Monday, December 18, 2006

So what’s with the CW uproar???

In the past few days, all over the bands, and the internet, at all of the usual (and not so usual) HAM hang outs, all you hear is ‘bitch and moan’ over the FCC’s recent decision to abandon CW requirements in Amateur Radio Licensing. It’s not like they didn’t know it was on the horizon.

What is the big deal? No one is stopping anyone from learning, or becoming proficient in CW. No one is suggesting the contesters stop their fun and games. No one is suggesting that you can’t USE CW on specified frequencies if you so choose.

Do current HAMS, especially Extra’s think the rank of Amateur Radio operators is going to swell by leaps and bounds because of this. Is this highly unlikely possibility what is bothering them? Are they unconsciously trying to protect their (perceived) lofty, and lonely, positions from upstarts?

Or is it that they are in denial? The truth is, Amateur Radio as a hobby, is on the way out. If one listens carefully, you can hear the toll of the bells (no pun intended). From now on, and indeed, probably since the ‘birth’ of the internet, Ham Radio will die a little more with the death of each old fart HAM Operator.

The internet, including low-cost access to people from around the world, has REPLACED Amateur Radio. Why pay all that money for a ‘rig’ and fight to keep antenna’s up, when you can just turn on your computer, and join a chat with any like minded folk, no matter the topic or interest?

If you want to pay just a fraction of what you spent on HAM radio, you can set up, and operate your own internet radio station. This would cater to the probably pathological need to perform seen in some HAMS. Hmmm, wonder if anyone has set up a HAM internet radio station yet, where people can call in, send ‘fast blasts’, etc? It probably would be a good venue for some of the Extra Licensed Ham misfits.

Consider all of the above when hearing HAMS bitch and moan about CW.

(Feel free to post YOUR comments, just click on the 'word' comments!)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Two Sides of the Coin: Ben kd7bcw and Billy w6wbj

Go find yourself a penny, an old, used penny, a dented penny, a dirty, worn penny, but not a ‘collectable’ that is worth anything, to hold in your hand, and look at once in awhile as your read this. Certainly don’t pick up a shiny new penny!

Because it came to me the other day that Big Ben kd7bcw, and Billy w6wbj, are really just different sides of the SAME COIN, though neither man would ever admit this.

Yes, Ben is a ‘religious’ man, and Billy a self-proclaimed atheist. Ben believes in civility, Billy doesn’t. Ben seems to be poor, Billy seems to be affluent. But those items are more life attainments or choices. But personality wise, they are the same old farts!

They are both:

-Attention seekers (Bell attention),
-liars (although Ben, internally, believes his own lies),
-team players with only their OWN teams,
-un-accepting of others,

And finally, they are both ungracefully aging, males, mourning the loss of both hair and testosterone!

Amazing really, I don’t know why it took me so long to see these massive similarities in the two problems...

Think on it, and the next time you get ‘hassled’ by one of them, just pick up that dirty, old used penny; hold it, move it around in your fingers. Look at it for a minute before deciding how you are going to ‘re-act’ to the manipulation or stupidity you’ve just been presented with!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Percy Faith arrives on 3.765, 3.760, 3.700 and...

Last night, Wednesday December 13, 2006, I was listening to the so called ‘Kiss Off’ party on 3.765 and doing a lot of yawning. It was unbelievably dull and boring. But it was rumored that Art Bell w6obb, would be putting in a rare appearance.

Big Ben Gardner kd7bcw, was on air early in the evening then disappeared to watch ‘Medium’ and to supposedly set up a link with Art Bell on echolink. I guess artie was supposed to be patched through.

Moody Law wq6i, kept rambling on about a making a ‘time capsule’ and asking for folks to step forward with ‘remembrances’. Though it was a valient attempt at camaraderie, few of the 50 or more Hams that had signed in contributed, leaving Moody to talk and talk and talk.

Thankfully, all this ‘fun’, was brought to a sudden and interesting end, at exactly 12 Midnight, when in Glenn ‘Determined’ Thurmon’s kn6z, words on his ‘Little People Log’, “For the rest of the evening our asses got a good jamming.”

As soon as the jamming started, someone (Thurmon kn6z?) turned OFF the Pahrump receiver. And it was still off when I retired at 2AM. Pretty good evidence that Determined Thurman kn6z, has control of arties Pahrump Receiver!

