Thursday, November 08, 2007

Little People Packing up and Moving

I did hear it announced on air recently, but I also just checked out the LITTLE PEOPLE website And sure enough, just a couple of paragraphs under the EGO GRID (Fun! Dontcha just love it?) was the announcement: "In less than two weeks WE ARE MOVING to 3670 or thereabouts."

I don't know WHY they are moving, don't listen enough to really know, and Glenn Thurman, kn6z doesn't say on his log.

But wouldn't this be a great time to CHANGE THEIR NAME???

After all 'THE LITTLE PEOPLE' is a moniker that Jim Watkins ki6gu, coined and applied to that specific group of Hams. Yes, this would be a fortuitous time indeed, for that group to PICK their own name!

All in favor, raise your hand!


Billy said...

That seems really dumb, Evvy. (Of course, the Little People have never been noted for their intelligence.) Why would they voluntarily go QSY and thereby damage their franchise (if, indeed, they HAVE a recognizable franchise)? I have no idea why they're doing it, but I have a couple of really good sources within the "Little People" group, and I'll try to find out the reason from them and report back to you.

r. f. burns said...

It's because Glenn has noise on 3678. No other reason. The "Little Pepople" keep that name because they are just the opposite of Jim Watkins (and as Martha would say "that's a good thing"). Jim is a rude, butt munchin, egotistical, Art Bell fan. Most of the Little People are not.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I heard Billy was packing up and moving because he wasn't getting enough attention. Must be tough being the most interesting station on the band but nobody seems to notice...

Billy said...

Wow, Anonymous, I wasn't aware that I was moving anyplace! Can you tell me where I'm going? I thought I was still hanging out on the same frequencies as always: 3810 in the afternoon, and 3740 at night (before midnight). But please clue me in! You've got me curious now.

Jack said...

W6WBJ, do you realize that you talk and act like my 11 year old daughter? Seriously dude, you need help. A man your age acting the way you do isn't normal, it's psychotic. -Jack Wilhelm, SWL

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

Jack, have you ever heard the phrase "spin the dial"? If you don't like something on the radio, just tune it out. Make sense?



Anonymous said...

Poor Billy, he tries so hard to be noticed. Life's just not the same since N6MZA attained room temperature. Seems that even in death Timmy has more fans then Billy ever did.

Can you imagine?

Billy said...

I can't argue with you there, anonymous. I think we ALL worship Timmy's memory. I obtained some funny new old Timmy recordings from a fellow fan of his, and I plan to play them on the air if anybody wants to listen to them. I wish I could be half the FB op that Timmy was.


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