Tuesday, June 06, 2006

KNYE: Whisper Campaign

IMMEDIATELY after the posting on the HamFanz Grudge Report of the story, ‘KNYE Gets Needed Help’ on 6.1.06 (see the archives), a sneaky, underhanded, surreptitious, whisper campaign was started.

A few ‘key’ people were handpicked and fed a ‘rebuttal’ that was the total fabrication of one person. These ‘key’ people, trusting a fellow HAM, were then USED (and directed?) without their knowledge to ‘spread the lies’.

In this purposely derogatory and slanderous ‘whisper campaign’ Jim Watkins KI6GU, and Greg Sousa W6EZV, were made out to be deliberate and total liars. The documentation they provided, it was claimed, was just ‘Photoshopped’.

I was slammed, from all directions, as being a fool. I cannot begin to tell you how many emails, messenger messages, phone calls, and over the air comments, I received claiming that Greg Sousa, and Jim Watkins had duped me. That ‘they’ had ‘got me’ good.

***New pics of work at KNYE featuring Karen Jackson:

I knew better than that, and so I told everyone that contacted me, though I could not reply to the on air slander.

Neither Jim Watkins nor Greg Sousa had ever lied to me that I am aware of, even when we have disagreed on stuff (and that has been often!). Not only that, but over the years, both these HAMS seems to have had a penchant for ‘supporting’ the truth, whatever that may be. But mostly, I knew better because both of them have backed (in general, if not on specifics) the activities of the HamFanz conglomerate. So why would they want to ‘get me’? What would be the 'motive'?

Paul Bowman W7MAG, on the other hand, is a charter member of nothing but the Art Bell kiss ass society. Paul Bowman had (still has) a vested, monetary interest in the activities of Art Bell, W6OBB, (and probably lost a lot of business income when artie escaped the country). Paul Bowman has been arties Pahrump flunky for years. (As Big Ben Gardner KD7BCW, has been on the air and the internet.)

Indeed one can’t help but wonder what kind of ‘cut’ Paul is getting for selling arties’ stuff. And it’s been on my mind, ever since it occurred, just what artie might have said to Paul when Paul went to Laughlin, picked up artie after Ramona’s death, and drove him home... (Anyone have a recording of THAT long trip?)

Anyway, it was not surprising that I was able to track the ‘whisper campaign’ back to Paul Bowman, and it only took me a few days to do it. Now, it is quite possible that Paul was taking directions or ideas from artie about this slander campaign – this I have no way of knowing, unless Paul decides to do the right thing and tells us.

That Paul seemed to be at the bottom of this mess did surprise me somewhat, as Paul Bowman has for years represented himself as a ‘family man’, and has talked of going to mass on Sunday. If that is the case, I think he needs to put in an appearance at church more often!

Paul also had other options, rather than to try to smear the reputations of two fellow HAMS, and myself. He could just as easily have posted a rebuttal here on the HamFanz Grudge Report. Or joined the HamFanz list, ditto there, etc. He could have called or emailed me (I do not know if he was in contact with either Greg or Jim).

Paul Bowman could have told us all WHY it was so important for him that he’d lie, and set up a whisper campaign maligning several people that were only telling the truth as they knew it, or set up others to carry out his fraud. Or why this relatively innocuous information be kept silent. Want to tell us why, Paul???


n7js said...

Interesting post..although I am a little confused as to how you have proven this "campaign" was started by Paul. If indeed it was propogated by Paul I would be surprised if he was not fed a load himself. Why would he even be interested? Paul is not Art's manager to my knowledge. Paul has his own business to run....and to my knowledge it's not KNYE. As for his vested interest... if he is getting a cut of the Ebay stuff....I think he has pocketed about 60 cents from what I saw for sale on there. I think a whopping few hundred dollars or so was moved. I'm not sure where else he would benefit much from Art rather than a place for his antenna equipment and maybe a commercial or two. He could easily duplicate that. I'm not a Paul apologetic, but I just can't see the motivation factor here (plus he is not known as a troublemaker)....so I've got to play the devils advocate. Let Paul clarify it.

Bill Crowell, W6WBJ said...

I certainly wish Paul Bowman had not kicked me off of hamcams.com. I was really enjoying putting a new picture up there every day, something which few other hams do, and I was putting a fair amount of time and energy into it, which I now spend on something else instead. If Paul didn't like what I was posting, I wish he had told me so before he kicked me off. I think I would have been willing to cooperate if he had asked me. I think he had a problem with my satirizing Art. But EVERYBODY satirizes Art!