On the Trish Ray k4ze, forum SuperDad (Whomever in the hell THAT is-it’s probably a Trish alter, to populate her forum with someone!) reports:: “Tonight I tried getting in on 3.765 but the jammers were too much, the only good thing was I did like the music, ( A Summer Place) from the 60's.” (Yep, MUST be Trish!)

It’s good that someone likes Percy Faith’s rendition of ‘A Summer Place’, because no matter what frequency the ‘Kiss Off’ Party was moved too, they got to listen to Percy. This went on for at least an hour! (Surely a recording will surface soon.)

Poor Art Bell w6obb, never did get to make his ‘surprise’ appearance on 3.765 last night. Though in fact, he’s mostly been a ‘no-show’ on prior occasions when he’s been billed to participate in these activities. Guess he’s too busy playing checkers with his pregnant child-bride, Airyn.

I don’t know, the jammers (notice the plural), should perhaps consult moi on their next choice on jamming music! I would have picked that non-english song artie is always using as bumper music. Or at least the Mancini version of ‘A Summer Place.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Regrets? Art Bell w6obb, May Have a Few...

On Coast to Coast AM Sunday night, 12.10.06, in his opening remarks artie seemed to (for the first time) express some regret for his actions since Ramona Bell died. His remarks seemed more than a little veiled and cryptic. If you have not heard this, you can listen here:

He spoke highly and sadly of Ramona, instead of his usual comments that feature only Manila and Ramona’s replacement, Airyn Bell.

Art Bell said he had an (another?) epiphany! That man has epiphanies more often than the rest of us have coffee. And they are about as insightful as a pane of frosted glass...

This one was all about how he COULD HAVE made a horrible mistake by going to the Far East and getting remarried. Could have?

He offers us the advice to not make ANY major decisions for at least a year after losing a loved one. He does NOT expand on why he did not follow that same advice himself; advice that was given to him by so very many of his former friends and acquaintances. (I say former, because he dropped all his year’s-long friends, truly like hot potatoes, to chase after a piece of young tail and to get out of the country.)

Art Bell claims to have ‘been in a fog, a trance’ and suffering depression off and on after Ramona died. He claimed that in his grief, he ‘latched onto’ Airyn. Therefore, artie doesn’t state, but he seems to imply, that the self-diagnosed fog and depression kept him from acting in a sane manner. Yessss, sane like a fox.

One can’t help wondering just what world artie’s been living on for the past sixty years, if he has not heard, read, been told this advice before. Perhaps he was out of his body or time traveling whenever this concept was presented in a book, magazine or on television. If nothing else, you’d have thought the ‘grays’ would have communicated this basic concept to him!

Not making ANY big decisions after a major happening in your life (death, divorce, birth, marriage, illness, etc) is a well known ‘coping technique’ that he chose to ignore as he busily planned for his ‘new’ life.

If he’s not had anyone close to him die before now, surely he’s had friends that he’s seen, helped get through this grief process? No, on second thought, perhaps not, as I don’t think artie has ever actually been/had a real friend in his entire life. I think that everything artie does, including friends and other relationships, are just part of his ‘performance’. As were last night’s ‘admissions’.

Art Bell said that he even bought wedding rings for himself and Airyn Bell that were almost exact duplicates of the ones he and Ramona had. Now if he didn’t realize by that, how SICK the entire situation was, I don’t know what it would take.

This particular epiphany seemed to be triggered by Carl Richardson kb5fjx, now artie’s brother-in-law, returning to the Philippines to retrieve his wife and RETURN to the good ole USA. (Wonder if the two men, who have so very much in common, had a good visit?). So it would seem, though unstated, that artie was homesick.

Artie ended up by claiming that he was so very, very lucky that it had all worked out so well for him. He has a wonderful wife that he loves very much (like a wife or like a child?), and a baby on the way.

I don’t buy any of it! He’s just setting everyone up once again!

I don’t think this move or marriage is working out as well for artie as he had planned. I don’t think Airyn contacted HIM first, but that he contacted her far before Ramona died. I don’t think he loves Airyn, any more than he would love a housekeeper or cook that would supply his daily needs. I don’t know that he’s capable of loving anyone except himself. I think the only ‘trance’ he was in after Ramona died, was produced from his own guilt at letting her die.

