Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Pimp kb5fjx, and artie w60bb’s, Cat

In the last few months, we have seen a number of pictures in Carl Richardson’s kb5fjx slot.

(And, sorry Carl, but if you post to ‘public domain’ sites, then the material is then in the public domain; so why don’t you quit posting stuff ALL over the net and claiming that it’s under copywrite??? Look up the info, it’s easy enough to find.)

We have seen ducks:

We have seen deer:
(By the way Carl, calling yourself ESQ??? Are you ‘high European royalty’ or a practicing attorney in the US? You really should check this stuff out BEFORE putting your foot in your mouth!)

And we have seen dogs:

So the question is: Where is Dusty the cat that you so obligingly took home from Art Bells Pahrump digs? You posted ONE picture of a cat sitting on a bed months ago.

I searched the web, found out some interesting things about you, and quite a few pictures. But none of the cat you adopted.

I think we would all like an update on Dusty.

Interesting Carl kb5fjx links: His My space Blog – where he claims his income is under 30, 000 then lists thousands of $$$ worth of photography equipment! (Sure wish I could budget that well!) Did your brother-in-law Art Bell buy this stuff for you? Since you have so much photography equipment, can’t you take a picture of one little cat???

A List of mA List of my equipment is as follows:

HP 310 Digital Used for proofs
Sony Alpha 100K Digital 10.2 MP
Minolta 800SI with vertical Grip
Minolta 700SI
Minolta 5000
Minolta 7000
Minolta 3000I
Minolta 2000I Flash
Minolta D314I Flash
Minolta 20 Flash
Sony 75-300 Lens
Sony 35-70 Lens
Vivitar 100-300 Lens
Prospec 28-80 Lens
Sigma 70-300 Lens

Where he posts messages regarding what a great friend artie is, among other things! A must read...

But back to Dusty; will someone tell Carl to take a picture and post it on Or to tell us how Dusty is doing on his web site

(Why is he on anyway, I’ve only heard him on air ONCE, and that was the night he was parked in arties driveway!)


barvetta said...

that fat slob of a human disgusts me he is nothing but a freeloader with fartsmell uhhh i mean art bell. that pig he married, if its true, is as big a looser as he is wonder how soon he will hit art up for the money to bring it to the states and then how long will she stay in the dump he lives in ?

barvetta said...

now i hear that the fat pig art took with him to manila so he
could marry irenes sister has given up the cat that art gave him,
one of his precious cats from pahrump, to the spca as hes moving
to manila also to be with his new wife. should make art really happy


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