Tuesday, November 13, 2007

B.B. Watkins ki6gu

One wonders why Jim Watkins ki6gu, has given himself the on air 'nick' of BIG BURBANK BASTARD?

Could it have something to do with the very visible displeasure of Bill Crowell w6wbj, at Jim's recent recanting of his disgust and hatred of Art Bell w6obb?

If that is the case, then why be so 'heavy-handed', insulting, derisive, and surly with the other Hams on 3720 that have basically made the same self-serving decision, that is, to hang with artie?

Often, when we have made ‘bad’ decisions we then have to live with, we get so angry at ourselves that it spills over. Perhaps this is what has changed Jim’s personality so drastically in the past year.

Or maybe Jim ki6gu, was just ‘hiding’ his true self all along, and THIS (shudder), is the ‘real thing’. Just listen to 3720 for a few minutes during the wee hours of most mornings, it will not take long before Jim ‘goes off’ about something, anything, anyone!

Such sudden personality changes, in the form of irritability, can also be caused by ongoing stress, and worry. There can be physical causes too, including simple things like reactions to medications and electrolyte imbalances.

Whatever the cause, I enjoyed listening to the ‘old’ GU, so much more than the new BIG BURBANK BASTARD. What about you?


kronos1 said...

I think Jim is a low life turncoat!!! So his new name should be the Burbank Turncoat!! All he has done is kiss Art's ass more then anyone has. After all the talk of everyone else kissing Art's ass, he is the best at it. No one comes close to him.

r. f. burns said...

This is nothing new. Jim Watkins has always been a prick. Just wait until Art Bell gets friendly with any ham other than GU. That ham will then be the target of a jealous, vitriolic, tiraid that emanates from Burbank. Look out Scotty !

barvetta said...

i was able to hear jim for a change last nite, and i got a kick out of his mental meltdown when he attacked bill, wb6bnq. was funny to listen to his rants, and then the freq just went dead. guess bill said the hell with you jim, and jim just decided to go get another beer and the hell with ham radio.

Anonymous said...

B.B.B = BIG BUTTED BOY... Seems Jimmy never met a Cheeseburger he didn't like...

pervez musharraf said...

Who cares about Pakistan? KI6GU is a lot more entertaining. p.s. print this message for one (1) curry dinner at IHOP.



Billy said...

It was all my fault. I momentarily forgot that Jim, as the dominant one, has the right to go off on you.

Anonymous said...

Jim is a two faced liar on most subjects. He had pledged to bring Art down and then kiss-....d to Art like a litte boy to Daddy. Won't you forgive me for all the things I have said about you. I am surprized Billy w6wbj has not gone after Jim for being a victim of Jims 2 faces. Billy was always right about Art.


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