Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sharon Richardson and Airyn Bell

This is an open letter to the new wives of Carl Richardson kb5fjx and Art Bell w6obb. A Welcome to America, woman to woman greeting, so to speak; as I’m sure there are many things that your old, sick, selfish, morally depraved (or they wouldn’t have gotten married as they did) husbands haven’t told you!

1) Women in America (even if they were not born here!) are EQUAL to men – in all ways. Period. End of story! No matter what your husbands tell you, or what you learned as a child in another culture, you will NOT fit in here unless you put the ‘learning’ of this as a top priority. He is just as responsible for doing the dishes and changing diapers as you are.

2) YOU CANNOT DEPEND ON MALES (especially husbands!) TO TEACH YOU FEMALE AMERICAN CUSTOMS AND MORES’! Watch TV, read the newspaper, get a library card and use it, take classes at local schools (they type does not matter, whatever you interests are) and join local civic and political groups. The internet is great and wonderful, but you need real live, living and breathing, AMERICAN FEMALE role models. Watch and listen to them, and learn.

3) As American wives, you are entitled to take out LIFE INSURANCE policies on your husbands, indeed you should, and at the earliest possible time. This is VERY important! You must ‘protect’ yourselves and any future children, especially as these are sick (in more ways than one!), and aging men.

4) As American wives you are EXPECTED (by everyone except your husband!) to continue your own life, hobbies, education, and interests, to continue learning and growing as a person and as a woman.

5) You do NOT have to ‘meld’ with your new husband or his family, and do not expect him to ‘meld’ with yours.

6) You do NOT have to take ABUSE of any type: physical, mental, verbal, emotional, etc. The moment this happens, contact the authorities and get a good lawyer.

7) You do NOT have to have a baby every year!

8) No one (except your husband) expects you to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your husband or at home.

9) You are NOT required to have sex whenever your husband demands. You are also not required to perform any sexual acts you are uncomfortable with, or just do not want to do.

I hope that this is of help to you ladies. Remember, you have already done the ‘hard’ part. You have found an American Man (if you really want to call him that, there are those of us that do not, we consider them ‘rejects’), got him to marry you, got your Green Card, and have moved to America! You have already ‘hit the jackpot’ (though no doubt, you have earned it the hard way!), so now you can move forward, get an American education, get an American life, and enjoy the fruits of your years of internet ads, scheming and conniving!


barvetta said...

to me, the only reason these two married the two, they are out for the money. girls over there are taught to find the rich overseas husband, get ahold of his holdings, insure the hell out of him and hope for the best. the best being, that they die soon. in carls case, hes a sure jackpot. she will get his insurance, sell the property, and return home very well off. i have no pity for these two bimbos, they know what they are doing. and i say, more power to them. i got my old man insured to the hilt, as thats all hes good for. thats all any man is good for. all men are, are users to the hilt and dont give a dam how the other half feels about the way they act, ect.
so screw them. go for the gold girls.

Bill said...

Well, Evvy and Barvetta, I can't help but feel that much of what you say is tongue-in-cheek, but assuming arguendo that you are serious, I would submit that your logic has one fatal flaw: No man is going to marry a woman with your attitudes. Men will just stay single, like I am doing. And, since you airheads never took any difficult courses in high school, never went to college and never learned any significant trade or skill (except, perhaps, how to wiggle your hips during sex, and in your cases I doubt that you even learned that), you simply aren't going to be able to make any money. You are going to live boring, depressing lives in poverty while your male counterparts live the good life with nice homes, fine cars, plenty of travel, and they will be able to buy a woman's favors any time they get horny, thereby avoiding the financial entanglements that you represent. As more and more men figure out where the modern woman is coming from, they get wise to the fact that they don't need a nursemaid to clean their house, cook their meals or do their laundry. Men can do these tasks much better and faster than women, and then they don't have to listen to the woman's constant complaining and bitching just because her husband expects he to contribute SOMETHING to the relationship. And, more and more men are reminding themselves every day that almost all of the world's great chefs are men; ergo, men can learn to cook gourmet meals for themselves, which is much better, tastier and healthier than the canned and prepared slop that their wives would feed them if they were married. Men are figuring out why it is that women outlive their husbands by 20 to 30 years: because the women work their husbands' asses off and give them nothing but shit, so the husband dies of a heart attack at age 57, while the wive lives on, spending her late husband's money until age 87. Who needs that?? So, the bottom line is, what man really needs a woman? WE'RE SO MUCH BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM!

evvy garrett said...

Well Bill (whomever you are, as you post no last name nor call); you are a sad, emotionally stunted person, and we should all pity you.

Freddie said...

Although woman may, or should be equal, in theory, I agree with Bill that they just don't make the kind of money men do. Sure there are exceptions and sure it may not be fair, but that's the way it is. That's why woman have traditionally done the jobs of cooking and cleaning. It is there way of adding equally to the marriage. How can you claim woman are equal when the husband brings home 2 to 4 times more money. The woman has to do her part to be equal which means doing the dishes and cooking.

Bill said...

But Freddie, it was fine for women to do the dishes and cleaning when they did it voluntarily, because they wanted to contribute something useful to the relationship; however, nowadays they don't seem to feel they need to contribute anything. They just want to latch onto a man and suck all the life and money out of him, while contributing nothing, and when they're done using him as a bank and a sperm donor, toss him out like an old shoe. They'll kick him out of his house, make him lose his family, find another man, and keep bleeding the first one as much as possible. Men are simply discovering that it is much better to do cook and do the housework themselves, and avoid women like the plague.

And what is the reason for this? It's because women aren't too smart, and can't learn the same things that men do. They simply refuse to take the difficult courses in school, go to college, or serve an apprenticeship in any trade or profession, etc., because they think they will be able to make plenty of money with their pussies. Wrong! Perhaps this used to be true, but men are getting wise to it.

And when women DO enter a trade or profession, they insist on being immediately promoted over more-qualified men, who HAVE learned the subject matter and HAVE paid their dues. If they don't get unfairly promoted in this fashion, they claim "sex discrimination". Employers are also getting wise to this, and are finding ways to avoid hiring and promoting women, regardless of what the politically-correct laws may say (women form a plurality of voters, after all), because to hire and promote them represents economic suicide and is terrible for employee morale.

A farmer with a stubborn mule, who won't do anything the farmer asks him to do, eventually gets rid of the mule. The only issue is whether another farmer will be dumb enough to buy him.

Kristen said...

I always thought Art Bell was hot, but I guess I'm attracted to nerds! Your open letter had some good points, but do you really think these women led sheltered lives and aren't aware of these things? Do you think Art Bell would mistreat his wife? He seems very sweet and harmless. I think the last sentence of your post was pretty mean!

I wish these women the best.


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