Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Real People Network, 3.840

is supposed to be seeing some live HAM action tonight as early as 10PM! But in caution, I must tell you that I’ve heard this story before. Still, it’s a rumor that only takes turning that dial to check out.

Or so I heard from a buff Billie w6wbj. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not personally KNOW that Billie is ‘buff’; I’ve never met the HAM, nor has he sent out recent pics!

(Could it be some HAMS like to see me jump through hoops to put out news on the HamFanz Grudge Report? If that IS the case, then I apologize dear readers, and promise to never believe anything this person tells me again!)

And yes, I’ve dubbed the 3.840 HAMS, the ‘Real People Network’ in face of the cutie names: The Little People Network 3.765 and 1.957, and even The Short Attention Span Network. 3.815. If you don’t like the moniker, post your alternatives!

But again, I digress!

I DO know that waiting to get on 3.840 till Jim ‘GU’ ki6ku gets home from work (as much as I like hearing GU), is just plain silly!

I realize that grandpa artie was a night person, therefore he drew other night people (of which I’m one myself), but I also know some HAMS are willing and available at an earlier hour and would enjoy the company of known pals.

Perhaps if some REAL PEOPLE were available on air to chat with, message, email oh, say, from 10PM on, to slide into the ‘night folks’ when, and if, they do show, then 3.840 would be revitalized (and without grandpa artie).

You don’t want to hear 3.840 transmitting nothing but band sounds? You don’t want to upgrade your license just to catch up with someone you know on the lower bands?

Then HAMS need to be on 3.840 when others HAMS drop in to listen and chat on a ‘routine and predictable’ basis. Once word get around that 3.840 is an ‘active frequency’ again, why, Real Peoples, anything could happen.

But I do believe it will take a concerted, planned, effort...


Trish said...

This might be a little off topic, but first I'd like to publicly say:
I appreciate the efforts of evvy for being a fan all these years. I will admit, she has spoken the truth many times when no one else had a clue or had the balls to do it, and for the most part, she should be commended for it I think. She and
"the Gu" both have been brutally honest and blunt with observations and opinions down through the years, and I think most everyone has learned to accept that as being just the way they are. And even to expect it.

But for all the flack that you both have taken for being this way, the fact remains that you (very controversial Real people), evvy, Jim/gu and Billy have put a lot of work, time and effort in keeping interest going on 3840 khz when others didn't give a darn. And for most of your efforts I should commend you. And Evvy I also respect the fact that you endorse freedom of speech and openness without fear of being banned, canned, kicked out, or some kind of evil recompense and such. And that is how it should be.

The "Real People Network". That's good. It is a very creative idea. And you know, When the "real people" get's it all together, like the other night, well....I had a blast. It just doesn't get much better. Even with not so good hf conditions we still had a great time.

It surely does help to have someone around to take the leadership role though. Without that, it is confusing.
I think part of the problem is the time thing. When can we all get on the radio at the same time? Different schedules and such makes this a challenge. We are going to have to work on that. I think the earlier time worked out really well.

evvy said...


Nothing much off topic here!

And thank you so much for the compliments, let me tell ya, they are few and far between!

Must say though, you have ESP! As it's been on my mind lately to just shut it all down!

Not only am I not getting any donations lately; and it ALL costs me about $50 mo. now, but I easily spend 20-30 hrs PER WEEK (also unpaid-and u know there're things I can do which would pay!). And that doesn't include time spent on 'favors' for HAMS.

Just to be 'hated', dissed, made fun of, not even supported anymore?

If I just 'STOP', delete it all; I can still enjoy being a SWL, and wouldn't be missed!

Your site now has livehamcams & chat (though for the life of me, I don't know why they just don't use HamFans Yahoo Group, where pics etc can be 'attached', messages would not only be kept, but threaded and archived, and reach over 110 folks, HAMS & SWL, which is not the case in your chat.) I thought of putting a chat on a HAMFANZ page; but didn't want to compete w/you, and I know GU specifically asked you to start it. (He sure is good at asking people to do stuff!)

Plus now there are many blogs (though mine is really the ONLY unbiased one, LOL)

HamFanz (& all it's 'parts')gets good hits, but little participation anymore.

And after all, that's why I started all this, (as I'm sure you remember, then being a SWL and part of it's inception), was to provide a 'place' for HAMS & Fans, but if it's no longer needed...

...There may no longer be a REASON to continue dumping my meager resources of time, energy, and $$$, into it.

I've definitely been cogitating on this!

Folks may soon find that it's all gone! And it probaly wouldn't matter to most.

Freddie said...

Jim, Steve, and Bill keep the frequency pretty interesting. I'd hate to see it change with "real people". Can you say boring? Since Art Bell has left I am looking for someone new to dislike. I don't feel "real people" would fill that void. Unless you could get George Noory on the frequency as he is just as dumb as Art Bell.

Freddie said...

Not to be off topic but I was listening to Art Bell tonight on C2C and he kept talking like he was still living in the USA.

The guest he had talked to him about how Art now lives in Manila but through out the broadcast, Art Bell kept saying things like "we need to secure our borders".

The guy is no longer a human being after what he did to Ramona and as far as I am concerned, he is no longer a US citizen so why does he talk like he still lives here?

evvy said...

Freddie Wrote:
>>>Since Art Bell has left I am looking for someone new to dislike.

And u have to look far??? Jeeze I have a LONG list. LOL


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