Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Addendum To: Jim Southwick n7js, Shuts Tuner Down

Would just like to add a couple of things I feel either were not included in the original article, or were not made clear enough (It was written on the ‘fly’).

1) Jim has every right to decided how he spends his time, money, and effort.
2) When you provide a service that folks depend on, it is better to NOT discontinue the service without notice. It is also preferable to set up an alternate if possible.
3) When you are in the ‘public eye’ of ANY circle, expect to take flack on ANY decision.
4) Perhaps if Jim had gotten support in the way of donations, the tuner would still be available. (How many of you have ‘donated’, even ONCE, to Jim’s Tuner during the last five years?)
5) If Jim reincarnates his online tuner (or if anyone else sets one up), I feel that it should be on a subscription only basis (affordable, of course!), and I have told him that many times.

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