I do think that artie will be returning to the US, sooner rather than later. And in the process I hope Airyn, and her poverty stricken, third world family takes him for every penny he has, no doubt she’s earned it! And once he gets back in the states, I hope Ramona’s family files a civil, negligent death suit for whatever is left!

And shame on anyone that’s pulled into artie’s web of lies still one more time.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bill Crowell w6wbj Explained

Bill Crowell w6wbj Explained

In the past few days, Bill has been getting on the Chat at the new, creates a ‘persona’ to talk with, and basically chats with himself for hours on end!

This is not new, in the past, he has done this on any internet site where he can get away with it. I’ve seen him do this on a number of various sites and venues over time. (This type of behavior by Billy Crowell & copycats is just ONE of the reasons I’ve had to take The HamFanz Grudge Report private.)

Usually, he picks someone as his ‘alter’ that he can, wants, NEEDS, to trash, (Yesterday it was me, see transcript below, but it could and has been just about anyone.), and he goes after them full force with much degradation, untruth, vengeance, and exaggeration claiming to do so in the name of ‘fun’ and ‘humor’.

Billy seems to enjoy these activities to a very high degree and in a perverted way. The strange thing is he never seems to have a specific ‘wrong’ he’s trying to address; he meanders over much territory.

And I would venture to guess, he hasn’t figured out yet that most people are ‘on to him’, that few are going to fall for his ploy. Those experienced with Billy either ignore him, or talk around him.

For a long time I thought that he was ‘baiting’ people, trying to pull them into his ‘verbal’ web where he could ‘attack’ them and prove his superiority in whatever. But I no longer think that is the case.

This chatting with himself via ‘alters’ on web sites and the audio rants on air when the person who is targeted is not there and can not participate, does, however fit into his well known personality.

Billy hides his probably massive aggression and personal pain behind a false smile. He never confronts, or ‘attacks’ people in an up front manner. He uses the cover of mean, nasty, multi-syllabic words used with an extremely practiced, controlled tone. His tone is NEVER angry, hurt or upset, though it is often false or sarcastic. You would have to look far behind his ‘words’ to find those feelings.

Certainly, Billy doesn’t want ‘his victims’ those he is actually angry, upset with, or that he just plain disagrees with, or wants attention from, in a one-on-one situation where THEY can participate, reply, or at least defend themselves. That type of situation could bring up Billy’s own, uncontrolled and unplanned for, emotions. He seems incapable of a lucid, reality based discussion ie “I’m upset because you...” “I’m happy that you...” in a public forum.

Billy does not acknowledge, let alone take responsibility for his emotions, good, bad, or indifferent. This would explain all the all the ‘back-stabbing’ behavior. As well as the ‘funny’ pics he photoshops, the on air ‘controlled’ rants, the apparent inability to maintain even a semblance of friendships (and all that THAT entails), as well as the chats with alter personas.

Billy does not acknowledge that OTHERS can also be angry, upset, hurt, disagree with him, etc. I don’t know if he is aware that most humans have these same feelings and have to deal with them, hopefully in a more constructive manner!

Certainly, his on air, and internet personality might be totally different than his face-to-face personality. After all, he works, has been married, relates to his children, etc. But somehow, I don’t think so...

The thing is, wouldn’t it be a lot easier and less time consuming if Billy were to ‘attack’ these folks by:
1) posting a blog entry?
2) sending the person (and his email ‘list’) an email
3) putting something on his web site?

Better yet, Billy might want to enter into either (or all!) therapy, anger management, communication skills, etc. You are never too old to learn new things!

(Remember, this is mostly Billy talking to Billy!)

k4ze Wed 9:02
I do so love these coolwebtoy chatboxes.

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 9:41
Trish, aren't you afraid you are going to get more critical email from the 3765 gentlemen if you hang out on here?

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 9:42
Then you would have to do your usual flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop again, and you know how upset you get when that happens!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 9:45
I have received the FTP instructions that Steve sent out for FTP Pro, but ChillCAM's configuration boxes don't correspond to those of FTP Pro. Has anybody figured out how to properly configure the info boxes in ChillCAM?

