Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Regrets? Art Bell w6obb, May Have a Few...

On Coast to Coast AM Sunday night, 12.10.06, in his opening remarks artie seemed to (for the first time) express some regret for his actions since Ramona Bell died. His remarks seemed more than a little veiled and cryptic. If you have not heard this, you can listen here: http://www.hamfanz.com/Audio/opener.html

He spoke highly and sadly of Ramona, instead of his usual comments that feature only Manila and Ramona’s replacement, Airyn Bell.

Art Bell said he had an (another?) epiphany! That man has epiphanies more often than the rest of us have coffee. And they are about as insightful as a pane of frosted glass...

This one was all about how he COULD HAVE made a horrible mistake by going to the Far East and getting remarried. Could have?

He offers us the advice to not make ANY major decisions for at least a year after losing a loved one. He does NOT expand on why he did not follow that same advice himself; advice that was given to him by so very many of his former friends and acquaintances. (I say former, because he dropped all his year’s-long friends, truly like hot potatoes, to chase after a piece of young tail and to get out of the country.)

Art Bell claims to have ‘been in a fog, a trance’ and suffering depression off and on after Ramona died. He claimed that in his grief, he ‘latched onto’ Airyn. Therefore, artie doesn’t state, but he seems to imply, that the self-diagnosed fog and depression kept him from acting in a sane manner. Yessss, sane like a fox.

One can’t help wondering just what world artie’s been living on for the past sixty years, if he has not heard, read, been told this advice before. Perhaps he was out of his body or time traveling whenever this concept was presented in a book, magazine or on television. If nothing else, you’d have thought the ‘grays’ would have communicated this basic concept to him!

Not making ANY big decisions after a major happening in your life (death, divorce, birth, marriage, illness, etc) is a well known ‘coping technique’ that he chose to ignore as he busily planned for his ‘new’ life.

If he’s not had anyone close to him die before now, surely he’s had friends that he’s seen, helped get through this grief process? No, on second thought, perhaps not, as I don’t think artie has ever actually been/had a real friend in his entire life. I think that everything artie does, including friends and other relationships, are just part of his ‘performance’. As were last night’s ‘admissions’.

Art Bell said that he even bought wedding rings for himself and Airyn Bell that were almost exact duplicates of the ones he and Ramona had. Now if he didn’t realize by that, how SICK the entire situation was, I don’t know what it would take.

This particular epiphany seemed to be triggered by Carl Richardson kb5fjx, now artie’s brother-in-law, returning to the Philippines to retrieve his wife and RETURN to the good ole USA. (Wonder if the two men, who have so very much in common, had a good visit?). So it would seem, though unstated, that artie was homesick.

Artie ended up by claiming that he was so very, very lucky that it had all worked out so well for him. He has a wonderful wife that he loves very much (like a wife or like a child?), and a baby on the way.

I don’t buy any of it! He’s just setting everyone up once again!

I don’t think this move or marriage is working out as well for artie as he had planned. I don’t think Airyn contacted HIM first, but that he contacted her far before Ramona died. I don’t think he loves Airyn, any more than he would love a housekeeper or cook that would supply his daily needs. I don’t know that he’s capable of loving anyone except himself. I think the only ‘trance’ he was in after Ramona died, was produced from his own guilt at letting her die.

I do think that artie will be returning to the US, sooner rather than later. And in the process I hope Airyn, and her poverty stricken, third world family takes him for every penny he has, no doubt she’s earned it! And once he gets back in the states, I hope Ramona’s family files a civil, negligent death suit for whatever is left!

And shame on anyone that’s pulled into artie’s web of lies still one more time.

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barvetta said...

i wonder why art didnt use ed dames to look to the future and guide him through all this crap.
but the again, hes as phoney as art is. all this crap he is telling folks on his show is just a prelude to the next installment he is going to put out to set us all up for his return to pahrump.


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