Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Airyn Bell: Marriage or Adoption?

Just when the behind the scenes snickering was starting to slow down (though not the revulsion most normal folks feel about this situation), a new thought appeared amongst the ‘chatter’.

I actually try to avoid supposition and conjecture, preferring to have at least two independent sources of information for each ‘fact’ I present here. But I consider rumors to reside smack in the middle of my bailiwick, and this one is a doozy. And funny at that.

The rumor that is going around? Did Art Bell marry or adopt Airyn? It is an absurd idea but perhaps one that must be considered, as we do not actually know Airyn’s age, we only know what artie told us, and we all KNOW how truthful he is! (Witness him stating on last week’s Coast to Coast AM broadcast that he did not meet Airyn on the internet. Does the man think none of us has ears, memories, or recordings?)

We do not know the legal age for marriage in the Philippines – it could be legal for a 12 year old to marry. (Yes, I know, I could spend hours of research and find the correct answer, but its moot isn’t it.?)

Art Bell ‘said’ he attended Airyn’s graduation during his first visit there, was it her grade school, high school, or college graduation? We have seen no pictures of this event. It is difficult to imagine a college graduate (of any country) being so intensely involved in playing the game of ‘Checkers’. It is not so difficult to imagine a dirty old man catering to a child’s interests.

Perhaps artie listened to the ‘jamming’ recording of ‘Babs & Dad’ one to many times over the years. (Want the url? Email Bill Crowell w6wbj.) Maybe Airyn is really just a teen! We SAW the pics of young Asian women he posted to well over a year ago or perhaps artie thinks we have forgotten that also.

I have also wondered, if Airyn’s family is so ‘rural’ and ‘poor’ as artie has claimed, how Airyn managed to pay for a higher education? How did Airyn have access to that computer that they supposedly used to video-chat for hours on end daily?

Even though a little time has passed, and artie is back to hosting Coast to Coast on weekends, (with VERY few female callers!) there are still a million unanswered questions. Those that pray, will pray for Airyn, and perhaps for the redemption of artie’s soul, if he has one. Ahh, but the witches, those sisters in spirit with Ramona; who knows what they are doing – perhaps promoting rumors among other things?


Bill Crowell, W6WBJ said...

I'd like to follow up on the question of whether Art met Airyn on the internet. While it is true that in October of 2004 she advertised herself on a "filipina brides" website (along with hundreds of other filipina girls), and was looking for a white American husband, I remember Art saying on Coast-to-Coast AM/PM MiniMart that he was introduced to her by a "very good friend from the ham radio" who, it turns out, was Carl Richardson, KB5FJX. I don't remember him ever admitting that he met her on the internet. Of course, for Art to claim Carl was a "very good friend" was total bullshit because Art didn't even know Carl nor, I believe, had he even spoken to him on the radio, prior to the time he allegedly introduced Art to Airyn. So Art's lie about Carl being a "very good friend" certainly does make one wonder if Carl really did introduce them, but I have no evidence that he did not do so. Evvy, do you or Trish have any such evidence? If so, I would be very interested to hear it.

Insofar as Airyn's real age is concerned, she did advertise herself on the "filipina brides" site as being 25 years old in October of 2004 which, if true, would probably make her 27 today. However, Art has claimed that she is presently only 23. Which, if either, is the truth? Or is she even younger? Does anybody have any evidence in this regard?

I agree with everyone else that for Art to claim that Ramona was his "soulmate", and that they had a "superb marriage", must also be total bullshit because if it were true, he wouldn't have begun emailing Airyn 2 or 3 days after Ramona's funeral, as he did. And if Art and Ramona had such a wonderful relationship, why didn't she bury the gold in their backyard, the way Art had asked her to do? Clearly, Ramona had a different agenda. And she told Karen, the present manager of KNYE, that Art drove her up the wall and the main reason she wanted to get a radio station was so she would have someplace to go in order to get away from Art.

If anybody else has any information or evidence concerning the foregoing, please tell us what it is.

Bill Crowell, W6WBJ

Freddie said...

I am convinced Art and Ramona's marriage was not good. My only question is whether he killed Ramona or just let her die when she was having an asthma attack.

evvy said...

wb freddie. Some of us were wondering if u were on vacation!

Or if you were just bored with the whole mess...

Freddie said...

No, I check in here at least once a week but when I don't see any new messages, I don't write anything else. I do keep checking though.

Anyone else think the picture of Art looks like he has downs syndrom?

If we could increase the level of bashing and hatred for Art Bell, I would participate more often.

WB6BNQ said...


You should be ashamed of yourself for wanting bash ARTIE so badly. Why is that by the way ? ? ? On the other hand, it seems that everyone else has the same or similar attitude.

As for ARTIE looking like he has downs syndrom, I would have to agree, as I have said the same thing before. Especially if you look at his early grade school pictures. It would also explain a few things wouldn't it ? ? ?

Ramona's death is certainly suspect isn't ? His comments about Ramona being a soul mate is really all BULLSHIT. As Billie points out, he was emailing the flip play toy just a couple of days after Ramona's funeral. I think he was doing it much sooner then that ! ! ! His "on air" tirade about Ramona's death was totally out of line with anything normal. All it has really done is cause people to raise many questions and to dig deeper.

ARTIE is truly a SICK person in many ways. He has proven to be a liar, to twist the truth and change the real facts to suit his purposes. He has done this on a number of occasions to people on Ham Radio.


fish said...

Funny you should bring that up evvy. Someone I know said the same thing. How do we know that he didn't adopt that little girl. We don't, but if he indeed married that child, I predict the following: that Art is probably tired of taking viagra now, and by
October he's gonna be sick and tired of this girl. She looks like
she knows what she's doing. She is
probably putting viagras into everything he eats or drinks in order to wear him down and weaken him. An old man doesn't need to be overdoing it. But he would take them himself from pressure, to try to keep her home and not go looking for real action from someone who isn't an old man.
He looks terrible. Any new excitement or thrill
he may have had will be over by October. He will be looking
for an excape out. He says no divorce so a fall off the balcony could work, up that high. A slip, an accident .
But she will do him in first. Art Bell will never return to the US alive. He will be gone before this years out, 2006.

fish said...

Yes he certainly did put up a lot of very young asian girly pictures up on hamcams before Ramona died. I think evryone remembers that.He is a dirty old man.

Freddie said...

Fish said

"Art Bell will never return to the US alive. He will be gone before this years out, 2006."

Let the quickening begin!

Bill Crowell, W6WBJ said...

Has anyone saved any of the pictures of young filipina girls that Art posted on prior to Ramona's death? If so, would you please send me copies at: bcrowell(at)

Freddie said...

Notice Art's latest picture on Ham Cams shows what appears to be his wife completely disinterested in him taking the photo. She is so rupulsed and disgusted by him.

evvy said...

Freddie Said:
>>>Notice Art's latest picture on Ham Cams shows what appears to be his wife completely disinterested in him

Well, hell, Freddie! If I had a new up-scale apartment, FULL of new furniture, electronics, and other toys, don't think I'd be interested in a man either!

WB6BNQ said...


When you say other toys --- do you mean the battery operated kind ???



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