Monday, August 07, 2006

Karen w6so to Charles R. Larimore, Again!

Yep. It is so! Just go to and see for yourself.

I received this email today:

Effective 08-03-2006:
Karen E Larimore W6SO is now Charles R. Larimore W6SO
Please update your E-Mail Addresses.
Thanks 73,
Chuck - W6SO

This is the same person who just a couple of months ago requested that the call w6so be removed from HAMFAZ, as s/he just didn’t want to be involved with all that 3.840 stuff anymore, it just wasn’t his/her cup of tea!

Stupid me, I complied with the request. Usually I don't. But hadn't heard her/him on air much lately, so I deleted the entry. Guess now I will have to go put it back! If he/she is sending out this kind of email to the HAMS, then he/she is STILL a PLAYER.

I admit I am flummoxed. I was not aware that legally and physically one could just go back and forth between the sexes. Which is apparently what ‘Chuck’/‘Karen’ is doing.

It was only a couple of years ago that ‘Karen’ was really ticked off because someone (not me!) told artie that she used to be a he. This was after she had visited him at Pahrump, spent the night, etc. Artie was left with egg on his face because he had not known, though it is not his business.

The subject was all over everywhere, on air, on HAMFANZ (we STILL have net links in our files where ‘Karen’ posted to various news groups (and it was archived) about the surgery that made her a female from a male). Was this all a lie? A wishful fabrication?

btw, does anyone have any of those Karen as a 'blonde bombshell' pics she was posting, sending all over a few years ago? I would love to have them!

All I know is that Karen/Chuck definitely has balls (of one sort or another!), as it must be extremely difficult to go through these kind of changes. Especially in the ‘public’ eye of the HAMS, who tend to be extremely conservative, judgmental, and closed minded.

Though it also is none of my business, I would love to know the story behind this story!

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