Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bill Crowell w6wbj Explained

Bill Crowell w6wbj Explained

In the past few days, Bill has been getting on the Chat at the new, creates a ‘persona’ to talk with, and basically chats with himself for hours on end!

This is not new, in the past, he has done this on any internet site where he can get away with it. I’ve seen him do this on a number of various sites and venues over time. (This type of behavior by Billy Crowell & copycats is just ONE of the reasons I’ve had to take The HamFanz Grudge Report private.)

Usually, he picks someone as his ‘alter’ that he can, wants, NEEDS, to trash, (Yesterday it was me, see transcript below, but it could and has been just about anyone.), and he goes after them full force with much degradation, untruth, vengeance, and exaggeration claiming to do so in the name of ‘fun’ and ‘humor’.

Billy seems to enjoy these activities to a very high degree and in a perverted way. The strange thing is he never seems to have a specific ‘wrong’ he’s trying to address; he meanders over much territory.

And I would venture to guess, he hasn’t figured out yet that most people are ‘on to him’, that few are going to fall for his ploy. Those experienced with Billy either ignore him, or talk around him.

For a long time I thought that he was ‘baiting’ people, trying to pull them into his ‘verbal’ web where he could ‘attack’ them and prove his superiority in whatever. But I no longer think that is the case.

This chatting with himself via ‘alters’ on web sites and the audio rants on air when the person who is targeted is not there and can not participate, does, however fit into his well known personality.

Billy hides his probably massive aggression and personal pain behind a false smile. He never confronts, or ‘attacks’ people in an up front manner. He uses the cover of mean, nasty, multi-syllabic words used with an extremely practiced, controlled tone. His tone is NEVER angry, hurt or upset, though it is often false or sarcastic. You would have to look far behind his ‘words’ to find those feelings.

Certainly, Billy doesn’t want ‘his victims’ those he is actually angry, upset with, or that he just plain disagrees with, or wants attention from, in a one-on-one situation where THEY can participate, reply, or at least defend themselves. That type of situation could bring up Billy’s own, uncontrolled and unplanned for, emotions. He seems incapable of a lucid, reality based discussion ie “I’m upset because you...” “I’m happy that you...” in a public forum.

Billy does not acknowledge, let alone take responsibility for his emotions, good, bad, or indifferent. This would explain all the all the ‘back-stabbing’ behavior. As well as the ‘funny’ pics he photoshops, the on air ‘controlled’ rants, the apparent inability to maintain even a semblance of friendships (and all that THAT entails), as well as the chats with alter personas.

Billy does not acknowledge that OTHERS can also be angry, upset, hurt, disagree with him, etc. I don’t know if he is aware that most humans have these same feelings and have to deal with them, hopefully in a more constructive manner!

Certainly, his on air, and internet personality might be totally different than his face-to-face personality. After all, he works, has been married, relates to his children, etc. But somehow, I don’t think so...

The thing is, wouldn’t it be a lot easier and less time consuming if Billy were to ‘attack’ these folks by:
1) posting a blog entry?
2) sending the person (and his email ‘list’) an email
3) putting something on his web site?

Better yet, Billy might want to enter into either (or all!) therapy, anger management, communication skills, etc. You are never too old to learn new things!

(Remember, this is mostly Billy talking to Billy!)

k4ze Wed 9:02
I do so love these coolwebtoy chatboxes.

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 9:41
Trish, aren't you afraid you are going to get more critical email from the 3765 gentlemen if you hang out on here?

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 9:42
Then you would have to do your usual flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop again, and you know how upset you get when that happens!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 9:45
I have received the FTP instructions that Steve sent out for FTP Pro, but ChillCAM's configuration boxes don't correspond to those of FTP Pro. Has anybody figured out how to properly configure the info boxes in ChillCAM?

The Smoker Wed 10:00
Billy, why don't you just use a simple FTP client instead of chillcam? If you want one I can email you one that isn't crippled or will expire. Easy to use and set up.

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:01
oh, i've got WS-FTP, so that's no problem. But ChillCAM is really convenient; it's what I have been using for years to upload to before I got kicked off, and to before Trish went all weird, and I would like to keep using it.

