Sunday, December 17, 2006

Two Sides of the Coin: Ben kd7bcw and Billy w6wbj

Go find yourself a penny, an old, used penny, a dented penny, a dirty, worn penny, but not a ‘collectable’ that is worth anything, to hold in your hand, and look at once in awhile as your read this. Certainly don’t pick up a shiny new penny!

Because it came to me the other day that Big Ben kd7bcw, and Billy w6wbj, are really just different sides of the SAME COIN, though neither man would ever admit this.

Yes, Ben is a ‘religious’ man, and Billy a self-proclaimed atheist. Ben believes in civility, Billy doesn’t. Ben seems to be poor, Billy seems to be affluent. But those items are more life attainments or choices. But personality wise, they are the same old farts!

They are both:

-Attention seekers (Bell attention),
-liars (although Ben, internally, believes his own lies),
-team players with only their OWN teams,
-un-accepting of others,

And finally, they are both ungracefully aging, males, mourning the loss of both hair and testosterone!

Amazing really, I don’t know why it took me so long to see these massive similarities in the two problems...

Think on it, and the next time you get ‘hassled’ by one of them, just pick up that dirty, old used penny; hold it, move it around in your fingers. Look at it for a minute before deciding how you are going to ‘re-act’ to the manipulation or stupidity you’ve just been presented with!

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Bill said...

Well, Evvy, I don't know about your theory because there are significant differences between me and Ben, such as:

1. I can get a woman, but I don't want one. (And no, I'm not gay. It's just that my self-image is of a guy who has something to offer a woman other than money and expensive gifts, but all the women I meet seem to be interested only in my money and what I will buy for them, so having a relationship with them is inconsistent with my self-image. Therefore, I choose to march to the beat of my own drummer instead.) Ben, on the other hand, wants a woman, but he can't get one.
2. Ben is overweight, while I am not. I'm buffed.
3. Ben is decidedly unathletic, while I am a jock.
4. While we both take care of our mothers, Ben lives with his and I do not.
5. I am gainfully employed and Ben is not. (Although I will admit that my work habits suck. I just don't feel like working anymore, nor do I really need the income. I just got tired of chasing the gold ring. Forty years of that was more than enough. I like to write and play music, ride my bicycle and work on my hot rods and antique cars instead.)
6. I have a doctorate degree and attended the best universities, while Ben did not.
7. Ben sucks up to Art Bell, while I do not.
8. Ben is so insecure that he (maddeningly!) deludes himself into believing that he is superior to other hams, when in actuality he is quite inferior to them, while I do not play that game.
9. His insecurity forces Ben to pass judgment on other hams' operating practices while, in general, I do not pass such judgments (although I will admit that I do not hesitate to label boring QSOs as such).

I am sure there are a great many other differences, but I can't think of them right now.

I hope you are feeling OK. All the best to you.

Oh, and BTW, those guys who offended you so much with their posts on Stevie's chat board were not me. Somebody ripped off my chat ID.

Billy the Bill Collector


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