Sunday, November 18, 2007

One NAMPIG Speaks Up!

Since Ben Gardner kd7bcw, saw fit to share our private emails with Art Bell w6obb, at his private email address:, why I feel no compunction to not also share our recent communications with those of my choice, The HamFanz Grudge Report Readers!

It all started with a simple ‘invite’ to join me on Yahoo Chat (which many of you received). Big Ben was the only one to reply with an email, opening a discussion.

Do note the projection, the ‘rationalization’ process the NAMPIGS use, as well as the ‘defensiveness’. Ben’s unfounded and undocumented, accusations soon deteriorate into ‘threats’ of a legal (and other?) nature.

BTW, it was nice of Big Ben to put this all together, in one document, for me. It was also nice of him to supply Art Bells new email addie...

----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Friday,
November 16, 2007 10:27 PM Subject: Join evvy garrett on Yahoo! Messenger!

evvy garrett wants to talk with you using Yahoo! Messenger:

Accept the Invitation

From: Ben

Evvy, I am confused as why you would desire, or care, to talk to me, being a person you repeatedly proclaim has so many terrible traits. Perhaps you will enlighten me, as to any "hidden" agendas, or specific information you care to extract from me. I may respond as per a "need to know basis", or depending on the information, I
may reply accordingly. Regarding Yahoo IM: I am reserving my list primarily for
video conferencing to my so-called "mail order bride", and related family and
friends. Have a wonderful Thanksgivings Day, and Holiday. ~

From: Evvy

>>>I may respond as per a "need to know basis", or depending on theinformation,

Exactly, Ben. Many find they are more comfortable in 'chat' than email(though I don't know why).

>>>I am confused as why you would desire, or care, to talk to me, being aperson you repeatedly proclaim has so many terrible traits.

Ben, I absolutely think that what you (& others) have done is wrong, wrong, wrong. Morally, ethically, in all kinds of ways. And I have said so, andwill continue to say so. And unlike some others, I will say it publically,and to your face (and remember, the Grudge often reports what everyone elseis saying, behind your back!).

AND this is ONE of the major reasons so many of the 'Little People' won'tvisit 3720, or so I have heard.

It literally 'turns my stomach' to think of you old coots with those young girls. And I believe it is just a legal form of pedophilia.

That being said, up front, does NOT mean, that I wish you ill in any way. I never have and never will (ditto the others). But I will continue tofollow these 'stories'. And I will continue to state my feelings on the subject.

In a way it AMAZES me that you thought you could do this, and that therewould be no 'flack' or 'backlash' from it. If you can't stand the 'heat',why did you even consider going in the kitchen? You sought out, created,went public, with your current situation, now you have to live with the consequences, (ALL of them), as we all do with the decisions and choices wemake in our lives...though most of us aren't nearly so public with them!

And yes, I do wish you a great thanksgiving!

Evvy Garrett
From: Ben
Ms. socially confused Evvy,

You have told me privately about your daughter's desire not to communicate with you. Why? Do you suspect in part it may explain your bitterness toward other people's happiness? You do not seem to cultivate any romantic frienships. I suspect you are ashamed and attempt to hide your personal life, and your faults, by targeting others to distract yourself, and others, from your demons. You do have unethical publishing traits powered by tainted concepts. You are hypocritical, and
boorish about people you have not met, or know, and most likely will never know on a personal basis. You have your rights to say and write what you currently think is correct, or even knowing is false, however remember that so do the people you offend. There are also some legal matters which you may over step. Wise up, as
they say, "paybacks are..." . It is impolite for a male to publically censure a female, therefore I am sure that you are somewhat shielded from much negative rebuttal, abuse, or encountering what you unashamedly, if not proudly, web-publish about

You obviously were not taught proper etiquette, or misunderstood childhood lessons, regarding correct social behavior, such as: "keep your unkind, and negative opinions, and comments to yourself". It is much wiser to spend your time and concerns upon your own life issues, considering you are not employed, or competing with any well-known "scandal magazine", publications, or tv info-tainment, news
organizations. I find some of your drivel postings to be comical non-sense at best, although, I seldom go to your site. It appears that you solicit income by propagating lies, inuendo, and your narrow-minded standards of morality. Not to mention the selling of freely copied public domained materials. Even more strange being you are not a ham operator.

Yes Evvy, I did infact, knowingly, planned and expected to endure whatever misguided flack, when I made my choice regarding marriage. I am very happy, and
have no need to justify for the sake of my faith, family, or self. I do not owe anyone any explaination. I spent much time in consideration in regards to a marriage proposal. I did have my Euro-Occidental concepts regarding the age differences. You say, there are those who may avoid me, or 3720 khz, as a result, of my actions. If so they only confirm their Asian cultural ignorance. I am aware there are childish people who make foul bigoted remarks, but ho-hum such is life. A responsible adult of social etiquette does not behave in the manner that you have centered your existence, and subject people. You should be responsible for your lack of ethnic
knowledge, and your crass conjecture. I do not care to join any gossip chat rooms", as they seem to produce nothing but bitterness. You have your trashy gossip website, please do not expand your empire, as the internet already has too many wacko domains!

I have found that if a person is generally kind, and treat people with what is often called "common respect"(courtesy), the same will be reflected.
finis "Burma Shave"~Ben (sic)


Pervez Musharraf said...

This piece of work by the Carpenters says it all:

"...We've only just live...white lace and promises, a kiss for luck and we're on our way.
And yes, we've just begun. Before the rising sun we fly, so many roads to choose, We start our walking and learn to run. And yes, We've just begun. Sharing horizons that are new to us, Watching the signs along the way, talking it over just the two of us, Working together day to day...together. And when the evening comes we smile, So much of life ahead We'll find a place where there's room to grow, And yes, We've just begun..."

p.s. what's a Burma Shave?

