Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Picture Proof of

The Brother-in-laws in moral decay; Carl Richardson kb5fjx, and Art Bell w6obb, unwittingly left tell-tale records of exactly when their involvement with the Philippine internet ordered brides began.

From Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facial_hair:
The amount of facial hair on a man's face varies from individual to individual, and also between ethnic groups. For example, men from many East Asian, West African or Native American backgrounds typically have much less facial hair than those of European, Middle Eastern or South Asian descent, with Native Americans typically having little to none at all.

According to the above links, one might ASSUME that women born and raised in the Philippines would insist their men be clean shaven. So the future brother-in-laws to be, shaved off facial hair that, in my opinion, greatly improved their looks. See the before and after pics below.


Here is the earliest http://www.hamcams.com/ published picture of Art Bell, sans mustache (and black shirt!). Note the date: 2.4.06, less than one month after Ramona died. Airyn must have let him know in video conferences that facial hair was unacceptable to her.

If anyone wanted circumstantial evidence of WHEN artie started getting serious about Airyn, well, the proof is in the pictures! (And dang! Why would anyone walk around looking uglier than they had too?)

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