Thursday, December 14, 2006

Percy Faith arrives on 3.765, 3.760, 3.700 and...

Last night, Wednesday December 13, 2006, I was listening to the so called ‘Kiss Off’ party on 3.765 and doing a lot of yawning. It was unbelievably dull and boring. But it was rumored that Art Bell w6obb, would be putting in a rare appearance.

Big Ben Gardner kd7bcw, was on air early in the evening then disappeared to watch ‘Medium’ and to supposedly set up a link with Art Bell on echolink. I guess artie was supposed to be patched through.

Moody Law wq6i, kept rambling on about a making a ‘time capsule’ and asking for folks to step forward with ‘remembrances’. Though it was a valient attempt at camaraderie, few of the 50 or more Hams that had signed in contributed, leaving Moody to talk and talk and talk.

Thankfully, all this ‘fun’, was brought to a sudden and interesting end, at exactly 12 Midnight, when in Glenn ‘Determined’ Thurmon’s kn6z, words on his ‘Little People Log’, “For the rest of the evening our asses got a good jamming.”

As soon as the jamming started, someone (Thurmon kn6z?) turned OFF the Pahrump receiver. And it was still off when I retired at 2AM. Pretty good evidence that Determined Thurman kn6z, has control of arties Pahrump Receiver!

On the Trish Ray k4ze, forum SuperDad (Whomever in the hell THAT is-it’s probably a Trish alter, to populate her forum with someone!) reports:: “Tonight I tried getting in on 3.765 but the jammers were too much, the only good thing was I did like the music, ( A Summer Place) from the 60's.” (Yep, MUST be Trish!)

It’s good that someone likes Percy Faith’s rendition of ‘A Summer Place’, because no matter what frequency the ‘Kiss Off’ Party was moved too, they got to listen to Percy. This went on for at least an hour! (Surely a recording will surface soon.)

Poor Art Bell w6obb, never did get to make his ‘surprise’ appearance on 3.765 last night. Though in fact, he’s mostly been a ‘no-show’ on prior occasions when he’s been billed to participate in these activities. Guess he’s too busy playing checkers with his pregnant child-bride, Airyn.

I don’t know, the jammers (notice the plural), should perhaps consult moi on their next choice on jamming music! I would have picked that non-english song artie is always using as bumper music. Or at least the Mancini version of ‘A Summer Place.

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barvetta said...

i could hear all the jamming even out here where i live. there were three jamming stations, as three different frequencys were being jammed at the same time. i take it this was being done so they couldnt go down or up in frequency near the mail frequency. as for mr bell showing up, why would he bother ? noone gives a dam about him anymore. didnt his so called friends here his broadcast last weekend where the creep came out and said.....i wish i was still married to ramona..... what a insult to his now pregnant child sex toy. i will never understand why the idiots on 3765 still call him a friend. he only shows up when he wants to, in order to brag about this or that and how great he is. he is setting the stage for a triumphant return to pahrump. i bet billy is right. the brotherinlaw is putting the pressure on his sister to get money for his drug habit from art. wouldnt be surprised if art is done away with so she will be rich and the family will spend it all for her.


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