Anonymous said...

I think I was only about 6 or 7 when I first heard that song for the first time at a wedding. Little did I know I was hearing what would become one of the most pretentious wedding songs for years (maybe decades) to come. Truly an all time gag reflexer.
Jim N7JS

Anonymous said...

You tell um Ben!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ben and Art both use the terms
"Asian Cultural Ignorance"
when refering to any one who disagrees with their behavior and
our American standard of pedophillia.
So....that means....Because they went to the
Phillipines to buy a girl that made
their pedophile behavior O K.
as it is a normal practice in the
Phillipines. Mind you Art and Ben managed to stay within legal marring age for the USA.
Dam it just wants to make you throw up at what they have done.

r. f. burns said...

Most females are physically (and sexually) mature by the age of 15. Our society gives them three more years to become mentally mature. A pedophile is actually someone that enjoys sex with children. So if a women is mentally and sexually mature by age 18, and Ben and Art's women are in their 20's, how con you call Ben and Art pedophiles? In this country a women can join the Army or the Marines when she is 18. Does the Army and the Marines recrute children? No, because at 18 you are considered an adult. You can vote, drive a car and die for your country. That said, I still might have a little gag in my throat when I think of Ben and Cherry doing it.

Pervez Musharraf said...

R.F. has a point, Evvy. There's an age difference, and that's your beef? I don't get it. Where's the beef?

Ben obviously has all the right moves. He's attracted a nubile young vixen, which is something most hams will never do. This is what ARRL publications do to the human brain!

I tip my Wouff-Hong to you, Ben. May your pleasures be many, your troubles be few. Be fruitful and multiply.


Billy said...

I've got it! I need to buy a BLIND filipina girl! That way maybe she can maintain a mental fantasy that I'm not really ugly. Or do you think she'd be able to tell by touching my lumpy, bumpy face, bulbous nose and shiny noggin? Or maybe if I just bought a sighted filipina girl (since a blind one might be hard to find) and ordered her to keep her eyes closed?

Anonymous said...

P I G =(equals) Art-Ben

kf6vo said...

I used to be repulsed by this. But then I remembered: life is short; happiness is fleeting; love conquers all; the third-world is Hell; we all need to get a life (and they, apparently, have). So I say more power to them!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is NAMPIG? Is it like NAMPLA? North American Man Phillopino Love Association.

Anonymous said...

>>>What the hell is NAMPIG? Is it like NAMPLA? North American Man Phillopino Love Association.

Uhhh, just click the LINK that is on the LEFT side of your screen. It says NAMBPIG. Read all the articles, then YOU can tell US...

Pervez Musharraf said...

Anonymous said...
What the hell is NAMPIG? Is it like NAMPLA? North American Man Phillopino Love Association.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 6:11:00 PM

WTF? Go get a GED before you try posting again. Make it your New Year's resolution.

r. f. burns said...

Evvy coined the term in an earlier article. North American Men Buying Philippine Island Girls. Please pay better attention in the future.

BTW Those PIGs are sure cute.

liz said...

Dear **********,
You are being very childish, and wallowing in some false pretense of the being neglected, and unloved as a child. Self -pity is not admirable. I hope you get over it, or seek professional councel. It is one thing for you to be wrongfully upset with me, but to cheat yourself and everyone else of being family, such as our grand children, and your grandmother, etc., is very selfish, unkind, and cruel. It is far worse than any wrongful views of your upbringing. Your grandmother turned 78 yrs, yesterday. Not that you seem to care!
We have gifts that will remain here, that you have rudely related you don't want to accept. Some are for our grand daughters.
The ball is in your court. We may not be around much longer, and you will never be able to undo what you are doing now, if you don't resolve the issues you seem to hold against. You can blame me for all your hang-ups, but I know the reality I faced, trying to be any closer to you than I was allowed, or made convient. My parents were stood up one-time trying to see you in "city name". Why ?

Your mother, and I may not have been award winning parents, but you really had things fairly soft, and have always been shown love. Many people have suffered real tragedy as children, which is very regretable, but most grow to be stronger people, and do not dwell in self pity.
This is a joyess time for us, and I would think you would be pleased becoming a big sister. If you care to deny everyone of this blessings of life then go for it, but never look back, because you are making a major mistake.

I hope you will come to your senses, and realize you have a father, and others that love you as we always have, but YOU are throwing many family relationships away.
I do regret you have these issues, and if by some chance you believe you require an apology, then I will offer it to you, even tho it is not warranted.
Be adult enough to face your issues, and reply, timely, respectfully, and responsibly. Time waits for nobody!
Regardless of your opinions of me, I will always love you.
Btw~ Your sibbling will be nicknamed reflectively after you.
Your only father forever, ~ Ben

WOW... This letter shows love... NOT DENIAL at all !

~ Posted by Ben's former daughter who thinks he is the scum of the earth and would rather blame me than admit he was an AWFUL absent father.
~ Cheers and have a great day!

evvy garrett said...

Family is family, and no one can ever replace them.

Blood IS thicker than water.

I can think of only a few situations where an adult child should cut the ties. And this does not seem to be one of them...

When I think of the 'regrets' you are going to have for the rest of your life (not to mention 'loss' of family history for your own children), and how you are teaching your own children how to treat YOU, it makes me shiver.

You don't have to 'approve' of what family members do. You don't have to even like them. You don't even have to spend much time with them.

But they ARE family, and as an adult you have the choice to 'accept', forgive, and give and get love.


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