Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Around and ‘round they go on 3.840

Last night was what SWL is really all about, a bunch of people showing us their all! All the silliness, accusations, paranoia, personality defects, unrealistic expectations, and disappointments in each other ad nauseam! Far better than years worth of ‘Days of our Lives’!

Bill Crowell w6wbj apparently posted a pic to www.livehamcams.com that Trish k4ze, (the owner of the site), felt was inappropriate to post. She not only removed the pic, but blocked his slot.

Billy took unsubtle umbrage and requested to either have his ‘slot’ removed from the page, or to leave the current pic Trish posted of him at about age 16 up forever. At the time, she honored his request to remove his slot. Then she demanded an apology from Billy w6wbj. (For what, I’m not quiet sure; I never got that straight in my head. Because he posted a pic many would find offensive but there were no rules against?)

After this, emails (to which I’m not privy as Billy, for whatever reason, dropped me from his private email list a few weeks ago) and phone calls went back and forth; the usual drill.

And it got worse from there with Billy w6wbj citing artistic license, and Trish claiming she needed to protect her website. And by the way, I was unaware that www.livehamcams.com HAD any RULES. Wasn’t that why it was started in the first place, to escape the repression and censorship of www.HamCams.com ?

Trish k4ze might find it in her best interest to MAKE & POST some basic ‘rules’. I know I eventually had too, (though I disliked doing so – but kids will be kids, spoiling the fun for everyone else.) with all the HamFanz endeavors. Yes, some raged for awhile, but eventually...

On the other hand, it’s a known fact that Billy w6wbj, does NOT play well with the other kids. Many of the Hams have legitimately come to hate him (or so they say) such as Art Bell w6obb, and Big Ben kd7bcw. I don’t have enough fingers to count the numbers of groups, sites, he’s been kicked from. And when he isn’t tossed (like from HamFanz), he left the group quietly, whimpering that there were too many contentious and or just plain stupid folks there! (In other words, people that might disagree with him.)

Without much enthusiasm, having both been there and done that in many like situations, both the Rev n7js, and Gu ki6gu, got involved in the ‘critique’ of the situation – which went on to include Billy’s personality and life-style.

Gu ki6gu, and the Rev n7js, went on and on about how everyone would make a big deal out of this latest 3.840 disagreement for weeks or even months, that people were listening and recording. You know what? I don’t think so; someone else will do something stupid far sooner than that!

Late in the game Bill wb6bnq, entered, perhaps the only participant with a sense of humor (albeit a supercilious one) about it all.

The game closer was when Billy w6wbj, got back on air after listening to all of the above, and accused ki6gu and the others of picking on him. Oh my!

So, there was still one more big hassle on 3.840 last night. If you didn’t listen and want to, a recording can be found, titled “2006_11_13_W6WBJ_Im_Not_Going_To_Apologize” at: http://www.archive.org/details/3840_Audio_Archives . Scroll to bottom of page; right click to download to your computer. Warning, contains ADULT language and stupidity!

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