Monday, July 02, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, Retires Again

Last night on Coast-to-Coast AM, artie announced his immediate retirement from the popular radio program. I am not sure that anyone actually knows how many times he has done this now, I have certainly lost track.

Yep, he is retiring EXCEPT for ‘fill-in’ shows and ‘specials’ he may be called on to do. (Now I ask, is that retirement?)

This time, his STATED reasons for retiring were (paraphrasing here):
- he has ‘found’ love.
(uhhh, love is NOT turned off and on like a faucet)
- he wants to spend whatever time left that God grants him, with Airyn and Asia
(in other words to keep Airyn on her knees, and I don’t mean in prayer, artie needs to placate her with travel and other un-boring things)
- he is eligible for Social Security
(someone out there needs to find out what Airyn and Asia will be eligible for Social Security wise, as a wife and child)

However, reading between artie’s lines, I hear:
- they needed the medical insurance, but now that the child has been born
- the rumors of LOW weekend ratings may well have been true
- perhaps he proved more of an embarrassment and liability then an asset to Premier Radio
- perhaps artie was ‘asked’ to retire
- artie has lost his Coast-to-Coast AM ‘touch’, for proof, just listen to a couple of his old shows and compare them to current shows. Recent shows sound forced, and seem scripted
- Airyn is leading him around by the uhhh, nose
- artie is in dire need of an antidepressant

While listening to his ‘announcement’ of his ‘immediate retirement from the week end Coast-to -Coast AM, I was struck by a couple of things. First off, I did predict this ‘ending’ weeks ago. Secondly, his reasons were all about HIM. Indeed, in any of his retirements, he did not consider the results of his actions on anyone but HIMSELF. I cannot remember that he ever a voiced a thought about his fans, the show, or its producers or owners, only what artie wanted.

Also during this announcement, artie claims to have a ‘small circle of close friends’. (Are three people a ‘circle’ and do relatives, even if only by marriage, count?) I cannot help but wonder who those would be, (especially if you eliminate those wishing to spend his money) as many of the people who once called him friend are not only disgusted, but also done with him.

But, cheer up folks, all is not lost! Maybe Airyn will enjoy traveling her new country in the death mobile RV! (She does not seem to mind living in Ramona’s house, on Ramona’s furniture, or stepping into Ramona’s life. How very, very sad for her; expect more babies and perhaps a nervous break down for her within years.)

Then too, maybe artie and the other members of the new ‘elite’ group that seems to be forming will show up on 3.720 with more regularity to enlighten and entertain.


Anonymous said...

Art is sick. I read my sticks tonight and they all pointed to the east. One year tops I give him. And what about his son? What happened to him? Did he ever leave the compound?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Art will move to the way what freq. does KI6GU and that bunch hang out on? Are they still on 3840? Its hard to listen on 75m usually here in Arkansas during the summer because of static crashes. Ill try one of the smeter receivers in the meantime. Someone let me know what freqs. to listen on at night.

Anonymous said...

I took down my receiving antenna the day after Timmy (N6MZA) died. Since then the bands have continued to spiral downward into a pile of worthless chit-chat. All the good players are dead or have left ham radio. The music is over folks, turn out the lights.

Bill said...

Yeah, Evvy, I agree with your Grudge Report. The only friends of Art's that I am aware of at the present time would be Ben Gardner, Paul Bowman and, of course, his brother-in-law Carl Richardson.

Could you please tell us more about the new "elite" group that you say is forming? I haven't heard Art (or anyone, actually) on 3720 for the last week or two, and I can't imagine that there is anyone besides Ben Gardner who actually wishes to speak to him. Please let us know who's going to be in the group, will you? Are they going to be hanging out on 3720, or some other frequency?

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous, the party has been over for some time. As far as the "old group" goes, many went over to Echolink and CQ100. There are a few up on 20 meters. I wouldn't say many totally went QRT but moved on to different aspects of the hobby. All of us are waiting with anticipation concerning the Billy vs. Riley Drama. It's just my opinion of course, but I believe Billys Legal troubles are just beginning. As it is written: "He who acts as his own attorney has a fool for a client." and my what a fool he is.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the Billy vs Riley issues, it's my observation that Riley is simply allowing time to resolve the aforementioned problem. Billy eventually will be preaching to an audience of one, namely himself. A few stragglers will wander into his world of weirdness but like everybody else, move on. In the not-to-distant future Billy will occupy a street corner in downtown Placerville, blabbering to himself while walking around in tight circles. He will be carrying with him torn and faded photos of the little people, his eyes blank, his mind gone. A tired and broken man.

Bill said...