The Smoker Wed 10:00
Billy, why don't you just use a simple FTP client instead of chillcam? If you want one I can email you one that isn't crippled or will expire. Easy to use and set up.

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:01
oh, i've got WS-FTP, so that's no problem. But ChillCAM is really convenient; it's what I have been using for years to upload to before I got kicked off, and to before Trish went all weird, and I would like to keep using it.

The Smoker Wed 10:02
roger dodger

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:03
And since most people will be using ChillCAM, I think it would be a good idea to get its configuration settings standardized for this site so everybody will know what they are.

The Smoker Wed 10:04
sorry for the delay, just got a fone call remindingme of my lung transplant operation next tuesday

The Smoker Wed 10:05
I understand, you get comfortable using a particular application, so do I

The Smoker Wed 10:06
I'm still using ACDSEE , it's gotta be circa 1998 at least

The Smoker Wed 10:06
I have to keep reminding XP it's my default viewing program for gifs, jpgs and bmp's

The Smoker Wed 10:08
took me hundreds of cartons of cigarrettes to adujst to using Windows when I had been using DOS for years...

The Smoker Wed 10:08
Finally after losing all my teeth, most of my hair and now a lung, I'm a officially a GUI transplant

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:10
Yes, well, I don't see any reason why you should stop smoking, now that you've already had your 27 cancer operations under MediCare. After all, the taxpayers are financing both your smoking and your operations, so why the hell should you care?

The Smoker Wed 10:12
And speaking of taxpayers supporting not only my smoking habit and all my medical bills, I'm getting a new refridgerator, windows and a front door, all absolutey free! THANK YOU TAXPAYERS!!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:12
Wow, Evvy, that is really great! You have really got mooching down to a science! I really admire you!

The Smoker Wed 10:13
Being on the dole is fantastic I tell you, no taxes, free medical care, free appliances, financed government housing of my choice, what a great country!

The Smoker Wed 10:13
Sure, I feel just a tiny bit ashamed but the feeling goes away quickly, everytime I go to the bank!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:15
Hey, how about those damned taxpayers who are so stupid as to work really hard, only to have to pay most of their income in taxes! So what if they can't support their families properly, right? All that matters is that I have enough dough to buy plenty of cigarettes and surf the web all day!

The Smoker Wed 10:15
And did I tell you I am allowed to make several hundred dollars a month in unreported income? That's right, I get to have a job and keep all my benefits and free money to boot!

The Smoker Wed 10:16
You got that right Billy, being on the dole is the American way, I simply can't imagine having to support myself, what a terrible nightmare!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:17
Well, I think that's fair, don't you? After all, you're DISABLED! So when are you disabled people going to take over the government overtly, rather than just covertly as you are now doing? I don't see why you can't make the public announcement sometime soon.

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:18
Hell, you've already laid such a guilt trip on us able-bodied taxpayers, and we are so brainwashed by it, that I doubt seriously if any of us will object.

The Smoker Wed 10:18
Well, we don't want to completely take over the government, after all that would require *work* and I'm...well disabled of course, and being *disabled* I can' work, just like my friend N6UGY, he's disabled and on the dole, so disabled he can only produce 1 or 2 custom VW trikes a year

The Smoker Wed 10:20
Dennis is so disabled he's only able to fly his model airplanes, build custom VW trikes just a few days of the week. The other days he is forced to spend sitting in front of his ham radio smoking cigarrettes and yakking about his hobbies that only *disabled* people can do

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:21
But Evvy, there are a couple of things that concern me. Are you prominently displaying your disabled placard on the dashboard of your wheelchair? Have you got your disabled license plates firmly affixed? And do they have enough disabled parking spaces in front of all the stores that you patronize? (So what if those disabled spaces are always empty? It's being politically-correct that counts!)

The Smoker Wed 10:22
Well Billy, I don't have a wheelchair, I can walk just fine but I do have disabled license plates on all my vehicles and always use the handicapped parking spaces whether I need to or not. After all, it's my right as a *disabled* american right?

The Smoker Wed 10:24
Why I even have a disabled plate on my taxpayer purchased Caddilac Escalade, sure it's a gas hog but I don't pay for the gas, the TAXPAYERS do!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:24
Look, Evvy, I know you have a wheelchair; you don't have to be embarrassed about it. Why, 'BNQ told me all about how you got a second electric wheelchair from MediCare by claiming the first one crapped out, when all that was wrong with it was a dead battery. But hell, you can't afford to buy a new battery! You've got to buy all those cigarettes!

