to kiss anyone’s’ ass to listen on those tuners! These two guys truly provided a ‘service’ in the full sense of the word…


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