Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crash and Burn:

(The picture posted to got Jim Watkins banned from the site.)

It would seem that Steve Wingate w6txh, has banned what few posters of pictures he had left on his site. This reflects Steve’s constant, under the influence, on air antics. I would be surprised if the site itself will remain up much longer.

It is sad really, as the man (over 40!) is in dire need of help. But he has certainly worn out his welcome on more than one frequency. It is almost unbelievable that now, he is also not wanted when potted and ranting on 3.840, which has had a rep of ‘anything goes’.

I don't think anyone can tolerate Steve Wingate now, except perhaps Billy w6wbj, who perhaps finds too much entertainment in watching Steve crash and burn. And Bill Houlne wb6bnq, who is gratefull for any legitimate on air contact these days.

I knew the site would not last when it was unveiled in December of 2006. It was to be expected with Steve calling the shots and Bill Houlne wb6bnq, as his high-handed ‘enforcer’. Not to mention the basic poor content of the site (see the review in The HamFanz Grudge Report of 2.13.07) But it hasn’t even been a year...

I can only wish that Trish k4ze, whom Steve initially STOLE the idea from, then got her blessing, is sitting back laughing. Perhaps she will even bring HER picture slot site back. (Hey guys, it isn’t easy running a HAM web site!)


Anonymous said...

As of this moment 3840hams is down, perhaps for good. Wingnut fears his grow operation has been compromised possibly?

Mike from Eureka said...

Looks like another night of drunken screaming as Wingnut returned from the local liquor store packing two large bottles of his favorite swill. He didn't even notice me as he walked pass in the parking lot, his rotting teeth breath smelling of alcohol and pot. For a minute I thought I should report a suspected drunk driver but decided I'd rather let fate take it's course. His time is running out, only his intense desire to soak his brain in alcohol matters anymore. Damn you GU, damn you. Look what you have done to ours and Billy's favorite pilot.

Eduoard Haskelle, Esq. said...

well, it all boils down to this: who is more entertaining, Steve Wingate or Art Bell? Although they're branches on the same tree, Steve is really upstaging his bud from the high desert. While you're at it, make that two Buds to go! (hic!)

Anonymous said...

Art doesn't make a nightly drunken idiot out of himself like Steve does. But Steve gets plenty of encouragement from you Billy, you do and excellent job of building up his booze soaked ego. Steve is so lucky to have an enabler like you. It would not surprise me if you send him weekly care packages full of his favorite beverage. Like leading the drunken fool to the edge but not pushing him off, just showing him the best place to jump.
Yup, what a pal you are Billy, what a pal....

Anonymous said...

eVVY, Steve did NOT steal Trish's "idea" for the web site... When Trish had more than she could take and announced that she was putting an end to "livehamcams"
Steve, bravely? quickly said he would host the site at his ISP. The rest as they say is history, I'm sure a crack reporter like you will have no problem searching the chat archives to confirm this. Or you can go on with the reputation of a yenta. Let me make this one easy for you

I'm not a big fan of Steve's antics although I do find him entertaining, but I do not think that you should call him a theif.

Anonymous said...

It's sad you find the behavior of a person swallowed up by alcoholism entertaining. Listening to Steve is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It's suicide by the bottle one drink at a time.

Billy said...

Anonymous, you know that's just not true! I wouldn't hurt a fly! Billy the Bill Collector, W6WBJ

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

the crux of the issue is that FCC may need to amend its form 610 to include a check box along these lines:

[X] I may not be morally qualifed to be a amateur radio operator

[X] I am being treated for alcoholism or other drug abuse, and can't pass a written amateur radio examination

[X] Other (please 'splain).


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