Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Steve Wingate k6thx Unleashed

If there is ANYONE who has not yet seen this video, do go check it out:, then come back here and give your comments!

I have watched it twice because I could not believe what I was seeing the first time. My email box was stuffed with the above url sent by various folks. Then there were the phone calls. Sigh...

This video just proves what many have known for about 5 years now; Steve Wingate is a loose cannon, he is apparently a substance abuser, has no respect for others, and is ‘socially impaired’ (he does not play well with other children).

The question is why would anyone be surprised by this, anyone that has been exposed to him for more than a week in any manner, that is?
I had one report that Steve was arrested for this little escapade, I do not know if it is true or not. If not, he should have been...

I find it so sad that an apparently (physically) healthy, educated, white affluent male can find nothing else to do with his life other than fight (literally!) with his neighbors. My guess is, he is not capable of much else.

I am supremely happy that Steve Wingate is NOT a neighbor of mine; he is not next-door, not down the street, not even in the same city!


Anonymous said...

I agree with n6ayj with his post on YouTube that Steve is clearly the one being threatened. The neighbors even tried to have their dog get Steve.
I think Steve is protecting his property a ham antenna in the tree that his neighbors may have broken because they do not like his radio bleeding into their telephone,etc. Don't see where Mace is a sissy thing as macho male cops use Mace. What a stupid woman and her husband. The video was also stopped and started again. That makes it not crediable.

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

Oh, Evvy, Steve was just tryin' to set up his antenna, don't ya know ? Once a ham gets focused on a project, there's no stopping 'em! I think he did a good job holding off them scallywags, who were just taunting him and hurling insults. And posting that video to YouTube says a lot about his neighbors: desperate! "Oh, boo-hoo, won't somebody save us?"

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a total nutjob! While it's funny to watch I still feel slightly sorry for wingut. I wonder how long it's going to take before somebody takes this to the physical level? His display of hostility and common knowledge that he is in possession of deadly weapons is scary. I'm sure glad I don't live near him.

Anonymous said...

I feel very sorry for Steve's neighbors. Through no fault of their own, this hostile lunatic moved in next door and is ruining thier lives. We hams have had to deal with Steve's bizzare inconsiderate abuse, but we can turn the nightmare off with the power switch. His neighbors have to live with his shit constantly! I truley wish I could do something to end their suffering.

r. f. burns said...

I think Steve is the most dangerous kind of person. He has intelligence but he is also mentally ill. Last night he said he'd like to show his neighbor's daughter a good time. I'm glad he's doesn't live anywhere near me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous claims that it is common knowledge that I am in possion of deadly weapons. This is a lie, Greg Sousa. I don't own any guns, or any other deadly weapons, unless you consider a butcher knife in the kitchen a 'deadly weapon'?

Would you like try breaking into my house and see what happens, Greg?


Craig said...

First, Steve does NOT speak for me or most of the ham community. Steve is Steve and his behavior in public is reflected verbatim on the ham bands as well. There are a few out here who find Steve's on air behavior entertaining, I however do not. I have spoken with Steve on the air and via on-line chat clients a few times, there are times he can be civil. I am however NOT excusing his behavior displayed in the video.

Steve, I think you handled this encounter VERY poorly. You're certainly not doing yourself any favors by getting belligerent and violent with your neighbors, even if you think they're full of shit. I sincerely hope you can salvage this situation and NOT make it worse.

To Steve's neighbors, the interference problems you are having are the result of two things, close proximity and shoddy consumer electronics design. You cannot demand that Steve quit transmitting just because you're getting interference on most or all of your consumer electronics devices. Consumer electronics are covered under what's called Part 15 of the FCC rules. Put simply, all part 15 devices cannot generate harmful interference, however they must accept interference, even interference that may cause undesired operation. It also falls on the owner of the affected part 15 devices to resolve the interference issue. Steve is under NO obligation to solve the interference.

Steve is required however as part of his license privileges to maintain a properly working Amateur Radio Station. This includes using good operating practices / design and making sure he's keeping within RF exposure guidelines that all amateur radio operators are required to adhere to. Weather or not Steve is exceeding the RF field emission standards remains to be seen. Keep in mind though that any RF exposure you and your neighbors are being exposed too from Steve's transmissions will NOT cause cancer; the RF exposure from your 300 milliwatt cell phone however is much worse.

Steve has had his run ins with the FCC before, Riley is limited on how he can address your problem. The only other recourse is to address any CC&R issues you may have in you area regarding antennas. I live in a small development out in the country, I run up to 1500 watts and have had NO problems getting into my or my neighbors home electronics. In fact, I've had more problems with my neighbors electronics causing harmful interference to my station. But in my case, my neighbors worked with me to resolve the issue.

Steve, work with your neighbors, DON'T make the problem worse.

Anonymous said...

You know you try to be nice to WingNut and give him the benifit of the doubt in the YouTube video hopeing he will keep his mouth shut and look what he does as a response of sorts on his RadioWingnuts site. He went through the video and found where his pants looked like he had some part of his body hanging down longer that anyone would ever believe it to be thinking that is of great importance......Dammmm what a sick-o

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

Evvy, I've watched the Wingate video on and off for three days. It really captures the essence
of ham radio -- the whole hobby is patently absurd! All kinds of steps to get a license, set up a station, only to get into fights with the next door neighbors. You can do that without a license!

But, I digress. Steve's video has
supreme entertainment value. Don't you agree?



Darrel Tibett said...

Steve Wingate, I made the comment about your deadly weapons, not Greg. And my information came directly from you Steve, that your on-air comments claimed that you had pistol(s) and that if you felt your life was in danger you would use them to defend your life. And since you apparently already have a criminal record involving a felony that makes you a felon in possesion of a firearm correct?


Darrel Tibett

Ed Haskell said...

Darrel, you've got us over a barrel. Your names are missing consonants. Please replay the Wingate video and report back. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What they hey does missing Russian spacemen have to do with anything? I gots an itch, will you scratches it?


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