Sunday, December 02, 2007

Gentleman Jim ki6gu

Still another nick for Jim Watkins! He is going though 'nicks' faster than many of us go though Halloween Candy, or beer depending on your 'bent'!

Truthfully, I have no clue as to where this one originated. But, he claims to be in a better mood, now that his legal issues are over and done with.

After hearing Gentleman Jim ki6gu, and the rest of the 'Elites' PLOW into Chris Knight k6pic the other night on 3720, I am sure about either the ‘better mood’ or the 'gentleman' descriptive! (The full-unedited recordings and clips of this event are on the HamFanz Secret Page.)

The legal issues that 'Gentleman Jim' was involved in, through no choice of his own, might be interesting, as they seem to involve Amateur Radio. Since few heard any of it the other night when he reportedly read from the court transcripts, we really do not know the full story. (Apparently, it was not recorded, due to 'timing', as the Pahrump Tuner does not transmit/record after a certain hour, or it was not tuned to whatever frequency they were on. Either that or artie w6obb, just had not bothered as he did a c2c show that night.)

At any rate, Gentleman Jim, is spoon-feeding us this info one scanned page at a time, which makes it more than a little difficult to track...

And, Chris k6pic, is probably off somewhere wondering what the hell he did wrong, (after all, the Elites are 'trying to avoid confrontation') other than trying to be friendly with the Elites, while he temporarily retreats into the safety of being a SWL!


Anonymous said...

Jim is no gentleman; he is a narcissistic, egotistical, self serving alcoholic with delusions of grandeur.

Jim has made it quite clear in the past and recently that he wants everything his way, he considers everyone “below him”, as if he was something spectacular.

His conduct in person is a fake representation of his true inner most feelings toward others, his conduct on the radio reflects this.

Billy said...

Jim Watkins is a really sick f**k. He badmouths me continuously on the air, when he thinks I'm not listening. But since, as even Jim admits, I haven't done anything to disrupt his conversations with Art on 3720, he has no choice but to make allegations up out of whole cloth. So, even though he has absolutely no evidence thereof, he concocts and repeats the story that I put Steve Wingate up to his antics, and that I am somehow to blame for what Steve does. I have discussed this several times with Jim on the telephone, and he admitted each time that NOBODY tells Steve what to do; Steve does what he is going to do, and that's it. Yet Jim gets right back on the air and repeats the same, old B.S. story. Then he has the gall to call me up, apparently assuming that I didn't hear what he said on the air, and wants to be all friendly. I'll tell you right now, he's one sick A.H.! All he wants to do is manipulate people and play control games. But thank God I've got access to Evvy's Secret Page, so I can hear his B.S. at my convenience, as I would NEVER EVEN CONSIDER staying up late enough to take part in Jim's BORING conversations.

Pervez Musharraf said...

Bill, what's the deal wiffin Jim's apartment? There's the Scout couch, and a dinette attributed to W6EZV. A crusty, 1950s-era cooktop, and what appears to be an indoor outhouse.

These are cultural icons, to be sure. But how does an environment like this affect the radio amateur's world view?


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