Sunday, February 04, 2007

Glenn Thurman kn6z, and the videos - Part 2

Hmmm. Now when you click on one of the YouTube links for the videos of Art Bell’s w6obb, guesthouse that Glen Thurman personally filmed, then posted to YouTube sometime in early January 2007, you get the message, “This video has been removed by the user” in bright red letters.

Try it yourself:

Nor could I find any mention in Glenn Thurman’s ‘Little People’ log or blog, of the videos’ being removed, or why. Though I must admit, I did not read EVERY word the guy wrote, just scanned, as the guy is full of verbiage among other things. If you find such a reference, please let me know.

So now the question is, why did Glenn Thurman w6nz, remove these two erudite and educational (yea, right!) Trailer-Trash type videos from YouTube? Apparently, at one time or another, he thought it a good idea to post them, and circulate the url’s among the HAM masses. He may have even asked the opinion of other ‘Cult of the Loop’ members about doing so.

What changed Glenn’s mind? Did artie do one of his renown “If you do/don’t, I’ll have my lawyer call you” routines on unsuspecting, loyal, and artie fan extraordinaire Glenn? That would surely be my guess!

If that was the case, then Glenn Thurman had a very long ‘honeymoon’ phrase with artie, as most of us get this plaintive threat within months of our first artie contact, ‘cause there is a lot of stuff artie does not like! Though I don’t personally KNOW of a single instance of artie’s legal eagles actually contacting someone; after all, that would mean artie would have to actually sign papers and spend $$$.

So Glenn, what lame excuse are you giving to the ‘Cult of the Loop’ members about making, posting, and then removing these videos of artie’s guesthouse? Did artie’s lawyers actually contact you, or was the threat enough?


barvetta said...

i have noticed that on the nites where i can hear the artbell ass suckers on 3678, there is no mention of the videos. i wonder if fartsmell used his power of the loop to have them removed. i dont think anyone would appreciate some dumb ass sucking asshole to post a video of their home for all to see. maybe thermandouch finally realized he did a nono and had the commen sense to remove the crap from the internet. asssuck therman is another reason to stay single. men are such dumb assholes when it comes to reasoning. from what im hearing on other freqs on 75 meters at nite, the fartsmell worshipers are a laughing stock to ham radio with their kissing of bullshitbells ass. too bad they dont have a life to live of their own instead of continually waiting for the 666 leader of the cult to once again spew out his usual crap of...hows my audio, over and over and over. fartsmell is sure hung up on himself and the sound of his voice. but then again, they will all say i am wrong,while secretly kissing the photo on the wall of their great leader of the loop. what a bunch of no life loosers.

Freddie said...

Didn't it have to do with the way Glenn made an ass out of himself by chewing out the woman (wife or girlfriend? although I find it hard to belive someone would be interested in the crusty old guy) in the video for not filming it the way he wanted? He was ragging on the poor woman like a real A-hole. If you go to you will see a link at the bottom of the page called "Greg W6EZV talks to Glen KN6Z about Art Bell Guest House videos posted on You Tube" which you can listen to.


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