Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Power of Bill Crowell w6wbj

Last evening Art Bell w6obb, the lord of the loop, and some of his top loopies, Ben Gardner kd7bcw & Robolon ke7bbx, and others gathered on 3.720 for some very mundane audio checks and chat. Artie magnanimously had the Pahrump Receiver changed to 3.720 so all could hear.

This did not last very long. It only took about 45 minutes for Billy w6wbj, to find them and call “Breaker.” Immediately, everyone left the frequency, after making one excuse or another. Not one acknowledged Billy’s presence. Whereupon Billy and some Ham named ‘Bob’ (I didn’t get his call), had a brief discussion of hiking & biking.

I am no psychologist, but doesn’t the above scenario encourage Billy to repeat the process? Success breeds repetition, yes? And success brings with it power...

Can you not see what glee he must feel when he successfully manipulates you, and runs everyone off? He has accomplished his agenda, what about the rest of you?

I can certainly see not acknowledging him (though I think a ‘Hi Billy’, THEN ignoring him would be more effective). No one should talk to someone they do not want to interact with.

To let him (or anyone) completely shut down a QSO? Isn’t that letting him win? Is such a reaction to Billy’s presence on frequency putting your tails between your legs and running away? Denying that there IS a problem?

Instead of ‘empowering’ Billy (or anyone else), why not take the wind out of his sails? It would take a few times, for sure, because his actions have already been reinforced, over and over again. If you would acknowledge his presence, then reply with ‘no comment’ or some such pre-agreed upon phrase, to any stupid question he may ask, NEVER engage him in a conversation, eventually he would tire of the unsuccessful ‘game’ and go away, unfulfilled.

Yes, I think Billy would continue to ‘try to play the game’, for a long time to come. But it does take more than one person to play! If you all were adamant, the problem would eventually be solved (but then, who would you ‘hate’?).

(Depending on when you read this, audio clips may be available at:


Bill said...

Yes, Evvy, you are right, at least as far as your analysis goes. If Art were to acknowledge me, it would take the wind out of my sails somewhat. But Art is too emotionally hung-up (too much of a control freak) to do what you suggest, so he gave me all the power by banishing himself to the Extra portion of the band.

Something you're missing is that, so long as Art and his sycophants fail to acknowledge me, they can falsely claim they didn't copy me, and are therefore not guilty of intentional interference when they talk over me. But then they are hoist on their own petard, because if they claim they can't copy me, then I have no intention to interfere with them because they have (falsely) led me to believe they can't copy me. I think this violates Part 97, Sec. 97.113(a)(4) as a "false or deceptive message" that will inevitably lead to interference, rather than to the gentlemanly sharing of our frequencies, and that the FCC should take action on it.

But I'm not going to be satisfied merely with recognition by Art, and then being ignored. Don't forget that Art started this whole problem, when he tried to kick Jim Watkins out of the 3840 group because Jim wouldn't kiss up to him. His next move, after he got rid of Jim, was obviously going to be kicking me out. So Jim and I, and the other Misfits, stood up for the rights of all ham radio operators to use all the frequencies assigned to them, and refused to let an inflated ego like Art Bell play "junior FCC" by telling us what frequencies we can use.

Good Grudge Reports, Evvy! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

No, Evvie, that's why they put the big knob on the radio.

Confrontation might be entertaining to you (and to Billy--it makes his little peepee hard), but it's a real waste of time.

Better to turn the big knob and do whatever you were doing someplace else.

Billy Crowell Fan Klub said...

Billy, you are one crazy dood! Get wild my man, make some videos and upload them to YouTube. That's where the action is! You can reach millions of people with your pro-art movement. You got ton's O Talent billy my boy so let's some of that Bill the Bill Collector stuff on the web for all to see!

Anonymous said...

Ton's O Talent? The only talent (if you want to call it talent) Billy has is his boring repetitive shtick he repeats over and over again. Talk about somebody with some serious psychological issues. The guy is so mentally ill he'll probably consider this post a complement. Isn't that right Billy?

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

oh, stop! Like Evvy, Billy's on-air persona helps keep ham radio interesting. I mean, do you really want to keep talking about QST magazine, license manuals, Hints 'n Kinks, and other BORING stuff all day? Get a grip, will you? Look, here's something that tells you about the STATE of ham radio!

* Three ARRL awards discontinued: Effective immediately, the ARRL Awards Branch has discontinued the Rag Chewer's Club, the Old Timer's Club and the Friendship Award. ARRL Membership Services Manager Wayne Mills, N7NG, says that the number of amateurs applying for awards in general has declined significantly over the years, and interest in these three awards
had slowed to a trickle. DXCC and WAS remain among the most popular ARRL Awards, he said, but the eliminated awards "had outlived their interest level."

Bill said...

Art called me on the telephone the other night and was willing to discuss everything honestly and openly. What can I say? He really took the wind out of my sails! The guy just wants to get back on the ham radio and be treated like any other station, and I certainly don't intend to do anything preventing him from doing so. I think he is willing to talk to everybody, and treat everybody in a gentlemanly fashion, so of course I intend to treat him the same way.

Anonymous said...

Billy has been hitting the jimsonweed again, his hallucinations are crossing over into his waking state making him think he's been talking with Art on the telephone. I'm sure that happens frequently as he demonstrates on a daily basis. Two words for you Billy, " Nervous Hospital " Think about it....

William Chung said...

Funny you should mention jimsonweed, in one of the photos of Billy's property you can see clearly what appears to be a rather large crop of jimsonweed growing in the background.
That could certainly explain some of his bizarre behavior. If anything that grows naturally will put you in the nervous hospital that stuff will do it. It's bad juju for sure.

Billy said...

Jimson weed, huh? That's one of the few drugs I haven't tried! So tell me, what is the high like, and do you smoke it, or what? Please answer right away. I really want to try it! And to think I didn't even know that it was growing on my property!


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