The Smoker Wed 10:25
ssshhhh!!! Don't let that leak out, I'm acutally even getting a third one to keep in the Escalade

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:26
But what I really don't understand, Evvy, is why all your previous husbands were so mean to you. They must have been real bastards! Don't they understand that they must wait hand and foot on a disabled person like you?

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:27
And the same goes for your kids. Why the hell won't they move right in with you and take care of your every need? They must be real pricks, too, if they would do that!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:27
You sure have had it rough. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. I'll be there for you, whenever you ask.

The Smoker Wed 10:28
Billy, you can send me a donation via the PayPal link on hamfanz if you'd like

The Smoker Wed 10:28

The Smoker Wed 10:29
help out a poor disabled person have a better life and keep a great website online

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:29
Oh, of course! How thoughtless of me to have forgotten! I'll get out my credit card right now!

The Smoker Wed 10:29

The Smoker Wed 10:30
please make a large donation, it's tax deductable too

The Smoker Wed 10:31
When you help out a disabled smoker, you are helping yourself

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:31
Yes, well, I've got about 8 inches I would like to donate to your oral cavity.

The Smoker Wed 10:31
I'm sure I can fit you in!

The Smoker Wed 10:31

The Smoker Wed 10:32
my goodness! That's a very large donation you have there!

The Smoker Wed 10:32
let me bend over and you can insert in my donation hole

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:33
Oh, on second thought, that probably wouldn't be prudent. Knowing your personality, you probably bite. If you have any teeth left. If not, then you gum. That can hurt, too.

The Smoker Wed 10:33
Nope no teeth, had them removed and replaced with false teeth, again thanks to the TAXPAYERS!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:34
I just love those taxpayers, don't you?

The Smoker Wed 10:34
nothing left but nice smooth gums....ummmm....

The Smoker Wed 10:34
yep, the TAXPAYERS have really made my life grand

The Smoker Wed 10:36
sigh....I do wish I was part indian like Timmy though, then I could get even more more money...sigh...maybe I can forge some paperwork or something...oops...pretend I didnt say that okay?

hamfanz Wed 22:07
well, I see Billy finally left!

hamfanz Wed 22:07
But I'm only gonna stay a minute.

ART Wed 22:07
well guess they cant take it when the lord of the loop signs in

hamfanz Wed 22:10
I just wanted to post a note to tell all that....

hamfanz Wed 22:10

ART Wed 22:10
yes ? yes ?

hamfanz Wed 22:10
The HamFanz Grudge Report has a new issue up!

hamfanz Wed 22:11
The Title?

hamfanz Wed 22:11
How does Steve Wingate k6txh, pay his rent???

ART Wed 22:11
havent you heard ? hes a male prostitute

hamfanz Wed 22:11
Art, u r gonna love this one!

ART Wed 22:13
well i have to little girl is crying again, so i have to make a bottle for her...

ART Wed 22:14
never should have married this kid....but she does feel good...

The Smoker Wed 22:44
anybody up for some cybersex?

The Smoker Wed 22:44
I give great gumjobs

The Smoker Wed 22:44
And I can blow smoke out of my ears

The Smoker Wed 22:50
Trish? Waddya say?

The Smoker Wed 22:51
I make great bubble sounds with my throad hole

The Smoker Wed 22:51

The Smoker Wed 22:59
bye Evvy...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How does Steve Wingate k6txh, pay his rent???

The last few nights, I’ve been listening to Steve’s rants in the wee hours of the morning. He sounds like he’s under the influence of something, or multiple somethings. This altered state of being can’t be from sleep deprivation or insomnia!

Here is a clip from 11.28.06. Sorry for the poor quality, but it’s the band conditions, not the recording...

It occurred to me, while listening to even more of the above trash that Steve considers fun, that if Steve is on air most of the night, every night, in a condition that would assume some type of massive hang-over the next day, then...just how does Steve Wingate make the money to pay his bills?

Of the several years he’s been around Short Wave Radio, he’s had an actual job (something to do with programming robotics), something where he worked for someone and talked about it on air, and got a regular paycheck, less than a year. The rest of the time, he was ‘looking for work’.

