Friday, February 16, 2007

3.740 Chicago Project Announcement

This nice Friday evening at 10PM pst, there were about six listeners in the tuner at awaiting the much-heralded announcement of ‘The Chicago Project.

Well, guess what? A drunk (what else is new?), mean spirited, Steve Wingate k6thx jammed it unmercifully and on purpose; no one could hear what the announcement was.

The reason I say the above is because Steve immediately migrated to 3.840 where he, still obviously under the influence of something, was in much better control and able to converse. Thus proving he did what he did on 3.740 simply out of meaness.

The folks on 3.740 Stan Karaszewski wg6k, and others (I have not identified their calls yet.) moved back and forth between USB & LSB, but Stupid SteveO followed, a spoiled spoiler for sure.

If you did not hear it, you can grab the unedited, half hour .mp3 at:
It will not be posted there for long, so if you want it, go and get it!


Bill said...

Evvy, I can see that you are having a really hard time accepting the fact that hams don't care what a sick, old, mean, ugly SWL thinks about their activities. I hope you are able to get a grip soon.

barvetta said...

seems to me you so called hams have a sick attitude problem. you approve of what steve does ? you should be ashamed this asshole is setting a very poor example of ham radio, and you do nothing about it. you ege him on, laugh about it, and then you bitch when someone writes about sick.
no wonder the younger generation wants nothing to do with ham radio. have any of you bothered to look at the stats where new young hams are giving up on ham radio in less than a month after they get their ticket ? your the reason why...more people should write about the idiots on the air, the jammers, or as my dad use to say...the lids. your attitude is the reason ham radio is going to hell. enjoy it while you can.

Sally Cummings said...

Don't you have a life?

Freddie said...

Ham radio died in the 1980's. It was obsoleted by the "Memorize the questions and answers" exams and later by the internet. I for one enjoy listening to Steve's drunken tirades. It is more interesting than Art Bell's C2C show and a lot more interesting than regular ham conversations. Who cares about the younger generation? I want entertainment which Steve supplies at no cost. Thanks for providing the MP3 of Steve.

Freddie said...

I would pay $15 a month if I could get a half hour of Steve's rants on a daily business. It is much better entertainment than XM or Sirius satellite radio.

Sally Cummings said...

I feel sorry for him because in a way he is his own worse enemy. I wonder if he has a job? How does a guy who gets on the air for hours at a time make ends meet? Steve is a very intelligent man if he didn't drink or use drugs assuming that is the case( I don't know) but he isn't helping himself whatsoever.

barvetta said...

well sally. im sure everyone who has to put up with his actions is hoping he will overdose soon. i know i am

Sally Cummings said...


I also understand the frusterations a person can have for others who don't practice good operating habits. I was only trying to comprehend why certain people act that way.Kind of like working very hard to have something nice then having somebody too lazy to work for something end up with something just as nice or nicer.


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