Thursday, June 01, 2006

Morally Superior?

Recently an obnoxious picture of a ‘family coat of arms’ was posted to by Carl kb5fjx claiming Moral Superiority by the 'kd7bcw' Order.

I’m sorry, but Carl’s recent manipulation of Art Bell w6obb for a LOT of money (a trip to PI being approximately $5,000, by Carl's own estimate – and I wonder if artie also paid for gasoline and meals and the wedding? I don’t think Carl could afford these things while on disability and living with his mother.) proves that Carl is not MORAL or SUPERIOR!

Indeed, even pointing this out and reminding people what he has done is kinda stupid in my book.

According to Carl's actions of recent months, he should post a coat of arms that claims “Order of the Crown – of the Successful Grifter”

(Hey Paul, what’s next? A KKK emblem?)


Bill Crowell, W6WBJ said...

I would just like to ask Carl a question or two:

Why do you feel you are morally superior to your fellow hams? Do you believe that you have accomplished something during your life that qualifies your for this title, and which renders you so clearly morally superior to other people that you see fit to proclaim it in public fora? If so, would you please clue the rest of us into what it was? We must have missed it. And if there is really nothing that qualifies you to claim to be morally superior to anyone else, would you please stop doing so?

Do you think there is any possibility that your claim to "moral superiority" might be based on psychological insecurity rather than on true moral superiority?

If you are just trying to push people's buttons by claiming to be "morally superior", but intend it as only a joke, do you think this is a good way to joke around? A little provocative and hostile, isn't it? A joke should be more obviously recognizable as such, and it shouldn't be made egotisticlally and at someone else's expense, as you are doing. You have displayed such poor judgment in the past that you are making everyone think you are probably serious about being morally superior.

Carl, how can you be morally superior if you let yourself get so fat? That, on the contrary, betrays moral weakness(es). You must at least admit that you've got some pretty heavy psychological demons that you haven't dealt with if you can't control your eating any better than that. Or are you still deluding yourself into believing that your morbid obesity doesn't betray any uncontrolled psychological urges that you should have figured out years ago?

Carl, can you understand why everyone is so nonplussed when a fat idiot like you claims to be morally superior? We just can't figure out whether to be angry with you, or feel sorry for you, for being so dumb as to make such a statement. And you seem so blissfully unaware of the reactions you provoke. You are indeed a piece of work.

Bill Crowell, W6WBJ said...

Wow. More "morally superior" medalliions today on I can't believe the blanktards are going to be so dumb as to shoot themselves in the foot again. Well, if they insist on doing so, far be it from me to stop them! I am just going to shut up, get out of the way, and let them keep claiming their moral superiority until everyone figures out what a bunch of frigging idiots they are.


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