Thursday, July 05, 2007

MORE on artie's w6obb Latest Retirement

Wow, it would seem there is an epidemic of ‘warm fuzzies’ going around.

Twenty-year Premiere Radio Networks veteran Kraig Kitchin announced he’ll leave the network as president/COO IMMEDIATELY (Charlie Rahilly is taking over for him on 7.11.07) and will exit the company later this year. Kitchin cited the desire to focus on “family, friends, and new challenges” as reported in TALKERS MAGAZINE

Rumors have it that Kitchin was involved in padding the ‘ratings’ for some of Premiere Radio’s shows, including arties. Which, supposedly was revealed AFTER Premiere Radio hired Arbitron, and the discrepancies were found.

It does seem to be strange that artie suddenly (rumor has it that he gave Premiere Radio ONE HOUR'S notice) decided to ‘retire’ almost the same day that Kitchin stepped down, or was asked to step down.

Both Kitchin and artie gave almost the same stated reasons for their actions. Artie specifically cited ‘that he had found love’ and wanted to enjoy whatever time he had left with his ‘family’. Did these two men confer and decide what they were going to say?

It would seem that artie has had 'love' and 'family' and has walked away from them many times before. He had love with his first wife, Sachiko Toguchi in the early 1960’s. He had a son, Vincent Pontius. He had a daughter, Lisa Pontius.

He walked away, from 'love' and 'family' leaving them to fend for themselves, according to a Philadelphia Weekly article by Steve Volk published online for the week of July 4-10, 2007

Then there is Art Bell IV, (Scooter) born to artie’s second wife. He walked away from that 'love' and 'family' also. (‘Scooter’ Bell is reportedly living in Las Vegas.).

Now he has AGAIN, walked away from his show, Coast-to-Coast AM, leaving a lot of people (listeners, fans, radio execs) in the lurch. Did he do this for ‘love’, or did he do it because he was implicated in a ‘ratings’ conspiracy, or simply because with much lower ratings, he would be making much less money for his few hours of work per week?

And, As all of us know too well, artie has walked away from his 'life long love' Amateur Radio, seldom being heard on the bands any longer. Dropping people that thought they were his friends like a rock, folks who came running when he needed their help after Ramona Bell died (and that death is still a question in my mind).

Does this sound anything like a man capable of ‘love’? Or does this sound more like an egotistical psychopath? An immoral one at that (or is that redundant?).


Anonymous said...

Very interesting....very...

It would appear the great Art Bell has more skeletons in his closet then the family dog has fleas. And does it seem odd that this is happening the same time new information is coming forth about the crashed alien spacecraft in Roswell? Do I smell a cheap ratings stunt?

Bill said...

Evvy, do you think the fact that Art knew this news story would be breaking had anything to do with his rather abrupt decision to retire again? Especially the way he claimed he was doing it in order to spend more time with his (latest) family, which was obviously transparent, since he could already spend 160 of the 168 hours in the week with them. Was that an attempt to neutralize the news story by making himself appear to be more of a "family man" than he obviously is, as well as a means of avoiding the criticism that would necessarily result from the disclosure?

Bill said...

And didn't you think it was interesting that Clear Channel Communications CEO John Hogan had little, if anything, nice to say about Kraig Kitchin's 20-year tenure, but instead confined his remarks almost entirely to how lucky CCC was to have Charlie Rahilly step into his position?

Anonymous said...

Oooh! "Disclosure" I like it Bill. A Clear Channel conspiracy. 73 & FB OM HI HI

R.F. Burns said...

In all the years I have listened to and/or otherwise have been involved with Art Bell, one thing has remained a constant. He is the quintessential narcissist and does not have much regard for others unless it makes him look good. I've been dissapointed with him for a long time now, but his antics are strangely addictive, probably in the same way that some women just have to watch their soap opera. I just got to know what this egomaniac is up to.

Anonymous said...

Billy, you need to take lessons from Steve, what you think is happening is the very thing you knew would happen. So be a good boy, make some VIDEOS and post them on YouTube. And don't give us that crap you're too poor to afford hi-speed internet, it's all over P'ville and you know it. You just don't have the technical intellect necessary to faciliate microwave signal reception. Maybe you could get bad stan to help you although I don't think he could handle the heat being from soft, marshmellow like area he calls home.

Trisha said...

Wow...I've missed alot. How horrible of him to do that to his first wife. I'm sorry but this kind of behavior really makes me believe that he offed Ramona. The man is a straight up sociopath. I was a streamlink member but cancelled membership on the 5th of this month. I just got a letter saying that they are closing the messageboard down. I wish I had gotten a peek at what people were saying on it after Art announced his retirement!!

Anonymous said...

Bell says, “I guess I wasn’t ready to apologize for something I didn’t know I had done. I’m not the kind of person who abandons people, and I didn’t think I had abandoned them.”

Can you say DENIAL?? Okay, Bilitzniklik the Martian needs to adjust his examination procedures. This has gone too far!

Anonymous said...

Art is no doubt rather egotistical. As for Ham Radio I don't really see him having any friends. Most of them are groupies. I am sure he is aware of it, but he wants to be center of attention.

God please make more like her. said...

"Artie" might have skull in the drawer. So do you. He just has an audience and you are begging for one. His new wife is a daydream fantasy with a brain. If he dies you can bet there will be a line around the "milky way" for her. His x wife that passed was also very beautiful and intelligent. Do you live in a trailer with a big mama on yo arse son?


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