Saturday, December 02, 2006

I told you Trish Ray k4ze would...

I didn’t know exactly HOW she would RE-ACT to the recent fued with Bill Crowell w6wbj, but I knew she would; if in doubt, go back and check out the article titled, FLIP FLOP OR THE LATEST IN THE TRISH K4ZE SAGA, dated 11.21.06.

My guess would have been that she’d return to 3.765 begging forgiveness as she seems to need a group or person to hang her personality on. And she might yet!

It didn’t actually occur to me that she’d delete her site, change her email, and ride off into the sunset. However, knowing Trish for years, I should have thought of that. Isn’t that what most Drama Queens (of either sex) do, take their toys and go home? I wonder who she thinks she’s punishing. Certainly not me!

And a Drama Queen she is (just re-read her 'notice' of closure of her site!); remember this is the person that was so obsessed at one time with Art Bell w6obb, that she spent big bucks to travel to the Pahrump compound from Tennessee. When she went home, she bought radio equipment, strung a loop, and got a license! (Remember k4obb?).

Over the years, Trish has 'floated' though all the 3.840 venues and groups: BCW List, Fantastic Forum, Midnight Hams, Jim's Tuner Chat, HamFanz & others. Though I think, Trish was pretty much accepted everywhere she went, including the 3.840, and 3.765 frequencies, none of them were HER 'cup of tea'.

I think she didn't 'fit' anywhere because her interest wasn't really in radio, (or in any part of - though I think she 'played' a good game of pretending) but in Art Bell, w6obb. A telling sign of this is that when I spoke to her on air recently (a phone patch), she didn't even want to acknowledge that she'd once been a SWL, and a founding member of HAMFANZ. She kept sidestepping the topic whenever I tried to give her in public, her rightful dues. Perhaps, she refused to talk about it, because for her, that was a different person, a different persona.

My thought is that Trish really has developed no reality based 'holding' interest in HAM or HAM activity with Art Bell gone. Perhaps a few days, or weeks, away from ‘the group’ will clue her in that she’s made acquaintances, friends, and enemies in Shortwave, and she’ll start to miss them.

So I say, like I have about artie, Trish will be back, in one personality or another!

12.3.06 ADDENDUM 1:
Trish, at the moment, has decided NOT to sell ! This morning it is 'up' with a brief 'Holiday Message' on it.
Her 'personal page' where she claims to now be a 'web designer' (a la Carl Richardson kb5fjx ?) is available at Her Blog is also still available at , though not updated lately.
Perhaps, even less than 48 hours after having her temper tantrum, hissy fit, or whatever you want to call it, she's having second thoughts. Or has come to realize that she is hurting no one but herself?!

12.3.06 ADDENDUM 2:
Trish has now added (seems she changes it every hour) an extended Diatribe on which blames everyone but herself! Never once does she mention that SHE could have handled the situation with Billy better, or that SHE could be better at administrating her site!


wb6bnq said...

Here we go again,

The repeated "Whoa poor me" responses from Trish are nothing more then a child throwing a temper tantrum. And, like a child, she writes yet another repeat of her diatribe on Livehamcams web page as though she is getting the last word in an argument. Such typical female thinking !!! You would think that someone who is near 50 years old would have learned how to be an adult.

For the benefit of those who may not have read me email on this subject, I am including it below.


I typically try to stay out of these fanciful flights of stupidity. Nonetheless, I must weigh in on this issue. Your account presented here and on your Livehamcams picture spot is biased and inaccurate.

While Billy has been hard on you, it is not without merit. I find it interesting that you took exception to a picture that was rather plain vanilla in the larger scheme of things. Sure, I, and likely most other people, would not have posted such a picture.

Yet, you seemed to have no problem with the totally debased, filthy and vulgar exchange of words that was occurring on the first version of your chat window on Livehamcams. Not only was the chat window verbiage debased, filthy and vulgar, it was laced with indiscriminately false statements done anonymously by unknown persons posing as others. In contrast, the totally debased, filthy and vulgar verbiage was far worse then the picture Billy posted.

Your right to rejecting the picture is not in question. Your action of spreading your discontent about it over and over and over and over in your posted pictures and continuous diatribe over the radio is what invoked Billy to respond in kind. There was no separate effort to “smear” you as you are proffering in your “Whoa, poor me !” litany.

You, yourself, claim that you are unable to moderate your own behavior, I quote : “The thing is, I am an "all or nothing" type person. I can't just stick my feet in the water, I have to jump in head first.”

It is interesting, for someone of your age, that you still act and behave like a teenager. Yes ! Your cutesy pie teenager approach is charming at first, but gets old when repeated with perfection in succession for each failure. Failures you do not, will not or cannot seem to take responsibility for. Vying instead for sympathy with a virginal “damsel in distress” teenager attitude of “gee, I’m only fifteen.” This is a typical female ruse best described in other ways, but I will leave that exercise up to the reader.

What is with the switching back and forth ? First Billy is bad and the BCW crowd is GOD. Then the BCW crowd was a sinister, evil group that did mind control and poor Billy was Christ on the Cross. Now the BCW group is purged by the laying on of hands (standby Glenn, you may yet get your cumuppance). And Billy is the Devil himself.

Each have their own faults with different degrees of severity. The difference being Billy does not have a sanctimonious pietistical false moral agenda, unlike you and a number of others. So, while you are wallowing in self pity, consider growing up a bit.



evvy garrett said...

BNQ wrote:
>>>typical female thinking

Such a statement can only be used to 'stir the pot'.

Unless one is male and believes such pap, in which case it is....




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