Monday, November 26, 2007

dxtuner Returns!

Terrific news! Though there is no info on the how or why of it, Kelly Lindman has apparently changed his mind (YES!), or found some way to continue dxtuners which folded in April 2007

You can find the RIP here at Shortwave Central Blog:

Or here in The HamFanz Grudge Report:

I have already 'signed' up (though they must still have the old records, as I was assigned my 'old' password).


"We are now accepting new users. Just use the application above. Then wait for approval or email Sincerely
Kelly Lindman Founder"

"Share your receiver with DxTuners and become an admin on our network.
Have you a spare receiver that you wish to share with our ever growing network? You will meet lots of new friends, as well as contributing to our ever growing worldwide network. You will find it great fun and educational.
For more information on how to set up your own DXTuner Node, then just follow
this link"

This GOOD NEWS courtesy of 'SAWYER'...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

One NAMPIG Speaks Up!

Since Ben Gardner kd7bcw, saw fit to share our private emails with Art Bell w6obb, at his private email address:, why I feel no compunction to not also share our recent communications with those of my choice, The HamFanz Grudge Report Readers!

It all started with a simple ‘invite’ to join me on Yahoo Chat (which many of you received). Big Ben was the only one to reply with an email, opening a discussion.

Do note the projection, the ‘rationalization’ process the NAMPIGS use, as well as the ‘defensiveness’. Ben’s unfounded and undocumented, accusations soon deteriorate into ‘threats’ of a legal (and other?) nature.

BTW, it was nice of Big Ben to put this all together, in one document, for me. It was also nice of him to supply Art Bells new email addie...

----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Friday,
November 16, 2007 10:27 PM Subject: Join evvy garrett on Yahoo! Messenger!

evvy garrett wants to talk with you using Yahoo! Messenger:

Accept the Invitation

From: Ben

Evvy, I am confused as why you would desire, or care, to talk to me, being a person you repeatedly proclaim has so many terrible traits. Perhaps you will enlighten me, as to any "hidden" agendas, or specific information you care to extract from me. I may respond as per a "need to know basis", or depending on the information, I
may reply accordingly. Regarding Yahoo IM: I am reserving my list primarily for
video conferencing to my so-called "mail order bride", and related family and
friends. Have a wonderful Thanksgivings Day, and Holiday. ~

From: Evvy

>>>I may respond as per a "need to know basis", or depending on theinformation,

Exactly, Ben. Many find they are more comfortable in 'chat' than email(though I don't know why).

>>>I am confused as why you would desire, or care, to talk to me, being aperson you repeatedly proclaim has so many terrible traits.

Ben, I absolutely think that what you (& others) have done is wrong, wrong, wrong. Morally, ethically, in all kinds of ways. And I have said so, andwill continue to say so. And unlike some others, I will say it publically,and to your face (and remember, the Grudge often reports what everyone elseis saying, behind your back!).

AND this is ONE of the major reasons so many of the 'Little People' won'tvisit 3720, or so I have heard.

It literally 'turns my stomach' to think of you old coots with those young girls. And I believe it is just a legal form of pedophilia.

That being said, up front, does NOT mean, that I wish you ill in any way. I never have and never will (ditto the others). But I will continue tofollow these 'stories'. And I will continue to state my feelings on the subject.

In a way it AMAZES me that you thought you could do this, and that therewould be no 'flack' or 'backlash' from it. If you can't stand the 'heat',why did you even consider going in the kitchen? You sought out, created,went public, with your current situation, now you have to live with the consequences, (ALL of them), as we all do with the decisions and choices wemake in our lives...though most of us aren't nearly so public with them!

And yes, I do wish you a great thanksgiving!

Evvy Garrett
From: Ben
Ms. socially confused Evvy,

You have told me privately about your daughter's desire not to communicate with you. Why? Do you suspect in part it may explain your bitterness toward other people's happiness? You do not seem to cultivate any romantic frienships. I suspect you are ashamed and attempt to hide your personal life, and your faults, by targeting others to distract yourself, and others, from your demons. You do have unethical publishing traits powered by tainted concepts. You are hypocritical, and
boorish about people you have not met, or know, and most likely will never know on a personal basis. You have your rights to say and write what you currently think is correct, or even knowing is false, however remember that so do the people you offend. There are also some legal matters which you may over step. Wise up, as
they say, "paybacks are..." . It is impolite for a male to publically censure a female, therefore I am sure that you are somewhat shielded from much negative rebuttal, abuse, or encountering what you unashamedly, if not proudly, web-publish about

You obviously were not taught proper etiquette, or misunderstood childhood lessons, regarding correct social behavior, such as: "keep your unkind, and negative opinions, and comments to yourself". It is much wiser to spend your time and concerns upon your own life issues, considering you are not employed, or competing with any well-known "scandal magazine", publications, or tv info-tainment, news
organizations. I find some of your drivel postings to be comical non-sense at best, although, I seldom go to your site. It appears that you solicit income by propagating lies, inuendo, and your narrow-minded standards of morality. Not to mention the selling of freely copied public domained materials. Even more strange being you are not a ham operator.

