Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flip Flop Or the Latest in the Trish k4ze, Saga

Admittedly, Trish k4ze has a long history of changing sides dramatically and often. She has a tendency to change allegiance more often than some of those grungy old HAMS change socks. And mostly, even knowing of this ‘womanly’ habit, we don’t usually see it coming. But I wonder, if this time, Trish is giving us some signs of still one more change of allegiance?

The other night, she spent some time on 3.765 with some of the ‘Little People’. She even recorded this and for a couple of days this recording was available on her web site, http://www.livehamcams.com/.

It has since been taken down, as she adds and subtracts content to her site almost daily. A small audio clip of this exchange can now be found at: http://www.hamfanz.com/Audio/One.html

Now this is really a complicated and multi-sided issue as:

1) Some are truly tired of Trish ‘switching’ sides at the drop of a hat.
2) Some don’t understand WHY she’d even want to visit, even for a few minutes on 3.765.
3) Some are unaware of her history (hell, sometimes SHE is unaware of her history!)
4) Some are expecting another ‘switch’, whatever that might entail.
5) Some could care less.

But, this time, I do have an opinion and observations on this (surprise, surprise) to that goal, let me recap:

Trish k4ze left ‘the little people’ on all their various frequencies to escape the ‘little dictators’, and there are many among that former Lord of the Loop (Art Bell w60bb) group.

At first, being newly licensed, Trish accepted being told by the ‘Little People’ what to do; which frequencies, and ‘approved’ HAMS, she could ‘associate’ with, both on and off the radio. Soon however, she balked at being bossed around as a condition of her acceptance in the group. Lastly, she tried to diplomatically instill some sense of ‘freedom of choice’ into the ‘little dictators’, without any luck.

Then came the day when the ‘little dictators’ chastised her publicly and privately, for content she had put ON HER PRIVAT WEB SITE! There was some thought that she should have first gotten ‘permission’ to post whatever it was!

That was it for Trish; she told all the ‘little dictators’ off and left in a huff to re-join what was left of the 3.840 group. She was welcomed with open arms, though she had to listen to many an ‘I told you so’. Trish settled into the 3.840 group whole-heartedly. And she tried; she truly tried, to be open-minded and accept the craziness that is now rampant on 3.840.

It didn’t take long though, before the honeymoon was over. In the first place, Trish likes to interact with other HAMS (aduh!); and these days it’s hard to find anyone on 3.840. And what HAMS are there are almost never there before 12AM PT, whereas in prior years, there were often people on air from 9 – 10 PM. Now, poor Trish often found herself with no one to talk too, a terrible thing to do to ANY woman!

The honeymoon was barely over, and Trish hadn’t even been kissed, before one of the HAMS that frequent 3.840, Bill Crowell w6wbj, fucked her up but good.

Bill Crowell w6wbj, deliberately put her in a lose-lose situation by posting socially unacceptable material on her http://www.livehamcams.com/ . Material she was OBLIGED, just by current standards of common decency, to remove (I have seen the images-I can’t believe he did that).

When she removed the material, in typical Bill Crowell w6wbj fashion, he claimed that if he couldn’t do exactly what he wanted to do ON HER WEB SITE, then he wanted to be totally removed. What else could she do? She honored his request and removed him.

This leaves Trish in an uncomfortable situation on 3.840, there aren’t many there to talk to anyway. Is it any wonder she wandered down the band, before midnight, and had a pleasant conversation with the ‘little people’ there?

Oh My! What IS a girl to do??? Well, we will all have to wait to see what Trish is going to do next. But no doubt, it will be both interesting and entertaining...

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barvetta said...

from what i have observed, trish has a problem deciding where she is going to lie. first she sucks up to art and the gang with the stupid obb callsign, then she has a fit and denounces art and gang and goes to jim and his gang of idiots. now she has been bitten in the ass and runs back to the good guys group with her tail between her legs. maybe she is finally realizing she was with the good guys to start with. will they take her back into the fold, or will jim and friends call back ? we will have to wait and see. is she naive, or is she playing the field ? is this whole thing with billy and trish a madeup game to lead us all on a wild goose chase, or is she really confused in what to do with her life and so called ham friends ? sounds like she is doing something with her life as stupid as art did with his


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