Au contraire, Anonymous. I am paying absolutely no attention to Riley Hollingsworth. As far as I am concerned, I have the right to operate in perpetuity (see his April 3, 2007 letter to me). As Alfred E. Newman said, "What, me worry?" What is there to worry about? And aren't you one of the people who said I had to go QRT on March 12? Also, in that April 3 letter, Riley said he would be sending me more complaints to respond to, but he hasn't sent them. Doesn't that tell you something? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! CU on the bands (if you have a license, that is). Billy the Bill Collector, W6WBJ

Anonymous said...

Why didnt you publish my comment yesterday on Art Bell and seeing KB5FJX at Wal-Mart?

Dr Gene Scott said...

Billy, don't worry because I will always drop a coin into your A-1 operator coffee cup should I happen to stumble upon you standing on a deserted street corner or alley entrance. To me you are more then just a crazy old man with balding hair and a leaky anus, you are the glue that holds Wingnuts and Belltards together. Without you reality would be very boring and mental health clinics would be out of business.

evvy garrett said...

Anon Posted:

>>>Why didnt you publish my comment yesterday on Art Bell and seeing KB5FJX at Wal-Mart?

Because no such 'comment' was posted to the HamFanz Grudge Report.

Anonymous said...

Now, DAT's funny! Eugene, what's yer take on da Asia Rayne/catbox phenomena?

Dr Gene Scott said...
Billy, don't worry because I will always drop a coin into your A-1 operator coffee cup should I happen to stumble upon you standing on a deserted street corner or alley entrance. To me you are more then just a crazy old man with balding hair and a leaky anus, you are the glue that holds Wingnuts and Belltards together. Without you reality would be very boring and mental health clinics would be out of business.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Art and Ben and wives will move to Arkansas to be near Carl ? There is a big connection to Arkansas that I think has been overlooked and several of the original players other than these three, are involved. The chatter on the Bell Back-Channel grows louder every day. Remember I told ya so.

** The Reverand Mr. X

Anonymous said...

Billy seems to have some sort of sexual envy towards Art, Ben and Carl. Could it be LBFM envy?

Anonymous said...

OK, I posted a large post the day before yesterday but I guess it didnt make it through. Anyway, the other day I was at the local Wal-Mart and I see this fat white guy and an asian lady walking down the aisle. I was like, hey, I know who they are...and then it hit me...OMFG!!!! Its Art's brother and sister-in-law Carl and Sharon. Apparantly they made the rounds around town that day, the pics on hamcam lately from Carl are taken at a local NASCAR drivers museum. Anyway, I was wanting to say something like, "Hey, Carl, how was Pahrump, glad you are back to keep the ARRL Arkansas section website updated (he is the webmaster)...or I was thinking about running up and down the aisle screaming "KI6GU is a god! KI6GU is a god!"...or start doing an impersonation of Art Bell ala Phil Hendrie style. Anyway, I just kept my mouth shut but it really freaked me out. I found this web blog because I think Art Bell is a fraud and as phony as Jimmy Swaggart. Well, only at Wal-Mart....73 and good luck in the contest.

Tim Hill said...

Now when you say Art Bell is a fraud do you mean as a snake oil salesman or nigerian check scammer?
Please clairify if you would.

Thank you,

Tim Hill

Anonymous said...

A snake oil salesman. You know, the area 51/alien/UFO bit was amusing, but what really ticked me off about Art was when he got into chemtrails. I think it is totally irresponsible for anyone in the media to make allegations that the government is spraying chemical trails in the atmosphere to poison us. Then he has the gall to show a picture of an airliner in flight on the website and says the vapor trail from the engines is the chemtrail. It is hard to fathom that there are kooks out there who everytime they see a jet flyover they think the vapor trail is an aerial poisoning. Part of my point is that if want to say there are little green men flying in from Mars, fine...if you want to have Wayne Green W2NSD on and say we didnt land on the moon, fine...but dont get on the air saying our government is gassing with chemtrails, thats irresponsible. Art may not have been on the chemtrail kick lately but when he was several years ago thats when he lost me.

Bill said...

Oh, Anonymous, Art has still often been on the "chemtrails" kick in his recent shows, claiming that they are putting all kinds of poisonous compounds in the soil where our "chirren" will play in it, or be exposed to it, and injure their health. But thank you for your post. I wasn't fully aware of the true nature of this additional aspect of Art's irresponsible behavior until you explained its background and context.

Anonymous said...

Chemtrails are real, I've smelled the quaint odor of JP4 many times. I know it has been laced with some sort of chemical that when combined with watching the local newscast allows for silent control of the majority. Dont'believe it? Then you sir/miss are a fool. Chemtrails are real! Look what chemtrail spraying did to Steve Wingate!

Anonymous said...

fARTBELL gets what he deserves. This forum!


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