Yes Evvy, I did infact, knowingly, planned and expected to endure whatever misguided flack, when I made my choice regarding marriage. I am very happy, and
have no need to justify for the sake of my faith, family, or self. I do not owe anyone any explaination. I spent much time in consideration in regards to a marriage proposal. I did have my Euro-Occidental concepts regarding the age differences. You say, there are those who may avoid me, or 3720 khz, as a result, of my actions. If so they only confirm their Asian cultural ignorance. I am aware there are childish people who make foul bigoted remarks, but ho-hum such is life. A responsible adult of social etiquette does not behave in the manner that you have centered your existence, and subject people. You should be responsible for your lack of ethnic
knowledge, and your crass conjecture. I do not care to join any gossip chat rooms", as they seem to produce nothing but bitterness. You have your trashy gossip website, please do not expand your empire, as the internet already has too many wacko domains!

I have found that if a person is generally kind, and treat people with what is often called "common respect"(courtesy), the same will be reflected.
finis "Burma Shave"~Ben (sic)

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Obviously, SteveO k6txh, was stoned when he chose a new name for

I mean, why not WingnutRadio (which is available). Radio Wingnuts? Why the plural? (Ohhh, lordee, lordee, don't tell me there is more than ONE SteveO!)

And he has made no other changes to the site. Wouldn't you think he'd scatter a few wingnuts about here and there? Change the background? Something???

The pictures remain stale, seldom changed, and often posted by WingNut himself, to fill the slots of people he's kicked off the site.

I guess, there is a 'new' chat. There is a message asking you to download a Java application. I haven't bothered. The old chat is still present (though of course, I am still banned from it).

WingNut should have just closed the page. But then HOW would Bill Houlne wb6bnq 'suck up'?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

B.B. Watkins ki6gu

One wonders why Jim Watkins ki6gu, has given himself the on air 'nick' of BIG BURBANK BASTARD?

Could it have something to do with the very visible displeasure of Bill Crowell w6wbj, at Jim's recent recanting of his disgust and hatred of Art Bell w6obb?

If that is the case, then why be so 'heavy-handed', insulting, derisive, and surly with the other Hams on 3720 that have basically made the same self-serving decision, that is, to hang with artie?

Often, when we have made ‘bad’ decisions we then have to live with, we get so angry at ourselves that it spills over. Perhaps this is what has changed Jim’s personality so drastically in the past year.

Or maybe Jim ki6gu, was just ‘hiding’ his true self all along, and THIS (shudder), is the ‘real thing’. Just listen to 3720 for a few minutes during the wee hours of most mornings, it will not take long before Jim ‘goes off’ about something, anything, anyone!

Such sudden personality changes, in the form of irritability, can also be caused by ongoing stress, and worry. There can be physical causes too, including simple things like reactions to medications and electrolyte imbalances.

Whatever the cause, I enjoyed listening to the ‘old’ GU, so much more than the new BIG BURBANK BASTARD. What about you?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Little People Packing up and Moving

I did hear it announced on air recently, but I also just checked out the LITTLE PEOPLE website And sure enough, just a couple of paragraphs under the EGO GRID (Fun! Dontcha just love it?) was the announcement: "In less than two weeks WE ARE MOVING to 3670 or thereabouts."

I don't know WHY they are moving, don't listen enough to really know, and Glenn Thurman, kn6z doesn't say on his log.

But wouldn't this be a great time to CHANGE THEIR NAME???

After all 'THE LITTLE PEOPLE' is a moniker that Jim Watkins ki6gu, coined and applied to that specific group of Hams. Yes, this would be a fortuitous time indeed, for that group to PICK their own name!

All in favor, raise your hand!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Please renew my amateur license, w6wbj, pleads

A 'copy' of a communication sent by William F. Crowell w6wbj, to Riley Hollingsworth. (I have no idea if this was sent BEFORE Hollingsworth retired, after, or when Hollingsworh 'un-retired' from the FCC. However I thought it interesting and wondered if you might also...

Re: Enforcement Case No. 2006-176 Dear Mr. Hollingsworth: Since I have denied all of the complaints which you have alleged against me in the above-entitled amateur renewal case, and since the applicable statute of limitations [47 U.S.C. Sec. 503(b)(6)(b)] pertaining to the acts complained of has long since expired, kindly renew my vanity callsign W6WBJ at this time for its normal 10-year term. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. William F. Crowell


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