Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Either Or

Listening to the Little Peeps last night, (And I that IS what I do, SWL.) I don't know which was more disruptive, Steve k6txh, being Steve, or most everyone else complaining about Steve being Steve!

I must say, as a listener, it makes for an interesting, and entertaining, evening. That is till it gets out of hand, when everyone gets too angry, and goes away, leaving me laughing...

So is it Either/Or???

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Easy Way to Fix a Problem!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Art Bell now an ex-pat

According to several reliable sources, artie is now living in the Philippines, and has burned his bridges behind him. He says he is NEVER returning to the US. (The ‘exodus’ some have referred to on air.)

He sold his ‘compound’ to Tom in Arizona, who will probably be moving in this next week, and is recruiting help for the move.

artie GAVE his guesthouse to Karen (now the owner of KNYE), and the station controls which were moved there last week. All property rights were also given to Karen on the big sign for KNYE on highway 160, as with the land it sits on, it is worth a huge chunk of money for advertising rights, as no one can buy land anymore to put up signs for advertising.

He gave away one car (not to me!), and sold another to a ‘good friend’.

And to show what kind of man he is, he had all his cats put down. (Now WHAT vet would put down healthy animals? That person should be reported to the Nevada authorities.) It is said that his condominium in Manila does not allow pets… (hmmm, kinda like Ramona, huh?)

And to show what kind of man he is, he did not even say ‘good bye’ to friends he’s had for years. (Nor did he drop a hefty amount into my PayPal account to help with uncovered medical expenses!)

Good riddance! With any luck, the other NAMBPIGs will join him there.

Perhaps now, without artie’s constant threats of lawsuits, complaints to the FCC, and other strong arm tactics, SWL will be ‘fun’, again. With no more ‘late night’ EliteHams, maybe early evening will see more of w6wbj, wb6bnq, k4ze, k6txh, n7js, w7lw, and other interesting HAMS.


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