The Smoker Wed 10:02
roger dodger

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:03
And since most people will be using ChillCAM, I think it would be a good idea to get its configuration settings standardized for this site so everybody will know what they are.

The Smoker Wed 10:04
sorry for the delay, just got a fone call remindingme of my lung transplant operation next tuesday

The Smoker Wed 10:05
I understand, you get comfortable using a particular application, so do I

The Smoker Wed 10:06
I'm still using ACDSEE , it's gotta be circa 1998 at least

The Smoker Wed 10:06
I have to keep reminding XP it's my default viewing program for gifs, jpgs and bmp's

The Smoker Wed 10:08
took me hundreds of cartons of cigarrettes to adujst to using Windows when I had been using DOS for years...

The Smoker Wed 10:08
Finally after losing all my teeth, most of my hair and now a lung, I'm a officially a GUI transplant

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:10
Yes, well, I don't see any reason why you should stop smoking, now that you've already had your 27 cancer operations under MediCare. After all, the taxpayers are financing both your smoking and your operations, so why the hell should you care?

The Smoker Wed 10:12
And speaking of taxpayers supporting not only my smoking habit and all my medical bills, I'm getting a new refridgerator, windows and a front door, all absolutey free! THANK YOU TAXPAYERS!!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:12
Wow, Evvy, that is really great! You have really got mooching down to a science! I really admire you!

The Smoker Wed 10:13
Being on the dole is fantastic I tell you, no taxes, free medical care, free appliances, financed government housing of my choice, what a great country!

The Smoker Wed 10:13
Sure, I feel just a tiny bit ashamed but the feeling goes away quickly, everytime I go to the bank!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:15
Hey, how about those damned taxpayers who are so stupid as to work really hard, only to have to pay most of their income in taxes! So what if they can't support their families properly, right? All that matters is that I have enough dough to buy plenty of cigarettes and surf the web all day!

The Smoker Wed 10:15
And did I tell you I am allowed to make several hundred dollars a month in unreported income? That's right, I get to have a job and keep all my benefits and free money to boot!

The Smoker Wed 10:16
You got that right Billy, being on the dole is the American way, I simply can't imagine having to support myself, what a terrible nightmare!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:17
Well, I think that's fair, don't you? After all, you're DISABLED! So when are you disabled people going to take over the government overtly, rather than just covertly as you are now doing? I don't see why you can't make the public announcement sometime soon.

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:18
Hell, you've already laid such a guilt trip on us able-bodied taxpayers, and we are so brainwashed by it, that I doubt seriously if any of us will object.

The Smoker Wed 10:18
Well, we don't want to completely take over the government, after all that would require *work* and I'm...well disabled of course, and being *disabled* I can' work, just like my friend N6UGY, he's disabled and on the dole, so disabled he can only produce 1 or 2 custom VW trikes a year

The Smoker Wed 10:20
Dennis is so disabled he's only able to fly his model airplanes, build custom VW trikes just a few days of the week. The other days he is forced to spend sitting in front of his ham radio smoking cigarrettes and yakking about his hobbies that only *disabled* people can do

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:21
But Evvy, there are a couple of things that concern me. Are you prominently displaying your disabled placard on the dashboard of your wheelchair? Have you got your disabled license plates firmly affixed? And do they have enough disabled parking spaces in front of all the stores that you patronize? (So what if those disabled spaces are always empty? It's being politically-correct that counts!)

The Smoker Wed 10:22
Well Billy, I don't have a wheelchair, I can walk just fine but I do have disabled license plates on all my vehicles and always use the handicapped parking spaces whether I need to or not. After all, it's my right as a *disabled* american right?

The Smoker Wed 10:24
Why I even have a disabled plate on my taxpayer purchased Caddilac Escalade, sure it's a gas hog but I don't pay for the gas, the TAXPAYERS do!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:24
Look, Evvy, I know you have a wheelchair; you don't have to be embarrassed about it. Why, 'BNQ told me all about how you got a second electric wheelchair from MediCare by claiming the first one crapped out, when all that was wrong with it was a dead battery. But hell, you can't afford to buy a new battery! You've got to buy all those cigarettes!

