Friday, June 23, 2006

Is 3.840 Dead

Stan's group, usually on 3.815 is listened to most evenings in Jim's Tuner. Steve was on this freq before midnight last night. And conducted himself well I may add! Mostly because they are 'the only game in town other than...the Pahrump receiver permanently streaming 3.947

So basically, for online listeners, there are ONLY the two choices between 9p-midnight.

I would think that the 3.840 people, IF they wish to retain/regain listeners, are going to have to provide before midnight content, even if that means 'recruiting' more HAMS. (Hey, even artie often showed up briefly earlier in the night; he does know how to 'capture' an audience, HAMS or listeners!)

People who are listening to online tuners are INTO a group, it's conversation and dynamics, well before midnight. And often aren't likely to change freq. just to hear 2-3 HAMS, or someone tuning up, or jamming with music, on 3.840 maybe! Or listening to a lot of dead air, and hearing one HAM ID every once in awhile, in the hopes of a 'phone patch, that has been unprompted, and is therefore, an unknown.

And unlike earlier times, 3.815 often has HAMS on air well after the witching hour now.

If the 3.840 Hams wish to slip into anonymity, (and we are only talking about a handful of prominent HAMS here) they are going about it the correct way! If they do not, some leadership and planning is needed; inncluding paying attention to 'other' HAMS and listeners...


Bill Crowell, W6WBJ said...

I don't know why Theodore is crying, Mrs. Cleaver.

We try to be very nice to him and his friends, but they always seem to be unhappy for some reason.

evvy said...

Bill crowell w6wbj wrote:
>>>I don't know why Theodore is crying, Mrs. Cleaver.

Now look Bill, you've just gone too damn far!

I've been accused of a LOT of things, but a Mrs. Cleaver I'm not!!!

Freddie said...

Looks like Art on Coast to Coast is dead also. I heard the host tonight saying he was filling in for Art. Well, where is Art now? More technical difficulties from that thrid world country he moved to?

Freddie said...

If things keep going the way they are, is going to be dead. Despite the fact Art Bell has moved to Manila, we can still continue to dislike him. Maybe changing the site to an "Art Bell is a Piece of Crap" site would revitalize it. Then again, maybe not.

On a side note, I re-listened to the MP3 file of the Coast to Coast show of Art Bell telling about Ramona's death. When listening to it this time, after we now know what Art did afterwards, it is easy to detect Art's insincerity and the fact that he didn't give a damn about Ramona.


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