Monday, July 09, 2007

Jim Southwick n7js, Shuts Down Online Tuner

Copied and pasted directly from Jim’s site

After 5 years and much thought and consideration - JimAndLeah's User Controlled Online Tuner is no longer. Due to increasing costs, equipment issues, age of computers (requiring eventual repairs and upgrade) and most of all - time debt, I have made a decision to take things down. I may re-visit the whole thing in the future, but I would like to tackle other learning curves at this time. The online tuner was fun, but I took it about as far as I could take it (including 2 major published articles). I simply don't find joy unless something is progressing and advancing. It is unfortunate that the whole hobby of user controlled online tuners has taken some massive hits as of late. With the demise of DXtuners, a great resource was lost and I am hesitant to throw more water on it. It is the technical aspects, costs, and upkeep that separate these unique mechanisms from mere audio streaming - hence the commitment level is much much greater. It's this aspect that frankly makes them overly abused while being under appreciated. I do want to say however, that I have appreciated those that have supported me over the years. This came in the form of encouragement, links, and financial support. I am grateful. I'm not one to just completely yank the carpet, so my site will still exist and will be a dynamic ever changing medium - depending on my whim. Within the next few days it will be converted to display live weather data from sensors around my home. I will also be streaming live police and fire for all you excitement fanatics. It may not be as entertaining as 75 meters, but it will have to do for now. I may expand this to include other audio streams from those interested in participating and ultimately push it all at my forgotten site - In the meantime, don't forget about which is probably one of the last (if not the last) site that has a focus on consolidating controllable radio's. I know that was his ultimate goal, and it is my hopes that the future holds more of these vs. mere audio streaming.

Well, it seems that is exactly what Jim has done “yanked the carpet” and added to the demise of both Ham Radio, and Short Wave Listening.

Though I have ‘sensed’ this was coming for a long time, as Jim just hasn’t seemed interested in providing this ‘service’, (and that’s what it was, a service) for quiet a period of time.

I did notice that the above statement is all about ‘Jim’, his costs, his time, his fun. There seemed to be no concern for others, or the effect such a move would have on anyone but himself. Is everyone involved in Ham Radio a clone of narcissistic artie, w6obb?

Wonder how many will be interested in ‘live police and fire’ from Ogden UT? Or weather data from Jim’s home? I guess Jim will...
Should we all just pack it in? (This includes both HAMS/SWL’s many of whom have equipment, but just get poor reception.) Or will there be folks out there who will set up dedicated, live streams of their fav frequencies?


Bilitzniklik said...

Evvy, this isn't a particularly newsworthy item. I did like the Ben/Cherry marriage stories, as well as the takes on Art Bell's family values. So, why not more human interest stories? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a rat's ass what Jim does with his tuner. You are free to buy your own.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Thanks for the write up Evvy (complete with a few backhanded slaps - that's cool - I have thick skin). Time to get back to writing up about those HOM radio operators who make us all proud we are NOT them.
73 Jim N7JS


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