Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jim&Leah's Online Tuner(s) Status

Jim n7js posted this to the 3840HamFans Blog in a 'comment' section. I wanted to make sure everyone saw it, so am reposting it (ad hoc) with it's own title, and sending out notice, as usual... evvy

I'm posting this here, because whether others admit it or not, this place is probably read more than any other info site by all sides.My new site will be password controlled. You just need to request one. The site will all be in active/x so it will have the updated capabilities, (i.e. signal graphing, users online viewing, chat, etc) There will also be the auto SSTV uploader. In addition there will be real time uploaded weather data and an Echolink Repeater back online. That's for starters for now. Please use Art's receiver for 3.840 as is being done. It's a real waste of resources to use mine for one freq. Someone told me, it's not a waste because it's late at night and no-one would use it for anything else at that time. Actually, I used to have a broad spectrum of European users etc. who used it at those hours but became frustrated with the constant pull back to 3.840 all the time. HOWEVER, I have furthermore created a page called just in case you can't get into Art's etc. (or he pulls it down or whatever). Hamstreams will be a consolodation page for anyone interested in streaming 3.840. All the streams don't have to be exclusive of that, but it would be nice if some were for backup. You will need a static IP (one that does not change to do this) and high speed internet. If you have Comcast, you are good to go for sure. Other's may also have a static IP.If you are interested in your own spot - let me know, so I know how many to roll out at first. ( I need your AUDIO streaming URL (i.e 24.59.476.459:8080). Also a URL to a picture of your setup (i.e. Jim N7JS

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Anonymous said...

The new site is now reality. Enjoy.
Jim N7JS


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