Monday, June 11, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, Perhaps All is Not Well in Pahrump?

I listened to the first hour of Coast-to-Coast AM both this last Saturday and Sunday nights. The announcement on Saturday night, of Asia Bell’s birth was both complete and appropriate; in fact, artie sounded like the quintessential ‘new dad’.

Also on Saturday night’s show, artie thanked Carl Richardson kb5fjx, his now brother-in-law & Sharon Richardson, his now sister-in-law for making the drive to Pahrump and staying for TWO weeks, a week before and a week after the birth of Asia. Am I the only one to find such a long visit by relatives at such a ‘delicate’ time to be, uhhh, noteworthy?

However, here is the clincher, reading between the lines (or, reading between the non-existent lines!); as NOT ONE TIME, did Art Bell mention Airyn other than in a factual manner (she told him she was having ‘pains’, they showered, etc). Artie never once commented on how Airyn was doing, how Airyn tolerated and was healing from the C-Section, how Airyn was doing with the baby.

Most men are even ‘more’ attentive, enthralled, appreciative, and in love with their wives (if love even existed in the first place) immediately AFTER the birth of a baby. This does not seem to be the case with the Bells. I find this lack of Airyn ‘being in the picture’ during this week’s Coast-to-Coast AM intros, as strange as the two-week visit from in-laws.

There is an active poll (for June 2007) asking which of these ‘made in the Philippines’ HAM marriages will hit the rocks first at: .

Lastly, there was no ‘love’ bumper music this weekend on Coast-to-Coast AM. Is the Honeymoon (or the insanity) over?

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Bill said...

Evvy, I have been noticing this uncaring attitude of Art's for awhile. I first noticed it during the speech he gave when he received his "Lifetime Achievement Award" and referred to Airyn not by name, but as "this wonderful woman" or something similar. It really struck me as strange. Does he have some kind of aversion to mentioning her name and saying that he loves her? It's probably just another example of his narcissism asserting itself.

And since he says Carl and Sharon were such a big help, why didn't he let Carl use his ham station when he was in Pahrump? Carl had to check into the Little Peoples' net on his mobile station, and he was so weak that they couldn't copy him. Why the hell is Art playing "dog in the manger" with Carl about this? After all, he DID let Moody use his station when he visited. Perhaps he was embarrassed at the way that, when Moody announced whose station he was operating, everybody said they wanted to talk to Art, and Art had to invent reasons to beg off.

I'm telling you, the guy is majorly screwed up!


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