Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Review of 3840Hams.Net

Started in December of 2006, when Trish Ray k4ze, found that Bill Crowell w6wbj, had posted offensive pics that some even considered porn, on her livehamcams site, and she took it down, 3840Hams.net is a poor duplicate of what used to be...

Indeed, 3840Hams.net, as its name claims, does seem to be run by SOME (but not many!) of the Hams who hang on 3.840, specifically Steve Wingate k6txh, who apparently is the site owner and has it hosted by Suddenlink, and Bill Crowell w6wbj. (Interesting in that neither of these Hams are known to be team players.) Bill Houlne wb6bnq, told me on the telephone, shortly after the page appeared that he monitored the freebie chat by CoolWeb Toys.

All of the above is evidenced, even after three months of existence, by the total lack of imagination in the sites physical set up. There is NO content, per se; just a bunch of links to well knows audios, and 9 picture slots.

The links are mostly links that can be found on most Ham sites ie qrz, lightening map, etc. Then there are numerous links to audio, mostly Bill Crowell’s parody songs (most which have been around the block a few times), and to archive pages. The links I tried all worked.

Of the 9 picture slots (compared to over 20 on www.hamcams.com), ONE seems to get changed often, Bill Crowell’s, (usually with some very unfunny Photoshopped stuff) and the rest get updated sometimes, and now there are pictures there that haven’t been changed in a couple of weeks. (A complaint these guys voiced often about other sites. Guess Steve, Billy, and Bill are finding web site management a little more complex than they first thought. An example of the worst and best from the picture slots:

Continuing on the subject of pictures, during the past three months, Trish Ray k4ze has posed a legitimate and interesting question many times and in several venues; “Why isn’t Billy w6wbj, posting his filthy, socially unacceptable pictures to 3840Ham.net site? He does not want to get his (current) ham pals in deep do-do, but it was great fun to jeopardize Trish Ray’s site? (Wild animals in heat have more ethics than some of this bunch! My comment.)

After the picture slots on 3840Ham.net, is the CoolWeb Toys chat. I was banned from this chat early on, supposedly for ‘advertising’ The HamFanz Grudge Report! (Or so Bill Houlne wb6bnq, told me.) Though mainly I posted was that a NEW HamFanz Grudge Report was available, the title, and the url. (The fun thing is that the few remaining people that chat there often mention both The HamFanz Grudge Report and its url!).

Apparently, a LOT of folks have been banned from the chat on 3840Ham.net. The main posters remaining are: Tex O’Halloran, k6pic, Sailbad the Sinner, Bill Crowell (under various personas), and ki6bgi. You will seldom see any others there. A recent (last Sunday) sample of the scintillating conversation:

Tex O'Halloran Sun 18:59
Sharing horizons that are new to
us, watching the signs along the way, talking it over just the two of us,
working together day to day

Sailbad The Sinner Sun 19:52 hey V whas up

Sailbad The Sinner Sun 19:54 KN6Z says "Becky Zed's teeth
are a transient phenomenon. You have to shoot video to catch a few rare
frames of teeth"

K6PIC Sun 19:54 Hmm...

Sailbad The Sinner Sun 19:55 Duhhh sh eis so misarable
living in her stepmoms house with a loser that won't move away from mommy
that she rarly smiles

Sailbad The Sinner Sun 19:55 Oh My

Sailbad The Sinner Sun 19:57 thats funny Chris

I am talked about frequently, parodied, made fun of, often on the 3840Ham.net chat. These particular Hams, it would seem, can only take on someone that is not present, someone they KNOW cannot be present (on air or in a chat) to fight back! Big men, these! Here is another unedited example from 3840Hams.net chat from last Thursday:

Tex O'Halloran Thu 18:16 Evvy's on a roll here

Tex O'Halloran Thu 18:17 9) You are NOT required to have
sex whenever your husband demands. You are also not required to perform any
sexual acts you are uncomfortable with, or just do not want to do.