The Smoker Wed 10:25
ssshhhh!!! Don't let that leak out, I'm acutally even getting a third one to keep in the Escalade

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:26
But what I really don't understand, Evvy, is why all your previous husbands were so mean to you. They must have been real bastards! Don't they understand that they must wait hand and foot on a disabled person like you?

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:27
And the same goes for your kids. Why the hell won't they move right in with you and take care of your every need? They must be real pricks, too, if they would do that!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:27
You sure have had it rough. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. I'll be there for you, whenever you ask.

The Smoker Wed 10:28
Billy, you can send me a donation via the PayPal link on hamfanz if you'd like

The Smoker Wed 10:28

The Smoker Wed 10:29
help out a poor disabled person have a better life and keep a great website online

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:29
Oh, of course! How thoughtless of me to have forgotten! I'll get out my credit card right now!

The Smoker Wed 10:29

The Smoker Wed 10:30
please make a large donation, it's tax deductable too

The Smoker Wed 10:31
When you help out a disabled smoker, you are helping yourself

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:31
Yes, well, I've got about 8 inches I would like to donate to your oral cavity.

The Smoker Wed 10:31
I'm sure I can fit you in!

The Smoker Wed 10:31

The Smoker Wed 10:32
my goodness! That's a very large donation you have there!

The Smoker Wed 10:32
let me bend over and you can insert in my donation hole

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:33
Oh, on second thought, that probably wouldn't be prudent. Knowing your personality, you probably bite. If you have any teeth left. If not, then you gum. That can hurt, too.

The Smoker Wed 10:33
Nope no teeth, had them removed and replaced with false teeth, again thanks to the TAXPAYERS!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:34
I just love those taxpayers, don't you?

The Smoker Wed 10:34
nothing left but nice smooth gums....ummmm....

The Smoker Wed 10:34
yep, the TAXPAYERS have really made my life grand

The Smoker Wed 10:36
sigh....I do wish I was part indian like Timmy though, then I could get even more more money...sigh...maybe I can forge some paperwork or something...oops...pretend I didnt say that okay?

hamfanz Wed 22:07
well, I see Billy finally left!

hamfanz Wed 22:07
But I'm only gonna stay a minute.

ART Wed 22:07
well guess they cant take it when the lord of the loop signs in

hamfanz Wed 22:10
I just wanted to post a note to tell all that....

hamfanz Wed 22:10

ART Wed 22:10
yes ? yes ?

hamfanz Wed 22:10
The HamFanz Grudge Report has a new issue up!

hamfanz Wed 22:11
The Title?

hamfanz Wed 22:11
How does Steve Wingate k6txh, pay his rent???

ART Wed 22:11
havent you heard ? hes a male prostitute

hamfanz Wed 22:11
Art, u r gonna love this one!

ART Wed 22:13
well i have to little girl is crying again, so i have to make a bottle for her...

ART Wed 22:14
never should have married this kid....but she does feel good...

The Smoker Wed 22:44
anybody up for some cybersex?

The Smoker Wed 22:44
I give great gumjobs

The Smoker Wed 22:44
And I can blow smoke out of my ears

The Smoker Wed 22:50
Trish? Waddya say?

The Smoker Wed 22:51
I make great bubble sounds with my throad hole

The Smoker Wed 22:51

The Smoker Wed 22:59
bye Evvy...

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barvetta said...

from what i have seen billy post and from what ive heard him say on the radio, he reminds me of a person with a demented mind. he has no life other than ham radio, and i feel noone will have anything to do with him where he lives due to his sickness in the way he treats people. he shows no respect for anyone, and in turn noone shows any interest in him nor gives him any respect. i have yet to hear any ham say a nice thing about him. all comments are negative about him. i feel he needs professional help, but he will never realize he needs it. it is sad to see a person lower himself into the sewer, but he seems to thrive on it. he reminds me of ones ive known who end up blowing their brains out in total frustration with themselves. a sad waate of a life.


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