Saturday, November 17, 2007


Obviously, SteveO k6txh, was stoned when he chose a new name for

I mean, why not WingnutRadio (which is available). Radio Wingnuts? Why the plural? (Ohhh, lordee, lordee, don't tell me there is more than ONE SteveO!)

And he has made no other changes to the site. Wouldn't you think he'd scatter a few wingnuts about here and there? Change the background? Something???

The pictures remain stale, seldom changed, and often posted by WingNut himself, to fill the slots of people he's kicked off the site.

I guess, there is a 'new' chat. There is a message asking you to download a Java application. I haven't bothered. The old chat is still present (though of course, I am still banned from it).

WingNut should have just closed the page. But then HOW would Bill Houlne wb6bnq 'suck up'?


Anonymous said...

I like Steve. He says it just like it is. People do not like plain English. I must admit he does get to foul mouthed at times for me. I also think WingNuts would be a nice adorenment to his page. What he should do is get rid of Billy with his stupid cars and that ugly blue truck picture Billy thinks is so nice. Billy ought to change his "buff" picture or so he thinks

Anonymous said...

My eyes have seen a beautifull sight.
No more blue truck on WingNuts site. It was removed before my previous posting.........Was to go Billy.

Anonymous said...

>>But then HOW would Bill Houlne wb6bnq 'suck up'?

Please, don't ask.


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