Monday, December 31, 2007

HamFanz 2008 Predictions

Here is your chance! Enter your ‘predictions’ about HAMS & SWLS for all posterity!

HamFanz Grudge Report may not be Coast to Coast AM, nor Art Bell, but…

This was actually done for a couple of years on The HamFanz Yahoo Group. But folks did not like clicking through to a database. Besides, they could only enter a few words, which was a BIG turn off to our bloviates! So almost a year ago, I decided to do this every December 31 on The HamFanz Grudge Report!

Please post YOUR 2008 predictions concerning the HAMS & SWL! ONE AT A TIME PLEASE. (If posts come through with a BUNCH of ‘predictions’ all lumped together, I will reject them; though you can certainly post MORE than one prediction (unlike Coast to Coast AM).

artie w6obb, isn’t the only one with psychics in his pocket! So sit quietly for a few minutes, still your mind (but DO NOT leave your body!), have a beer or a toke, some dark chocolate, or all, and revelations about the HAMS & SWL you deal with in your ‘hobby’ will come to you!

Suggestions: (Try to keep each ‘prediction’ short and succinct!)

In the coming year:

w6xxx will ? in 2008
Short Attention Span network will ? in 2008
The FCC will ? in 2008
k7xxx arrest record will be revealed
Who will get a new rig/antenna?
Who will be the NEXT to marry an almost child?
Who will start Streaming (or put up a dxtuner)?
Where will Timmie’s ghost appear next?
Who will post the BEST parady on HamCams?
Which Little Person will win a 'Barny'
Who will join the 'NAMBPIG' club?

Well, you get the idea!

Let’s make this a GREAT HamFanz yearly EVENT! Have FUN, and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


The Keeper said...

Sadly, 2008 will be the year that many hams cross over to happy jamming land. The list of future Silent Keys will include, WG6K (heart attack), N6UGY (lung cancer), K6TXH (alcoholism), WA6MFJ (old age) and WK6U who will be struck by a freak lighting bolt while climbing a tree on his property. W6WBJ Billy will be hit by a drunk driver while riding his bike but will live long enough to see 2009 before slipping into a coma that he will never awake from.

Ed Haskell said...

Back off, Keeper. Word is that Cupid will mind-meld with our dear friend K6TXH in 2008. With the exclamation, "Eureka!", Steve will sweep his neighbor Brenda off her feet with ham radio prowess (among other things). Whereupon, the two will elope to Tahiti, where they will celebrate the lifestyle of the late impressionist painter, Paul Gaugin. In attendance will be noted tarpon hunter K4ZDH, the legendary W6WBJ, Art Bell, and George Noory. And for all you naysayers, hams ARE chick magnets. What part of that don't you understand?

Billy said...

Oh, Eddie, Eddie, you are SO eloquent! I am going to upload some of your best sound bytes to my FTP site for the whole gang to enjoy!

My prediction is that Riley Hollingsworth will not send W6WBJ a Hearing Designation Order during 2008.

Anonymous said...

I predick Art will be back on Coast to Coast by September due to loss of fan adoration to lift his ego and fear Noory has really taken his show over.

Anonymous said...

I predick Ben will never get his bride to the USA, due to lack of ambition for a job.

Anonymous said...

I predict Steve Wingate will win a harassment suit against his neighbor who made the video of him and put it on You-Tube.

Ed Haskell said...

As a result of their Tahiti tryst, Steve and his former neighbor will celebrate the arrival of Eureka Rayne Wingate, to great fanfare in the amateur radio community.

Anonymous said...

Art Bell will pass away from severe complications of rectal trauma caused by his protruding ears when he finally pulls his head out of his ass and realizes he married a teenager..

Anonymous said...

Please post url of Steve Wingate video on You Tube.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

W6WBJ will tick off enough hams to cause many of them to become OO's, and then watch his every move on the bands. He will then be forced to leave hamdom, either due to legal reasons, or due to not being able to do a darn thing without being watched and recorded. His lack of adherence to the rules, and concern only for himself, will cause a flurry of complaints to the FCC. And he thought Riley and a few others didn't want him around. Hah! It'll be 100 times worse after October.


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