Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ben Gardner kd7bcw, following the ‘yellow brick road’

Pic 2.3.06
As of today, Big Ben is following ‘the yellow brick road’ to the Philippines in search of a sweet-young-thing bride. He is on the plane for the trip half way around the world right now.

Ben was instructed, or enticed into this quest by the ‘munchkin’ better known as the ‘Lord of the Loop’’ cult leader, Art Bell w6obb – who it is said, also paid for Ben’s trip! artie made his trip down this same road just over a year ago, and has ‘publicized’ it in many ways and places.

Big Ben is going to be gone for three weeks. In the Philippines, he plans to meet, face-to-face, Cherry, (NOT a Ruiz), and perhaps marry. Ben was introduced to Cherry who was a classmate of Airyn Ruiz Bell’s, via computer, by Airyn, no doubt at the behest of artie. (Pimps all?)

The fact that Cherry was a ‘class mate’ of Airyn Ruiz Bell, means that she is also very young. In fact, on March 24, 2007, I received a ‘message’, in a very public place, on one of my sites from Ben’s adult daughter, Liz. I entered into a short email dialog with her, to confirm her identity. In her publicly posted message (which, for the sake of all involved, I immediately deleted), she stated:

“...You know I didn't know my dad growing up. Not really anyhow. I knew who he was, but I only seen him a few handful of times. Not his fault just worked out that way. I know he is marrying the young woman from the Philippines. I am not crazy about the idea myself. For goodness sakes she is a little younger than I, but he did ask if it was alright with me and I said yes. He said he would not marry her if I wasn't ok with it and I am. Do you know why? I am ok with it because they are both adults, it is what will make them both happy...”

Ben Gardner is just another old geezer who blew his chances at relationships when he had them, and is now seeking the impossible. Ben, and others, are trying to evade sleeping in the bed they made so many years ago. In their current quest for Lust & Power, they are hurting family members all over again. (Too bad we have not heard publicly from Ramona Bell’s family nor arties adult son or mom regarding these events.)

I must admit that I do not feel the same about Ben’s Quest on the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ as I did about Carl kb5fjx, and artie. Carl was pimping artie for money, the cost of the trip. Artie was replacing a wife, as one would replace a worn rug, only faster. Ben is doing none of these things, though he IS following artie’s lead, as usual.

I sadly predict much pain and ultimately, disaster in all three of these marriages, for all involved. It will be like watching the proverbial car wreck (many a wreck on that Yellow Brick Road!) only in slow motion, and coming from three directions. My ‘Prognostications’ (“To predict according to present indications or signs; foretell. –Houghton Mifflin) have been accurate. It is not hard to read the writing on the wall in the ‘Emerald City’ at the end of the Yellow Brick Road!

Ben’s on air audio comments, from the night before his trip, can be found at: Audio Archives/Current.

Finally: Posted by billy w6sbj on 3.30.07 on chat.

“Gang; let's recall evvy's prediction that Ben was going to marry another of the Ruiz sisters. I don't think he ever did, did he? Does this mean that evvy The Great Prognosticator was wrong? Maybe she needs to take some prognostication lessons from Orv!” (It is amazing how often Billy is wrong, yes?)


Bill said...

Evvy, you obviously didn't even read what I wrote, but we've come to expect that from you: you never seem to let the truth get in the way of your opinions. Read it again and pay attention, and maybe you'll understand how you are totally misconstruing what I wrote.

evvy garrett said...

'Bill' wrote:

>>>Read it again and pay attention, and maybe you'll understand how you are totally misconstruing what I wrote.

Or perhaps I didn't...

Read it again and pay attentions, and maybe you will understand how you wrote exactly what you meant.


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