Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Glenn Thurman kn6z, still one more HAM with no ‘class’

Is it just me??? If I were invited to be someone’s guest; I would NEVER video-tape the event or the premises. Nor would I post said video on YouTube!

What is this ‘Cult of the Loop’ mentality? Why does the worship of Art Bell w6obb, only a very MINOR celeb in the grand scheme of things, turn people who otherwise seem to practice socially acceptable behavior, into complete nerds willing to abandon all their culture mores in the blink of an eye?

Why is it that any type of contact, even incidental, with Art Bell w6obb, means common sense and manners go out the window? Have these folks NEVER had contact with celebrities? Don’t they know ‘celebrities’ are just people?

Is Glenn Thurman ‘trailer trash’ as are so many of the HAMS of the Cult, even though he holds some kind of job and lives in a real house? Has he just been hiding it under a thin veneer? Or does ‘trailer trash’ culture and mentality rub off; transfer, with just the barest of personal contact.

Glen claims to be a ‘friend’ of Art Bell, or at least an acquaintance. But what Glenn Thurman kn6z, did by making and publishing these videos proves he is only another fan or stalker. A ‘friend’ would not have done this. A friend would have been concerned with Art Bell’s privacy, and with the ‘trust’ of a personal relationship, no matter the depth or type.

Art Bell w6obb, no matter his OWN shortcomings as a Human Being (and they are many!), graciously supplies, to invited folks, the use of this ‘guest house’ so guests don’t have to pay for a motel room. A ‘guest house’ I may add that he and Ramona spent much time, money, energy on; buying, refurbishing, decorating, and furnishing, so their family and guests would be comfortable when visiting.

And why would Glenn make these videos anyway? It’s not like its ‘new’ material. Art Bell has posted in numerous places, on numerous occasions, pictures of his own digs, and of the ‘Guest House’, of which he is rightfully proud.

No, the ONLY reason for Glen Thurman to do this is to show his own presence at artie’s digs. To prove he’d been invited; to jockey for position in the ‘Cult of the Loop’ hierarchy. And because he has no ‘class’.

In case you have not yet seen them:



barvetta said...

mr glens stupid video only goes to show hes a art worshiper...and by his remarks to miss becky during the making of the video, he is a control freq, and she is a mouse for taking his shit. like you said evvy, no real friend would do this and then post it on the internet. id love to know mr bells reaction to it. but then again, mr bell has so few friends he will most likely forgive it to keep his worship status up as high as possible. mr glen..if you read this, just wanted you to know. your a real butt sucking asshole in my book.

Freddie said...

Yep, Glen is another Art Bell brown noser who has hi nose stuck so far up Art Bell's ass.

Freddie said...

This Glen ahole is either a stalker or just a creep. Once Art sees the videos, perhaps Glen will die from an Asthma attack too.

n7js said...

Glen should post a video of him teaching one of his classes.......that would be cool and inspiring. I would frankly keep that video to myself - lest you be known as an adolescent stalker. He was probably talking in jest when talking to Becky because any red blooded American woman would open some serious whoop ass on being directed.

evvy garrett said...

LOL. Funny thing! Today, 1.17.07 both vidio clips now state, at END of description: "Posted with permission of Art Bell."

Yea, right! Like we believe you NOW, Glenn!

Freddie said...

Art Bell is a hugh liar. We can only assume his brown nosing worshippers are the same

Sally Cummings said...

The guy must think his shit don't stink. What the hell is the Little People Blog? That sounds like he is a pompous ass to me. Doesn't it mean he is above everybody else? A good example of a blowhard.

barvetta said...

what the hell is the blog for ? the people that were on at a given time know what the hell went on..who the hell does he write it for ? sounds like the asshole just needs to put his dam ego in print for some reason...but then again, most college teachers are very strange folks ? all he is is a art bell wantabe. little thurman with no money trying to play in the same leage as assbutt bell. you can bet if i was miss dumb dumb there at arts dump and he told me what to do with the camera in that tone of voice i would have shoved it up his ass. she must be a real blond putting up with his ego shit. surprised she isnt on the air with the assholes also...what a wimp bitch.


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