Tex O'Halloran Thu 18:18 Evvy assumes a lot here. BAR,
where are you, dear?

K6PIC Thu 19:54 Oh MY!!

Tex O'Halloran Thu 20:09 the XYL credo 9) You are NOT
required to have sex whenever your husband demands. You are also not
required to perform any sexual acts you are uncomfortable with, or just do
not want to do

Tex O'Halloran Thu 21:21 http://www.hamfanz.com/Chat.html
Evvy's lawyers are after me.

Tex O'Halloran Thu 21:29 I'm banned from Evvychat.

Tex O'Halloran Thu 21:29 Evvy, quit postin' all of that
smack about strangers.

Tex O'Halloran Thu 21:29 you old bat.

Big Hamfanz Supporter Thu 21:57 Just ignore Evvy. She
represents mere human surplusage. She is a good argument against the S.S.I.
system. Let the sick, rotten people die!

As of this date, the counter on 3840Ham.net registers 19,931 hits; since the site has only been up not quite 3 months, I can only conclude that either the hits have been padded, or that Steve and Billy like to go look at their own handiwork often, kind of a mental masterbation.

Most others would not go there often, as 3840Hams.net is at best childish, uninformative, stale, graphically inept, discriminatory (women, SWL’s), a ‘copy’ of www.livehamcams.com, and often offensive! It absolutely has NO CLASS. Don't bother with it; it is just another ‘good ole boys’ club! 3840Hams.net seems to reflect its creators, eh? (Hey folks, this ONE deserves a DONATION!)

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WB6BNQ said...


I sure wish you would learn to do better research before making your assumptions. Most are mere speculation and grossly off the mark.

I find your methods of “grading” a Web page rather interesting. Why would the number of posted pictures have anything to do with the “grading” of a Web site ? What would be meaningful, at least to me, is the quality of those pictures, not the quantity. As for the layout and/or content, that is up to the person producing the Web site. What constitutes a good or proper Web site is really in the eye of the beholder. Each to his own, as they say. Apparently, you feel that the only “ARTISTIC” version is your view of what should be.

It is NOT true that Mr. Crowell’s picture content is any different or restricted from what he posted on Trish’s page. He has posted pictures of the same quality and kind on Steve’s site. If you had been paying attention you would have noted this.

As you DO NOT have access to the admin of the “chat room” on Steve’s site, your claim of “Apparently, a LOT of folks have been banned from the chat on 3840Ham.net.” is mere supposition, aside from being false. I can understand your frustration of being banned from the Steve’s chat room. Yet, YOUR DISMISSAL is no measure of the number of people that may or may not have been banned.

Finally, your comment “Guess Steve, Billy, and Bill are finding web site management a little more complex than they first thought.” is rather telling of your abilities to manage complex environments. I dare say that between the three of us mentioned, the combined intelligence is staggering, yet we spend no time at all on the maintenance of the Web site. For your information, what little time is used is the few minutes required to add additional lines for the file references as they happen. The pictures are maintained by the respective donees’ and requires NO effort on the part of the Web site owner.

Web site construction is not a difficult thing. The only time consuming aspect is the effort in deciding how the page should look. Once that is defined, the hard work is over. Writing editorials is not part of Web site maintenance. The fact that you want to do editorials is your problem. The fact that you want to keep adding or changing the content is your problem. The editorials, additions and changes DO NOT equate to how hard it is to make a Web page. The actual Web page is easy. Your wanting to modify it all the time is the not the Web page’s fault nor does it constitute a maintenance issue. Once a Web page is created, it is static and requires no maintenance. Whining about your wanting to change it all the time will garner no sympathy as it is your choice and specifically not something forced upon you by your mere presence on the “WEB.”

And finally, I can assure you having an editorial devoted to Steve’s Web page, no matter the manner, is a compliment and “we” appreciate the free advertizement and shameless “PLUG” you have given us.

Thank you,



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