KI6GU said...

Jim, (N7JS) do you recall this post by Bob (K6MIT): "this story is bullshit...all lies....and yes freddie...art is really pissed jim was at the station, as greg passed him off as someone else...as jim and greg had never met karen at arts as stated...the check is a phoney...the whole story is a bullshit lie except for greg being asked out by karen to help her on a program....there was no on the air shows....no changes to the station audio, as only art can do that via the web. and when karen found out who jim really was they were asked to leave...jim was passed off as someone else,,,when paul saw jim at knye on gregs webcam slot he removed greg from the program as everyone had been told jim is not to be allowed at arts house or the station." and then the almost immediate follow up post which I also quote:

"i must retract my posting and i
must apologize to jim and greg for
my posting, as i now find out i
was played like a piano for someones personal revenge. i was
assured what i posted was the truth, only to now find out it was
all a lie. i was used good and
have learned to not trust anyone on anything in the future. i am very sorry i upset you jim, but your reaction to me was warrented.
i have recieved phone calls and emails asking who these deepthroat persons were....i will keep that to myself, but i must state here due to the calls and emails that it was not art, ben or orv.
again, to jim and greg and evvy, i am very sorry for the post." The person who lied to Bob was Paul (W7MAG). Paul was forced to admit to Bob that he had lied to him when he had his chops busted by Linda of Midnight Hams. Paul was initally telling everyone who would listen to him that I was never in Pahrump and that I never was on the air at KNYE spinning records and taking requests and putting callers on the air. But I did do all of that and more! So when Linda of Midnight hams told Paul that she had been listening to KNYE at the time and that she had indeed heard both myself and Greg on the air on KNYE, Paul WAS BUSTED in a lie. That's why he was forced to admit that he had lied to Bob and that's why Bob retracted his statements and apologised to me for them. Paul Bowman is two faced and has his own profiteering agenda with regard to KNYE and that's why he's lying to Art and anyone else who is gullible enough to believe his spin.


n7js said...

I guess that is why the benefit of the doubt. It is more for my own puzzlement. Hey, there is such a thing as a "noble lie". Socrates postulated this. It is a lie that actually serves to do more good than the truth. The problem is when you use those - you need to make sure they are not easily verifiable.
Jim N7JS

Freddie said...

I don't know about all this stuff with the KYNE radio station but just wanted to say that Art Bell is still a piece of crap. I hope he is miserable in Manila.

n7js said...

"Miserable In Manila". That could actually make a great title for a movie or a book. I'm not sure about the Art work for the cover. Evvy get working on it. It sounds like a best seller. We'll be asking you for donations instead of the other way around. I do expect a signed copy for the suggestion however. If this is not feasible, my usual cut is 10% of gross profits for the first printing (up to 100,000 units) - after that 5% thereafter or until one million units sold. 2% from thereafter. I think you will find it a generous offer.
Jim N7JS

evvy said...

n7js wrote:
>>>Evvy get working on it. It sounds like a best seller.

Hell, if I live long enough, gonna do a kiss and tell about the 'loop group'!

Freddie said...

The book will be made up of Steve Wingate's 3840 transmissions proclaiming Art Bell to be a piece of crap and how all FCC dropped all charges when it was proven that Steve was right.

Like Art Bell, I will autograpgh the books, and like Art Bell, I won't sign the actual books but will instead sign sticky labels and have someone else stick them on the books, often times upside down.

Freddie said...

Why does Art Bell keep cutting out and getting disconnected when he does his broadcast from Manila? He was such a bigshot to crap on the memory of Ramona and move to Manila and now he can't even do his show. The Coast to Coast listeners deserve better than to put up with his disconnections just because he decided to move to Manila. There is no excuse for this with today's technology. He has had plenty of time to work out the technical issues and yet we have to put up with a substandard show.
Not to mention thatphony Hoagland with his "Hyperdemensional" garbage. He needs to come up with a new buzz word as we have been hearing that for 600 years.

Art did mention that Manila is like another planet so I hope that means it is so bad that he is miserable and regretting his dumb decision to move there. In any event, we don't want him back here in the USA so I hope he rots there.


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