Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Seems I made HamCams again!

But I have to take issue with Mark k6fej! I HATE the snow, would never live where there was snow! I have the feeling that my power chair would not do well in snow and ice.

And I'm in no way a 'fan' as was depicted in 'Misery', would never do anyone any harm. I also do not look like Kathy Bates, she’s probably better looking as she has big bucks on hand for surgery!

In fact, I am not a HamFanz at all! I am merely an astute observer of the sublimely ridiculous personal lives some people put out over the public-domain short wave radio, with a predictable certainty.

The Fanz are all of you (you know who you are!) who STILL worship at the alter of the loop. Those that think it is perfectly fine for artie to go half way around the world to marry an almost-child (btw, we do not know how old Airyn REALLY is; we just have arties word for her age. And we all know how truthful artie is!).

Just the fact that most of you did not fall away from your radios in outright laughter when finding out that a 60 year old male 'icon' didn't know how to do his own laundry is further proof of the Fanz status of many of you. So, the quote on the Photoshopped collage should read "You Dirty Hams!"

And where it says "Send money or else!" It should read, "Send LOTS of money or else HamFanz will be gone!

Having said the above, that old adage is true: Even bad publicity is better than NO publicity! So a big ‘thanks’ to Mark Burnham k6fej, and Paul Bowman w7mag.

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