Steve doesn’t seem to be working now; he never talks about any kind of a job, he doesn’t talk about a job search anymore. He’s on the Radio, under the influence all night, most every night. He has to sleep sometime, so what time does that leave for work?

So how does Steve manage to support that house he recently purchased in Eureka, CA (not a cheap real estate area!)? The utilities? The property tax? The upkeep? And everything else that owning a house entails.

Obviously, he’s getting money from somewhere, regularly, and quite a bit of it, considering his self-reported lifestyle! In fact, he seems to be getting enough of it to support what many would consider an affluent lifestyle.

His expenses now including a new web site: (which will probably wither on the vine {what a pun!} as does everything else in his life.

Steve is too young to be retired. He doesn’t seem to be disabled (other than mentally from the substance abuse).

Is he a ‘trust fund’ baby? Does some woman think so highly of him (yea, right) that she supports him? Perhaps his parents send him a monthly stipend to stay away?

Perhaps he has an eBay store? Does he sell something from a web site? Is he working for some kind of temp agency for engineers? Or is he growing herbs & organic tomatoes in his back yard? Must be some super herbs and tomatoes to bring in those kinda bucks!

If someone hears that Steve Wingate’s been busted for growing super-organic herbs in his back yard, oh, please, let me know. I need a good laugh.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I told you Trish Ray k4ze would...

I didn’t know exactly HOW she would RE-ACT to the recent fued with Bill Crowell w6wbj, but I knew she would; if in doubt, go back and check out the article titled, FLIP FLOP OR THE LATEST IN THE TRISH K4ZE SAGA, dated 11.21.06.

My guess would have been that she’d return to 3.765 begging forgiveness as she seems to need a group or person to hang her personality on. And she might yet!

It didn’t actually occur to me that she’d delete her site, change her email, and ride off into the sunset. However, knowing Trish for years, I should have thought of that. Isn’t that what most Drama Queens (of either sex) do, take their toys and go home? I wonder who she thinks she’s punishing. Certainly not me!

And a Drama Queen she is (just re-read her 'notice' of closure of her site!); remember this is the person that was so obsessed at one time with Art Bell w6obb, that she spent big bucks to travel to the Pahrump compound from Tennessee. When she went home, she bought radio equipment, strung a loop, and got a license! (Remember k4obb?).

Over the years, Trish has 'floated' though all the 3.840 venues and groups: BCW List, Fantastic Forum, Midnight Hams, Jim's Tuner Chat, HamFanz & others. Though I think, Trish was pretty much accepted everywhere she went, including the 3.840, and 3.765 frequencies, none of them were HER 'cup of tea'.

I think she didn't 'fit' anywhere because her interest wasn't really in radio, (or in any part of - though I think she 'played' a good game of pretending) but in Art Bell, w6obb. A telling sign of this is that when I spoke to her on air recently (a phone patch), she didn't even want to acknowledge that she'd once been a SWL, and a founding member of HAMFANZ. She kept sidestepping the topic whenever I tried to give her in public, her rightful dues. Perhaps, she refused to talk about it, because for her, that was a different person, a different persona.

My thought is that Trish really has developed no reality based 'holding' interest in HAM or HAM activity with Art Bell gone. Perhaps a few days, or weeks, away from ‘the group’ will clue her in that she’s made acquaintances, friends, and enemies in Shortwave, and she’ll start to miss them.

So I say, like I have about artie, Trish will be back, in one personality or another!

12.3.06 ADDENDUM 1:
Trish, at the moment, has decided NOT to sell ! This morning it is 'up' with a brief 'Holiday Message' on it.
Her 'personal page' where she claims to now be a 'web designer' (a la Carl Richardson kb5fjx ?) is available at Her Blog is also still available at , though not updated lately.
Perhaps, even less than 48 hours after having her temper tantrum, hissy fit, or whatever you want to call it, she's having second thoughts. Or has come to realize that she is hurting no one but herself?!

12.3.06 ADDENDUM 2:
Trish has now added (seems she changes it every hour) an extended Diatribe on which blames everyone but herself! Never once does she mention that SHE could have handled the situation with Billy better, or that SHE could be better at administrating her site!


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